UK’S Grand Voice, Reuben de Maid

The world recently feel in love with a young man from the UK with a grand voice when Little Big Shots aired Reuben de Maid. Reuben became an instant star on the Little Big Shots stage singing Jenifer Hudson’s song, You’re Gonna Love Me. He belted the song out with a voice that filled the room. When the song ended the entire audience was on their feet screaming in delight and amazement. The passion and emotion that comes through a song when he sings, he gives every word meaning. What Reuben does with music is, touch people. On Little Big Shots he did just that, he touched the TV audience as well as those at home. After the performance, his interview with Steve Harvey showed he didn’t have just a grand voice, but a grand personality as well. Everyone simply feel in love him as a person and singer.

Coming to LA and being part of Little Big Shots was a huge adventure for Reuben. He loved the experience of being on the show and talking with Steve Harvey. “Steve Harvey is so funny I love him” says Reuben. He also says that it was the best experience of his life. “I’m also in love with LA and if I could live there I would” says Reuben. It was evident listening to Reuben talk, he was having the time of his life. Also during the interview it became clear. he and his family are close, as well as having much humor. 

According to the interview Reuben had with Steve Harvey, it all started when he was given a karaoke machine. He apparently sang so much that his sister locked the door because she was tired of hearing him. She may have gotten tired of listening to him, but his determination and love of singing, is what has brought him to the attention of the world. This beginning didn’t only land him on Little Big Shots, but also the Ellen show, Good Morning Britain and many more. 

Reuben has appeared on many television shows, but it was Wales and the communities near by who experienced him first. He was nine years old when he started performing at competitions and charity events in Swansea. His very first performance was his favorite because he had tried to perform, but always backed out because of nerves. “When I did it for the first time, I had the most amazing feeling that it was where I was meant to be” says Reuben. Two years ago he won a singing competition in Wales called, Welsh Factor. “It was a brilliant experience” Reuben says. With a well tuned and controlled voice that Reuben has, there will be many awards to come his way throughout his career. 

Performing is what he has come to love. The feeling he gets when performing is amazing. “I love making people happy, seeing the audience smile, cry and laugh is the best feeling in the world” says Reuben. Performing is a way for him to express himself. He loves it so much, that his ultimate goal is to become a recording artist and have his own makeup brand. 

A creative singer such as Reuben, his music becomes art and Reuben feels the same when it comes to makeup. For him makeup is not just painting your face or hiding something, it is art. Looking through his pictures online what he does with makeup is, perfection.

Reuben has some great things coming up, he will be appearing on Little Big Shots in Britain which he is excited about. He is also starting his own online makeup tutorials as well as many things planned for his singing and charity work. 

After asking Reuben what he would like people to know about him, here is what he had to say. “I think I would like people most to know that I am sassy and kind, makeup obsessed professional singer artist with a very mischievous streak”.  

His sister may have locked the door to keep from hearing him, but you can bet she really loves him just like everyone else. The television shows he has been on is part of his journey to stardom. At just twelve years old and able to control his voice with such precision is remarkable. When someone gets on stage to perform, and that person is able to touch the audience in the heart, that performer becomes an artist. That is what Reuben is, an artist. He puts so much character, emotion and passion into what he does, that he moves people. He has the power in his voice to control the emotions and feeling of his audience. There’s no denying the love he has for his craft and there’s no denying the love people have for him.