Triple Threat, ANALISE

California girl Analise, is a true triple threat. She is gifted in all areas of entertainment, excelling in acting and singing. Acting,  Analise can hold her own with the best of them on stage or on the big screen. When it comes to singing, she has the power to take on even the biggest songs, with control of a seasoned veteran twice her age. The sky is the limit for Analise. 

It was in the age range of three to seven that Analise and her parents began to see her talents come to light. She would sing along with musicals like Phantom of the Opera, Orphan Annie, The Sound of Music, and Disney’s – Princess sing alongs. This is when her mom noticed she had a great voice. At age seven Analise’s mom put her in a performing arts school (LAMusART). “I auditioned for one of their musicals and got the role of Chip in Beauty and the Beast and that’s how I started acting too” says Analise. And she says, she’s had many great people who have helped to inspire her journey. “My biggest idol is Mariah Carey because to me her voice is the best and I like her acting too” says Analise. Other singers and actors include, Demi Lovato, Zendaya, and Selena Gomez.

Over a short period, Analise’s acting resume has grown very well, continuing to add to it on a regular basis . She has landed a role in a couple of short films, The Return where she payed the daughter of a family and Tie The Knot where she was a naughty school kid. Some other projects include, Food Network Stars, The Westbrooks and Blackish. When it comes to theater Analise is no stranger to lead roles. Some of these include, Rumpelstiltskin as Laura, Shakespeare’s Hamlet as Ofelia, and A Christmas Toy Story as Holly.

One of Analise’s more recent accomplishments was landing a role in Disney’s fantasy film, A Wrinkle In Time. A Wrinkle In Time is about a shy girl named Meg who losses her father in one of his time machine experiments. Meg goes through a fantasy adventure to the universe to find him.  “For me being in this movie was one of the best experiences ever” says Analise.  She played the role of Veronica’s friend which was one of the bullies to Meg. Analise said, “Playing a bully was something I never imagined I could do, but I kept telling myself it’s all just acting”. In this movie she was able to work with some talented stars, Rowan Blanchard and Storm Reid. This project also gave her a spot in People Magazine.


When it comes to singing, Analise has landed on many major networks. “I’ve done many solo performances for Univision 34, Estrella TV, Telemundo, Asteca TV, HBO, ABC7, and CBS2/KCAL9. Since I was 8 years old, I’ve been receiving many invitations to perform at special events and Fundraiser Benefits” says Analise. She has performed over 250 solo performances on stage. She has found herself in many venues as well, The Joint, The Mint, The Cap, The Avalon, The Catalina Bar, The Gaslamp, Los Angeles Convention Center and so many more. She is also the official National Anthem sing for the National Arthritis Walk held every year at the Angels Stadium.

In February 2016, Analise auditioned for the Princess Project which is a five girl pop group where they sing, act and dance. With no surprise Analise made it into the group in June 2016. This is where she met her mentor Mandy Rain. She says, Mandy has taught her a lot since they began working together.

A triple threat she may be, but she has now gone beyond. Stand Up comedy can now be added to that growing resume. Analise actually got started in stand-up by accident. She was performing at Leimert Park with ABC7 when a lady named Collette Craan of Standing Tall Kids approached. She thought Analise would make a great comedian. Analise got some training, and she was able to do her stand-up   at the Ice House in Pasadena and also, at The Hollywood Improv. “This is just something I did to challenge myself and I loved it” says Analise.

Analise is well rounded in the entertainment field, and her skills and projects keep growing. Be sure and keep up with everything she does through her social media.  Facebook , Twitter, Instagram.