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There are many things throughout the world where the beauty is breathtaking. One of these is the voice of, Tomine Mikkeline from Norway. Tomine is someone who once beings singing, all of the negative thoughts a person may have and feelings are driven out, then filled with peace and serenity. The tone in her voice is pure elegance. It is understandable as to why Universal Music signed her at just thirteen years of age. Tomine is now fifteen and continues to touch people worldwide with her music.

It was a great day when Tomine decided to step out on stage and let the people see for the first time what the world was in for. She was nine years old making her debut performance on the National Stage in Bergen, playing the role of  Little Cosette in the musical, Les Miserables. After this beginning, she was apart of several more productions at the theater. It was not long before she became highly sought after for performances at other events and occasions.

It was difficult for Tomine pick out performances that was grand for her. She says they have all been great to her, but she will highlight a few. Tomine received the honor of meeting and singing for Malala Yousafzai, the Nobel Peace Prize winner of 2014. She has now had the privilege of singing twice for Malala. Tomine says, they were both memorable times. “I really look up to her and her courage”, says Tomine. In 2012, she sang at the folk festival for Nobel Prize winner 1991, Aung San Suu Kyi on Torgallmenningen in Bergen, where 20,000 people gathered to hear. In October 2014, Tomine toured the UK as a support artist for Aled Jones for three weeks. This was her first tour, and she enjoyed every minute of it.

Photo by Sr foto
Photo by Sr foto

Needless to say, Tomine has been cleaning up on awards for her singing. In 2010 and 2012, she won 1st in the Youth Music Competition in Oslo. 2012, she won 25 out of 25 points possible. “It couldn’t get any better!”, says Tomine. Also she won the Talent Prize in Bergen and has received many different scholarships in Norway.

Tomine’s enormous talent has led her to be presented on TV and radio on several occasions. She has been on Norwegian TV quite a bit; Good Morning Norway on Norwegian TV2, Sommerapent on NRK1, plus a lot of radio.

It means a great deal to Tomine to touch people with her music. When she goes out to learn a new song, she chooses songs simply by if she likes a song or not, and if it fits her voice. Tomine loves classical, so her music often falls into this category. When she does go out to perform for the people, whoever they may be, will get a magnificent performance from Tomine. She will touch the people. Music is her favorite thing to do. “Getting up on stage and doing concerts, are the best”, says Tomine. Music is her life.

Tomine’s beautiful voice and skill landed her a deal with Universal Music, at the age of thirteen. It was her producer HP Gundersen that recognized how incredibly gifted she was, and it was he, who got in touch with Universal Music, and the deal was signed. In June 2013 Tomine released her debut album titled, Tomine Mikkeline.  The album consists of eleven classical songs. This was all a dream come true for Tomine.

No one can deny Tomine’s talent, but outside of all that, she is just an amazing and sweet person. She loves animals, and has a king poodle and two cats at home. She even has an Instagram for her dog. You can find her dog @tyrihansthedog.

What a magnificent time we live in today, where with just a click of a button. we can travel the world, and enjoy glorious art like Tomine produces. Most people when you mention art, they think of a painting. While there are many great and beautiful paintings, what Tomine does is just as great. However, Tomine does not need a brush or canvas to paint a picture, she does it with her voice. The picture she paints in one’s mind is more grand, than any found hanging on a wall. Let Tomine into your life and let her paint a picture that will be ever lasting inside you. She cannot help, but touch your mind and soul. Follow her music at—21bvynoaUEg.