Triston Coleman

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Triston is a fantastic rap artist that is turning heads everywhere he performs. He is very smooth with his raps, bringing a clean and clear message to everyone. Triston is someone that is gaining much attention with his music, but knows what it means to keep his feet on the ground. He also knows the meaning of friends and family in a different way than most. Triston along with many kids, have family and friends in the military, and  this puts a whole different perspective on it all. This different perspective is where his new song titled, “Troops” came from. “Troops” was written and mixed by Triston. When he was younger he would sit on his grandpa’s lap, and his grandpa would tell him stories of the war he was in. He flew a B29 in World War II. Triston’s dad is in the Air National Guard, plus other family and friends in the military. He also produced a video for his new song, this was a way for him to give back to our country and military families that have suffered from loss. It is a message to all of those who has been a victim of war. It was a very exciting and rewarding project for Triston.

After listening to Eminem when he was five years old, he knew then that he wanted to sing, rap and write. Then at the age of nine he started gaining the attention of everyone. He took his first performance to a small karaoke  restaurant in, Tulare Ca. and within  two months he started booking out the place. People would come from all over requesting to see him perform. When Triston was twelve he performed at the celebrity center in Hollywood, and performed his original song, “My Way”, and was honored by a standing ovation from the crowd. He had fans flying in from others states to see him perform. The year before, he performed at the Tulare County Fair Grounds, he got to perform on the large Budweiser stage. He performed six songs and drew in a crowd of over 500 people. He was singing and rapping  songs from people like,  Vanilla Ice and Cris Brown. The large crowd  was screaming and cheering throughout his performance.

Triston is amazing with rap, but his songwriting abilities really sets him apart from many others. He has written six songs so far. He takes ideas from real life experiences and from what he sees and feels. For someone that is only thirteen he has been through a lot and has learned a lot about things that most kids his age don’t even understand from being apart of this industry. His family has made many sacrifices for him to follow his dreams. He hopes to live out his dream as a artist and role model for others. He is getting a taste of that dream with so many great songs under his belt plus the 20 films and 20 commercials he has appeared in. He is taking his music to the next level, and now working with Disney producer, Andrew Lane. They are working on some great new songs.

Triston is working hard for his dream, and part of his dream is being realized, from his video and song, “Troops”. This certainly earns him role model status. Because of this there are many families around the country now looking up to him. The kids of these families you can bet looks up at him, and thanks him, and wishes they could be just like Triston. It is a very honorable thing to take abilities like Triston’s and put them to good use  and give back to others. Triston is one of the greatest rapers to ever hit the stage. Be sure to stay tuned for more great music from, Triston Coleman.