Theodora lives in Romania ,she is truly a cutie and a sweet girl. At age twelve and in the sixth grade , she is doing quite well with her music. Her first show was in Bulgaria , 2007 , where she sang two songs at a restaurant.  In the summer of 2009 she appeared and sang at a local TV station, which you can see at top. “She says “she likes to sing ballads , pop and rock music. Theodora says she has learned over thirty songs and has done 4 covers with a fifth on the way . Below is a montage of some of her covers. 

  I think Theodora does a good job on her songs and once her voice can get the higher notes she will be awesome. I believe she has a good chance of being successful because she has determination and drive, these are key things in being successful. When you watch some of her videos you will see that she is very imaginative about making some of them and she does like to move around and dance this all will help her get to the top.   Some of her favorite singers and influences are Celine Dion, Sarah Brightman, Lady Gaga and Robbie Williams. 

    How ever she has other hobbies that she enjoys as well as music:  swimming ,traveling , skiing and playing on the computer. And a bit of a Tom boy growing up under her brother`s influence she likes, planes , trains, dinosaurs, dragons and cars . She also likes biology because she likes to learn about animals , plants and the human body. It seems she is becoming a well rounded young lady . I believe she really enjoys singing and has alot of fun doing it after all that is the most important thing . Below is more of her songs . Everyone please visit her web site and give her your support I know she will appreciate it…