Tivoli Skye


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Tivoli a wonderfully talented young lady who’s passion for music goes back to a very young age. Even as a baby she was always humming and singing, and as she began to grow she would climb up on anything that made her just a bit higher, a coffee table or laundry basket, and this would become her stage to sing to who ever was near. About two or three years old she started imitating her parents singing, O’Cessate, and Caro Mio Ben among others. In preschool she enjoyed being the loudest at kindercamp  and she sang with all the gusto she could muster. At age four she began formal piano lessons, and she sang every song she learned. Around the fifth grade she decided she wanted to play the guitar, and she loved it. She did not put it down for hardly a minute, and didn’t waste any time when it came to writing her first song. In the sixth grade she performed her original song at the school’s talent show in front of about 600 people. She performed this with her guitar surprising everyone, and has been one of her favorite performances, because this was her first not using the piano.  The name of her song was, “Unbroken and Free”. This song was inspired by her own experience riding horses, and the movie, Flicka. How ever this was not her first public performance, it took place when she was five. This was a  piano recital in the spring of 2000. The same year she went to Toronto, and there was a Russian Pianist performing in the Winter Garden, Tivoli asked if she could play, and she did play and all the diners there loved what she was doing. The music she was playing, she made up as she went along. This is what she likes doing the best, doing her own thing with music. Tivoli has a love for the story, and just wants to do her thing and not copy anyone else.

Her first gig on her own was at Starbucks on Sunday nights playing for two hours, for coffee, hot chocolate, tea, and chips. After a few months she began playing at the Lovin’ Cup Bistro and Brews, it was an open mic, then a few weeks later she was invited to participate in a paid performance, dinner singer/songwriter review. There was one performance which she truly felt like she was doing a real rock/pop concert this was December 2010, when she opened along with Boxman, for “Something Else”, a cover band. They also had Tivoli sing covers during their sets. She said,  it was amazing, people had their phones out lit up right in their faces, it was the best feeling in the world to her.

Tivoli is just amazing, she has  receive many awards with all her musical skills.  At age thirteen she took second place at the Burger Idol competition, and had a front page article in the Democrat and Chronicle newspaper. She took first place at the ninth grade Academy talent show with a 75.00 prize. This is only a couple of all she has collected, and you can be sure there are many more on the way.

She just loves music, this is her passion, and she says, sing relieves  stress and makes her feel good. When singing she can say things that you would not normally go around talking about, but in a song you can do it over and over. It also helps her to look outside herself and consider others. Tivoli loves writing songs as much as singing. She currently has 3 albums out, and with as many songs that she written it will not be long before number 4 will be out. Pretty much anything will inspire her when it comes to song writing, anything from beauty, to family, and animals. She says, there is no limits to art!

Tivoli’s life is literally packed with music in one form or another. It has been this way from the very beginning, to this day, and probably for many years to come. There seems to be no end to what she can do, she continually digs deeper into music. There is no telling how far she will go in her career, but you can be sure, you will be hearing the name Tivoli Skye for a long time to come.