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Verona is a great rocker from South Florida, she has the look, the sound and can play a mean guitar. She loves to rock out anywhere she performs, and she will put on a awesome show. No matter where she performs everyone loves her. Verona connects very well with the audience, and not afraid to interact with them. This is what makes a great entertainer, you have to keep the audience’s attention, and Verona is very good at it. She has never been afraid of anything, and that is what made her discover singing is what she wanted to do. When she was six years old, her mom dared her to crash a wedding, and she did! she sang, Fergilicious, and after this she has not put down the mic since.

Ever since crashing the wedding at six years old she has gone full blast with her music. Also at six she got to perform at the Cob Energy Theater for America’s Got Talent. It was her first time on a huge stage with over 3,000 people. It was a major thrill for her. One of her favorite organizations she likes performing for is, Tunes for Tots in South Florida. Verona said, she loves it because she gets to do what she loves and give back at the same time.

Verona’s biggest inspiration for music comes from, Avril Lavigne because she performs in her own way, and that is how Verona got her edge. She is a lot like Avril they both play ice hockey and they are both tomboys, and they can really rock it out. Verona’s dad is also a musician and he inspires her the most, and if she could only pick one person for inspiration it would be her dad. Singing is truly her life. When she is on stage, she feels free because all her problems or fights or anything she has just lets go when she sings. True freedom!

Her ultimate goal is to have her record out by age thirteen, that has been her goal since she told her mom and dad she wanted to be a rock and roll star. Ultimately she wants to be a professional musician and share her passion with music with the world. Verona’s passion goes deep into music, and that passion is taking her into writing. She has about a dozen songs written currently. They are all about what she is going thru at particular times in her life. The song, “The Girl I Am” was written when she was seven and describes her to a “T”. “Roadie” and “Raindrops” are about being bullied. In the forth grade Verona was bullied through out the entire year, but she didn’t say anything because her sister-cousin was also being bullied and Verona wanted to help her. She told her mom about it by singing her “Raindrops”. Now she is with, Shine and a spokesperson for bully prevention. The bulling might have slowed her down, but it didn’t stop her. That is for sure she is going strong, rocking out everywhere she can.

Verona is a great artist, but she is also an actress. She was on an episode of Victorious. The episode was Tori the Zombie and Verona was the screaming sunshine girl. She has also shot various commercials. She also has her own internet radio show every Wednesday from 6 to 7 Pm EST at

What more could anyone ask for in a person. Verona has it all going on. She is a great artist, a actress, and has her own radio show, that is a awesome achievement for her. Anyone wanting to rock out, just look up Verona she will bring it!