Trista Wheaton

trista wheaton at stars2come

 Trista is a multi-talented young lady she can rock you, tell a great story in country or she can touch your heart with the sensitive side of her music.  When on stage, she has no problem keeping the audience`s attention. The ability to interact with the audience comes so smoothly from her, it has to be nothing, but a natural part of who she is as a performer. After watching her live, it is obvious, that she is right at home on stage.

 Trista, originally from New York, became interested in music at about five years old. In the fifth grade, she got involved with a group called, Sonrise Praise Kids in New York. In this group she done acting, singing, and dancing. Belonging to this group must have sparked something , because she took off like a rocket. Trista competed for three years in a competition called, Canandaigua Idol and two of these three years, she came in first place. Trista competed in another competition at age thirteen, called Colgate Country Showdown, this is the country`s largest country music competition and she won first place at the local level.


trista wheaton at stars2come

 After winning the Colgate Showdown, the judges, Ken Somerville and Barry Somerville,  was so impressed with her, that they asked to be her coach. The sponsor of the Showdown was WDNB Thunder 102, because of the friends she had made with them, she was able to be an opening act for Craig Morgan, singing ahead of Terri Clark, Gary Allen, and Trace Adkins.

 After moving from, New York to Nashville, Tennessee, she began vocal lessons with Brett Manning and Chris Keller. Trista, is also starting to write her own songs, and with the way she presents the songs she sings, these should be amazing. August 2010 she had entered another competition, the Beech Bend Superstar there, she  went into the finals after singing, “All Around Me”. She done an outstanding job on this song, and the audience loving every minute of it.

 Trista`s growing popularity is not only attributed to her ability to capture the audience, it is her own unique spin, she puts on the songs she sings. With this uniqueness about her, it will keep her standing out from the rest, putting her ahead of many others, who choose to only do what is popular, leaving the music field wide open for Trista.  Trista Wheaton, is a name that, is going to become common topic around many super tables, around the country.