Tyler Layne

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Tyler Layne is a force to be reckoned with, he is taking the entertainment world by storm. He is a singer, songwriter, and actor, and going full speed ahead. He has built an impressive resume in both fields. He loves, anything to do with entertaining and he is working very hard to take himself to the top, and he is well on his way.

Tyler has done some amazing things, and most people can only dream about doing what he has done. When he was ten years old  he was in the Radio Disney Pop Group, RD7, and they opened for a sold out Raven concert at the Ted Constant Center in Norfolk. Being on that stage was incredible for him, and the response from the crowd was amazing. This was when he said, “this is what I want to do!” At age eleven he was in the group Seven5Seven, which is Brooke and Tyler. They sang one night at the oceanfront on the 24th street stage and performed two shows that night. They sang originals and covers, and was also filmed for TV, and the tourists, and the locals surrounded the stage clear down to the boardwalk. He had a lot of fun that night, there was awesome energy and the crowd was amazing. He is awesome with vocals, and he has won several awards for his vocal ability. This past summer he entered a singing contest for Tidewater Parent magazine and won. This is not all, he has won scholarships for music schools and was accepted to Governors school for the Arts for the Musical Theater Program. He has certainly made some great achievements, and these were made through the love for what he does, and hard work.

He is influenced a lot by Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake, but he also likes people like Bruno Mars and John Mayer. He likes all genres of music, from country to R&B. Music gives him a great way to express himself, and wants to be a positive influence to others. He says, it is great to have people come up to him when he sings at church, and say that they really didn’t think that they would make it to church and was having a tough time but was really blessed by his song. This is really why he likes to sing.

Tyler is making great progress with his songwriting, he writes all the time with a notebook full of songs. He has co-written four songs that has been recorded. The first song he co-wrote was, “Where I Wanna Be”, this song is most special to him. This was his first effort as a solo artist, and had a awesome opportunity to go to Nashville and write and record  with Everlife. They asked him what he wanted to write a song about and had a great writing session. He said, that Sarah and Amber made it such a fun experience. At the time Julia was on tour with Miley Cyrus, so she was only able to sing back up vocals on the track, but he did get to meet her. Now that he is getting older he likes writing about girls and relationships and challenges kids face at his age.

He has made great progress with his singing, but he is also doing very well when it comes to acting. He has been in commercials, has appeared on the Discovery Channel several times on shows like A Haunting, Wicked Attractions, and Nightmare Next Door.   He has made his way to a few cable shows as well, Talent Quest TV, Teen 2 Teen, and Nashville Spotlight. Tyler is doing everything he can in entertainment, this is what he loves and it shows with all the great progress he has made. He has some great fans and supporters and he always likes to hear from them. He likes to spend time around positive people, that wants to lift people up and encourage them. Tyler has become a positive role model to others as well. Tyler is someone that we will be hearing a lot from for a long time to come.