Tom Andrews


 I would like to introduce one amazing singer/songwriter, Tom Andrews , sixteen years old lives in Exeter England. His original song ” Carry Me On ” is brilliant , the lyrics , music was put together so well, that it literally became art.  He believes every word he sings , and has such a remarkable delivery , you can say that song ,_ is me!.

 One thing that amazes me,  is that Tom as only been singing for about three years and he has sure come a long way in those three years. Some of the people that inspires him are Micheal Jackson , Freddie Mercury and Elton John,  ( these are great inspirations indeed ) he says, he really looks up to their work. ( I am really looking up to Tom`s work ). He does a fantastic job on covering songs but , his song writing sets him apart from many others , his writing is pure poetry and the stories are from real life experiences.  Anytime someone writes about real things in their lives,  then the song becomes real too.  Anyone can write down words, but to be able to write them with meaning and  put them with the right music and make you feel and understand the words,  is the mark of a true artist . Tom has a true gift for this. He has only been writing for about a year now and the true brilliance of what he can do shows with out any question.  He started writing after he went to see Greg Friel in Glasgow,  this is where he wrote ” Carry Me On ” and ” If You Ask Me To ” .  He says , his songwriting is inspired by the things that happen in his life and he has been having a pretty unusual life over the past year and a half, so the songs keep flowing.

 ” Carry Me On ” was written on his second trip to Glasgow with Greg. It`s about a time in his life when so many things was just going wrong. They were on their way home from some meetings and stopped at a cafe. There he was talking to a friend on the phone just walking around the parking lot. She knew everything that had happened over the previous days , but they really wasn`t saying much , but it did feel like she was helping him figure it out in his head , so he could start to forget. ( I know I certainly can relate ) His other original ” If You Ask Me To ” is another that I can certainly relate to. There are people in my past that I will miss and I would have given anything if they had asked. I know I have said it before but I will say it again the feeling that he puts in these songs is outstanding , you can feel every word in his stories.

 Tom is currently working with a producer/writer/mixer Rich Keller in New York . He says the new material they have finished sounds awesome. ( I bet it does and I can`t wait to hear it ).  If Tom writes this good for just writing for a year,  what creations is he going to bring another five years from now , I am sure it will blow you away.  Tom brings excitement, expression and a bit of theatrics  to the songs he sings, reminds me a little of Adam Lambert in the way he does his music. Tom sees himself as a soul singer with a bit of an edge. He is also studying voice at the Exeter Academy of Music and Sound. Tom also won the weekly TPR`s fan voting for his song ” Carry Me On “.  I think there will be a lot more great things coming from Tom soon , he has the skill to bring this world more memorable music. This is what I love about writing these stories , is the talented people that are in the world today, learning and listen what they to what they can do. To meet many great artists as Tom and the way they can touch others with there music.  If you wish ,you can visit Tom at Tomandrewsmusic