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Tori has always been a triple threat and she is still living up to that title. About a year ago she came out with an awesome original song called, Labyrinth of Love, and now she has done it again with a new song called, Nobody But Me. This song was written by Troy Murray, but Tori did collaborate with him on a few changes to the lyrics. This is an amazing song very well put together and performed, and deserves the stamp of excellence. This song is about being yourself and not allowing other people to change who you are. This is song is special to Tori because it says exactly how she feels and she also feels it puts a great message out there to anyone who may be experiencing  peer pressure, bullying and people passing  judgement on others without even knowing who they really are.  Tori says, “People just need to accept people for who they are and not judge them because they’re not who they want to see“. Tori is an exceptional artist who always delivers great music, and works hard to make sure it is just right. This is what makes her music, threat number one.

Tori had an awesome experience when she performed for the Dan Marino’s Walk For Autism. This is a fundraiser put on by Dan Marino that was held at the Sun Life Stadium in Miami Florida. This event drew 17,000 people for the walk, and not only was this a great turn out for the fundraiser, but it was the largest amount of people she had ever performed for. Plus on top of all of that this is the stadium where the Dolphins play. She said words can not even describe how she felt that day.

 She is a fantastic dancer and use to dance competitively and has won several competitions, but has now given up the competitions. Tori does continue to take choreography and she implements what she learns into her singing performances. She says this way she gets the best of both worlds and still do the two things she is most passionate about. This is threat number two.

Tori is so talented that she can do anything in entertainment, and this is where threat number three comes in; acting. It is a very good chance that you have seen her in the past on TV shows, or commercials, and maybe wondered why she disappeared, well not to worry Tori just took a little break and will soon be seen again.  Tori has now started back up in acting classes, and once she gets a new agent she will begin auditioning for TV, commercials and movies. You should not have to wait long, they will love her no matter what she auditions for.

Tori is so well liked as an entertainer that she always has something going on. Some of the things she has coming up this year, is more original songs, covers and videos. She is currently in meetings about these things. It is a very good possibility that her fans will soon get to see more of her. Tori is looking into doing a tour this year, and it is a good chance she will be at a town near you. There are some major things coming in the near future, but we will all have to wait to hear the good news.

With all the things Tori has going on you wouldn’t think she could squeeze another thing in, but she manages to find time to like play the guitar. She has been using some of her time writing her own songs with her guitar. Her goal is to have her own original song written, played and sung real soon. How ever when she is not doing anything with music, dance and acting, she finds great entertainment just hanging with her friends.  Tori also loves to make and edit her own videos, but most of all what she really likes is shopping.

Tori is dynamite at everything she does, and you never want to miss out on her music, it will keep your foot taping and swaying in your seat.