Tiffany Ferrary


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Tiffany has a magical voice that is getting attention all around Gibraltar, and beyond. She is another in a growing number of very young artists, that is capable singing way beyond their years. It is just amazing how one so young can have such range, and control, and take one of these complex songs, and turn them into such beauty. Tiffany is one of these young artists, that can do just that. When ever she sings, it becomes beauty.

Just like many of these great young artists, Tiffany was singing before she could even talk. She has been surrounded by music how ever all her life. Her dad and sister are singers, and this has led to her love of music and her early start.  With her dad and sister singing, she has not had any formal coaching, most of what she has learned has come from them. Then her mom posted a video of her singing, “If I Were A Boy” on facebook and the director of the best music school in the area, Santos Academy, saw it and contacted her to become a student at the school. The same night she was also contacted by a local pageant show producer wanting Tiffany to sing at the next show. This turned out to be her very first public performance. She was seven at the time of the performance. She said, it was like a dream come true. She felt completely at home on the stage and did not want to leave. This was held at Gibraltar’s most prestigious open air venue, the Botanical Gardens Theater. She was so excited, she got to sing two solos and a duet with her sister.

Tiffany has done many performances since the pageant, and she loves everyone of them. One of these was when she sang along the Costa Del Sol in Spain with the Wow Factor team in aid of CUDECA, she was praised by a panel of international judges, and she met the fantastic singer, Rowetta. Another was at the Gibraltar song festival in 2010, where she sang, “I’ll Be There”. This is where her first standing ovation came from, and after the show people was coming up wanting photos with her and talk. She thought she was surely dreaming.  Tiffany is just unstoppable, not only has she done many performances, but also has won many competitions. She won first prize in her very first competition, Festival for Young Musicians singing “Someone Like You”. On another occasion she won first place in a duet singing with her sister, and second in solo.  She gets a lot of inspiration for singing from her dad and sister, but sometimes it comes from the mood she is in. Sometimes it can be when she is feeling lonely, happy or sad, she just has to sing to let the feelings free. She hopes to one day sing in America, and meet some of her idols like Beyonce, and Selena Gomez just to name a couple.

People living in her area has had the pleasure of watching her on TV on several occasions. She was on the Christmas GBC TV, for a local charity, this is a very popular show where she lives. It was a great honor for her to appear on this show. She has had several TV interviews, one of which was when she sang for the Wow Factor. For the interview she sang “A Moment Like This” on TV. All the attention she has gained also got her a TV interview for her album release, “Music and Me”, and her first single, “Dancing in the Rain”. This is a wonderful single and the creation of this song is very touching. Tiffany started fiddling around with a tune that she had been thinking about for a while. Tiffany had a sister that had passed away before she was born, she knew a lot about her sister even though she had never met her, but Tiffany felt as if she did.  So once when Tiffany was looking at her picture she started singing to her “Dancing in the Rain”, and how that one day they would meet. Tiffany and her mom got together with a songwriter, and put the lyrics and music to it and “Dancing in the Rain” was born. When you listen to this song you can not help but be touched by the words and the feeling she puts in this incredible song.

Tiffany is such a sweet and caring girl, with her heart in the right place, not just for music, but for others. She is a pure delight to listen and to speak with. There is nothing like a young artist that can reach out with music and touch someone in the heart, and Tiffany can do just that.