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Tristan McIntosh, is a wonderful young lady with a great voice and message that she is bringing to everyone. She is very enjoyable to listen to, but she doesn’t just use her talents only for your enjoyment. Tristan is big in the anti-bullying campaign, and helping to bring people together for this cause. She recorded a song, “You Can’t Take That Away From Me”, and her mom reached out to the Pacer organization to use her song in the 2011, 2012 anti-bullying campaign.  They loved the song and decided to use it for their on going campaign. She has also gotten involved with the Unity Dance Day at school which will be held, October 26, 2011. Her school is doing the dance in support of, Unity Dance Day, and the anti-bullying campaign.  Joining together for this dance, is a great way to bring people together. Everyone is different, and beautiful in their own way and this is what makes each person special. By coming together to dance shows strength, and despite how different someone might be, it is okay and you “can” be friends. The Pacer organization put together a wonderful video using the song, “You Can’t Take That Away From Me”, it has a great message in it, and shows what people can do when they come together. Everyone in the video came to put it together of their own free will to support the cause, and they all had a blast making it. Fortunately for Tristan, she has never been bullied, but she has witnessed this at her school, and this has encouraged her to take an offensive stand and fight against bullying.

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 Tristan started her great journey when she began to sing at four years old. She use to sing, Mr. Mom, by Lonestar in her kitchen at home. Then at eight years old she began to sing professionally, and she has some great people on her side. Tristan has two amazing vocal coaches guiding her, Jessica Ford and Janet Kenyon.

Her first public performance was a competition for the Mule Town Idol, in Columbia Tenn. At this competition she won first place in the child division. In the spring of 2011 she won another contest, Clarksville’s Gateway to Stardom.   Here she won a wonderful prize of $2500.00. She really loves singing the National Anthem, this song is very near and dear to her heart because her mother is in the military.  She has performed the Anthem in many places including her church, Vanderbilt stadium, and many veterans events. She really enjoyed performing at Tootsies lounge in Nashville, Tenn. Here she performed with her band, C`est la Vie. She said, it was a privilege to play in a place where so many country artists started out. Tristan gives God all the glory for her music, and he is her inspiration for all that she does.  She loves being in front of a crowd and watching smiles come across people’s faces as she sings. Her goal is to one day become a pop/country music star.

Tristan is a person with a big heart, and that heart has not gone unnoticed. She helped organize a flood benefit and made Fox News, and Channel 2 News caught up with her for her efforts on the anti-bulling campaign. Tristan will be one that will be around for a long time to come, and in people’s memories, but not for just her music, but her kindness and her fearless effort to reach out to others bringing unity to all.