Tj Prodigy (Lasinski)

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TJ is a great rapper that is out to show people that there is a lot of good clean rappers out there that is wanting to make a difference, and TJ is one of these.  TJ says there is a lot of music that could have a negative effect on listeners, but there are rappers that have lyrics with deep meaning that really makes you think about things like, government, hate, dreams and money.  He really loves rapping, this gives him a chance to tell his side of the story and bring great music with lyrics that has meaning to himself and hopefully others. TJ writes all his own lyrics and tells the stories the way he sees things, and some of these stories of his has a lot of feeling behind them. One of the raps he wrote holds a great deal of meaning for him and for anyone who truly listens to the lyrics, it is called “Shine”. Shine is a personal song for him. His parents are separated and has not seen his dad in many years, and he has not made an effort to see, call, or help TJ financially. TJ felt for a long time that it was his fault that his dad did not want to be in his life. So Shine is a way for TJ to let his dad know that he will not get to him or let the choices his dad made bother him anymore and that some day his dad will realize he has lost him and he was the best thing to happen to him. This is not only a message for his dad, but also for his fans that it doesn’t matter what you are going through or what could be holding you back from your dreams, you can’t let anything stop you from shinning. TJ is certainly “shinning”!

TJ loves to perform and one of  his favorite performances was this past July at Christian and Caitlin Beadles meet and greet. He says their whole family is so down to earth and he was able to meet some other cool artists as well like, Richie Rich. He really looks up to Christian and has for about two years, so meeting him was really awesome for TJ. TJ says Christian is a really chill dude and he was honored to be a part of his show.   He had another great performance when  he got to do his very first ever performance rapping and talking about bullying, which was November 2011 at the NY State Teen Institute Leadership conference for kids grades 9-12.

Rapping and singing is everything to TJ, it’s life, and music saved him. He had always wanted to be a Navy Seal, but he found out he was blind in one eye, color blind, and has asthma so he could not be a Seal, he was really bummed about this. He soon discovered the beauty of music and fell in love. He no longer sees himself doing anything else, music has become a way for him to express himself and opinion. Since he was bullied in school he now loves to talk with other kids about it to try and be a good role model for them. He wants to bring hope to those kids by writing and rapping positive music, this is something he could find himself doing for the rest of his life. He is extremely talented when it comes to his writing and rapping, and all his songs do have meaning, and if you listen they do make you think. This is something that he is striving for with his music and TJ, “is” making it happen.

TJ doesn’t come from a wealthy family or have a lot of money to put into his music, it is really just him and his love for music, and his sister. He has a very supportive family, his sister is a straight A student and took a year off from college to help him. His mom is sick with leukemia and does everything she can to support him and his dream. TJ writes all his music, but his videos, web sites, stores, ect. are all created by his sister.  He says they are doing this together and in this together. He hopes that through music he will be able to do something he loves and at the same time inspire thousands of people and make a better life for him and his family. He loves his fans more than anything, he spends as much time as possible talking with them through social media.

He has some great things coming up that you do not want to miss out on. On November 4th in Tampa Bay Fl. he will be performing at the Erase Hate festival with headliner Brandi Carlile. While in Fl. he will be meeting with an inspiration of his, a four year old fighting leukemia. TJ says he is a real inspiring and brave dude. He is also working on a song for him to help his family raise awareness on childhood cancer. He is currently working on his EP it will have 5-7 tracks on it and should be coming out in the next few months all written by him.

TJ has a great thing going for him, and his fans are growing fast. He tells a story of reality in his music that people can relate to, and feel. He said he wanted to be a positive influence and he is doing just that. It does not matter if you like rap or not, once you listen to TJ and really listen to the words you will find your own life in those words. He is an artist with heart and a story to tell full of inspiration and hope. He may have had some hard times in his life, but now it is his turn to, “Shine”! To keep up with him and all his media you can find it all on his web site  TJ Prodigy.