Victoria Evans


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It is amazing just how many kids there are with so much talent, and once in a while one will stand out singing with such beauty that it leaves you in constant amazement, and Victoria, is one of these. Victoria at only seven years old loves to sing opera, and she does it with such beauty and grace of someone many years older. When Jackie Evancho first appeared she amazed everyone, and it seemed that she was standing alone, completely unique. That is no longer the case, now the world has Victoria, singing with such wondrous glory, and her composure is incredible.

Victoria was meant to sing. Before she could even pronounce words, she was singing. She sang so much she was named, “the child who could not stop singing. Singing opera has been very important to her since she began singing it at age five. Singing any style music it is important to take care of your vocals, and even more so with opera. To help protect her vocal cords her mom found Pamela Cassella to help her sing correctly.  Pamela was a opera singer herself, and now she is helping to guide Victoria through her journey.

As soon as Victoria learned her first song she has been performing in public, literally singing anywhere and everywhere no matter who was around. The first time sang at her own performance was at her church, she had just turned seven at the time. This was also her favorite performance because she was able to sing for her friends. For a even bigger surprise none of her friends even knew she could sing, and they loved it. Much of her inspiration for music has come from, Charlotte Church. Victoria says, she has a beautiful voice. She loves to sing because it is a great way to express feelings, and it makes her heart warm like the sun. Victoria believes her singing makes God happy. You can believe that every time she sings he is smiling from ear to ear, just like the rest of us who listen.

She hopes to one day be a great soprano/alto, and learn to sing opera well enough to sing around the world. Victoria would love to be able to have concerts for charity to help those who need it. It would be a great honor for Victoria to sing along side Charlotte Church or Maria Ferrante, because their voices are so beautiful, and they stick inside her heart.With Victoria’s beautiful voice, I am sure they would be as honored to sing along with her.

Victoria does spend a great deal of time singing, but she still loves just being a regular kid, hanging out with friends, and watching cartoons on Saturday mornings. She might be a regular kid, but when she sings there is nothing regular about her. The voice and skill she has, makes her one of the greatest young artists coming up today. There are many great singers out there that can sing country and pop very well, but when it comes to opera it takes a certain voice, and the skill to bring out the beauty and grace that opera is. Victoria has this gift, and has received it at a very early age. Victoria is truly heaven sent to help make the world a bit more beautiful with the gift of song. She delivers this gift with grace and honor in every performance warming the hearts of all who listen.