Tristan Blaine

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Tristan is another awesome performer that just came off the Country Pop Rock Tour, and his amazing performances wowed everyone. Tristan is an awesome entertainer, he does not leave anything out in his shows, he brings great vocals, dance and a lot of high energy to everything he does. He is a blast to watch and you never have to worry about being bored at any of his shows, they are very exciting. On the tour he kept the girls screaming all the way through, he would pull off some awesome dance move and you could not hear nothing over the girls. He was a true star. One of the largest shows along the tour was in Winona, Mississippi with well over a thousand people. This show is one he will never forget, he made many fans and friends that he continues to keep up with. The artists on the tour gained so much fame, that by the time the last two shows came around they had to have bodyguards with them. When this happens you know you are a “star”! They all certainly are.  While in Mississippi they also appeared on the morning show giving an interview and performed live as well as a radio station.

Tristan said the tour was really awesome, and all of his tour mates were wonderful and became like family. It was an experience that he will never forget. He said, he will be doing more stuff with them in the future. One person along the tour that really stood out to Tristan was Sargent Britt in Grenada, Mississippi. He had lost his daughter due to some bullying in school. Britt’s family started an organization called, “Sara Smiles” to get out the message of her experience and how important it is to stop bullying. Tristan has also stepped forward to help with this as well, he is going to help with the sales of merchandise to further the great cause. It really shows  his heart is in the right place. Tristan has had several kids text him about bullying problems and has reached out to help them.

For someone that has not been performing for very long his career has taken off like a storm. He started at the age of ten in a school play in which he sang a solo. He loved the feel of the stage and this is where he has stayed ever since. Tristan began vocal, and dance training about a year ago, but when you see him you would think he had been doing it far longer. Last year he also made his first real performance at Six Flags over Texas. He loved the experience and has been back several times. He enjoys being involved with a program in Texas called, Planet Kidz and Friday Nite Live. They keep the kids off the street and gives the parents some time to go out. He does a lot of different locations and he says, the kids are amazing. Tristan started with them last November and has 5 shows booked with them starting next month.

Tristan is also a great songwriter adding to his many talents. There is a couple of songs that has a special meaning for him they are, “Don’t You Know” and “Perfect the Way You Are” they were written for the youth of today. He says kids go through some tough times including himself and he hopes these songs will touch some of them.

He says that this is an awesome chapter of his life, if he could touch someone and make a difference it would be his goal. He loves all his fans. Keep watch on Tristan he said, he has big plans coming and has some new music planned. Also watch for him to appear in another tour, that is being considered as well. You can bet his fans are waiting in anticipation for the news. He is an awesome performer and person, if you can make it to any of his shows please go you will love it!