Tina Rose


   I would like you to meet Tina Rose , from Alberta Canada . She is sixteen and has a fabulous voice. Her voice in the video above reminds me of Taylor Swift. 

   Tina is a very beautiful young woman,  the photo of her belongs on a CD cover and if she keeps going,  it just may.  For someone who has only been singing for a little over a year I think she is doing quite well and her voice is beautiful . Tina does attend a school for vocals and stage presence.  Some of her influences are Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus, her favorite band is The Jonas Bros. .  “She says” she would like to sing and act in movies one day and that if she keeps putting her self out there it might happen ( I like her positive attitude ) .  Tina has,  been putting herself out there , she has been singing at malls ,  rodeos and various other venues around Alberta.  Tina says she loves the audience response when she sings a song that touches them. This is the kind of attitude that is necessary to make it , get out there everywhere possible and sing for people , Tina is doing just that.

    For Tina the most important things in life are family and Christ . I think this is what has made her such an unselfish person. Tina , while working on her own music tries to help others by getting their names out there as well . “She says” there are alot of unknown talent out there that needs to be heard ( and she is right ) and just wants everyone to reach their goals whatever they may be.

   Tina also loves paintball and likes getting hit “she says ” ( any single teenage guys out there here’s your dream girl,  sings,  plays paintball )  .  Tina is a very sweet girl and I believe with her positive attitude and drive that she stands a very good chance at meeting her goals and I certainly wish her the best . Please stop by Tina`s channel and listen to all her videos .