Trinity Campbell

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We have another beautiful and amazingly talented cowgirl coming from Texas and this is none other than, Trinity Campbell. This girl has some serious pipes on her and she knows how to use them. Trinity is loved by everyone and once you hear her, you will know why. Trinity has a lot in common with a couple of her favorite artists like Patsy Cline and Martina McBride. Both of these artists have strong voices and know how to tell a story to make anyone a believer and that fits Trinity perfectly.

Trinity’s amazing journey started out at nine years old. She wanted people to hear her so Trinity drug her karaoke equipment to her neighbors garage sales and would sing country music to all their customers. Doing this she not only got heard, but customers stayed longer at the sales and she would get offers to come sing at other venues making for even greater opportunities.

Trinity has been performing everywhere since her start at the garage sales. She says each time she performs on stage is a special time for her. Trinity also says some of the smaller events are even more special. There is one event that meant the most to her and that was performing for a child abuse awareness festival. At this event she performed one of her own songs for the first time. It was a song she had written about a true child abuse victim, but with a bit of a twist telling of how the child is now. Another great opportunity to perform was performing for a Nashville songwriters association Christmas party. She entertained everyone with cover songs as well as some of her own songs that she had written.

Trinity has shown everyone that she is a true award-winning artist. Just two months ago she won the Jr. Newcomer of the Year award at the Gladewater Opry. She says this was a big honor because it was the first place for nine years old. Here at the opry she sang with a band and has now sang with many of them at many different venues.

Trinity says she loves the experience and fun of singing. She is always out to please the audience and loves to see smiles on their faces when she is singing. She really wants to be the best she can be and hopes that one day get to hear her very own song on the radio.

Her day of hearing her own song on the radio maybe closer than anyone thinks. Trinity is an amazing singer, but she also writes and already has about 15 songs written. With her talent and all the songs she is writing you know she will be heard on radios across the country before you know it. One of these songs she has written is very special to her, it is called, “I Got A New Name”. This is special to her because it is about her life and her adoption. She always gets ideas from her life experiences. Artists like Trinity that has had special things happen in their lives always produce the most amazing songs, and she is going to be one of these artists where her songs live on forever.

Trinity is a wonderful artist and along her journey she has discovered she likes acting. She was in a zombie movie that was on TV and DVD, it was only as an extra, but she loved it. “This was so fun getting make-up done each day looking really scary” says Trinity. Even though it was just an extra part she loved it so much that she will be in another movie. This new movie will be a mystery and is now waiting to hear from them for the shoot date. She says acting is something she is for sure going to explore more.

Be on the look out for some great recordings to come from Trinity. She has been contacted by a record company in Oklahoma that she submitted her music to and will be heading there to record her first CD and music video. The CD will contain her very own songs. This is a CD that is going to blow everyone away.

Music is truly a big part of who trinity is, and she uses her god given gift to help make many people happy. Trinity is a special young lady that people will love for a long time. Her talents as an artist will take her to her dreams and beyond. There are many lucky people where she lives and one day she will come on the radio while they are driving down the road and tell the person next to them; “I remember her coming to my house dragging her karaoke stuff up the driveway and singing at my garage sale, wow what times”. Amazing indeed.