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Now here comes a fantastic pop singer coming out of South Florida, Tori Lynn Jones! Tori is one that has such a great personality,  it comes right out in her songs and videos. There is no way you can watch her and not enjoy her performance. She has so much fun when performing, that it will translate back to you. This girl can do it all, sing, dance and act, and she does all this with a big open heart.

Her new original song “Labyrinth of Love”, is dedicated to her brother Glenn. Glenn has a rare genetic disease, Cystinosis.  All proceeds from the sale of her new song goes to research to help find a cure. She hopes to one day to become a spokesperson for her brother`s disease. She says, that her brother`s disease is not well known as many others and she wants to make sure the whole world knows all about Cystinosis. She would like some one famous to that has it to come forward to help get the message out there. She is working hard to hopefully be one of those famous people to help fight for a cure.

Tori is for sure well on her way to becoming famous.  She started on her road to fame at the age of four when she began to sing. Her first performance was at a talent contest for a pageant that her mom entered her into. Her first professional performance came when she was eleven years old opening for a band called,   City of God, in Hollywood Florida. Tori loves to perform for the Jimmy Jam Productions for their annual Summer Camp Jam in South Florida. She has performed for their 2010, and 2011 events. She loves performing for them because it is all for the kids that go to camp, and they are full of energy. Tori is some one that is ready to help out when ever possible and one of her ways of helping is performing for the Relay For Life Cancer Charity in South Florida. These events makes her feel good inside knowing that she has made some one smile, happy and want to dance and sing to her music. These events gives her so much inspiration. Not only does she get great inspiration from helping others, but from some great artists as well. Tori has many that inspire her in different ways, and some of these people are, Michael Jackson, Miley Cyrus, and Selena Gomez just to name a few.

For Tori singing and performing is who she is. Music is a big part of her life, but she is also an actress. She has been on a few TV shows like Brooke Knows Best, Mission: Man Band VH1, Winn Dixie commercial, and a dancer on Sabado Gigante where Tori and her partner won first place. Outside of all her performing and acting she is still a girl who likes to have fun like any other teen. She gets into the normal things riding bikes, video games, and movies when she is not rehearsing.  No matter what she is doing, one thing is for sure when she walks out on stage you will get an awesome show, and she will leave a smile on your face and a song in your head when the show is over. Be sure to catch one of her shows you will be glad you did.