Vikki Dee

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 Vikki is another wonderful talent coming out of Canada. When she performs the crowd loves her, she connects very well with the audience, and they with her. She has a very clear voice, with amazing control, giving her the ability to bring the story to life in a song.

 Vikki is a very special young lady. According to her parents, she began singing almost as soon as she could talk. How ever, this fantastic performer almost never came to be, she was born premature weighting only one pound twelve ounces, with only a 2% chance of survival. Maybe this is where her determination and drive came from. Just like when she was born she was determined to live, now she is determined to make her dreams come true, and that is to perform, and she does an excellent job on stage.

 Vikki started vocal lessons when she was seven years old, when she was nine she began private vocal lessons. She is currently taking vocal, guitar, keyboard, and drums from a studio called Modern Music, her teacher is Randy Lynch.  She also attends DYT Productions Performance Studio where she has taken lessons in acting, improv and stage performance as well as performing with her band “Rock Candy” a group of amazing singers. Vikki`s first unofficial performance was when she was five at her kindergarten graduation. Vikki loves musicals, her first performance with a musical was at seven years old in “The Wizard Of Oz”. Since her beginning she has gone on to perform in several musicals and on stage with her band “Rock Candy”.


Vikki Dee at stars2come One of her favorite performances was performing with Second City, at the Just for Laugh`s Festival Gala, with The Shehori Brothers, puppeteer Nicolas Lemon, actors Marco Timpano and John Cattucci. She also won an award at The Centre Stage Gala for singing. Another favorite of her`s was, when she was in The Wiz, she played Dorothy in this musical. Vikki has performed in several musicals, Seussical (Mayor`s Wife), Cinderella (Stepsister), Mulan (Mulan), and Big Bad Musical (Fairy Godmother). She also won an award from the Arts Council for outstanding performance in the Arts. Her favorite musicals how ever are, “Rock of Ages” and “Wicked”. With so much experience in theater, this is sure to play a big part in her great stage presence, and connecting well with the  audience when she is out performing her songs. 

 She has just begun writing her first original, she says, it is almost finished, you can bet it will be amazing. Even with her busy schedule performing, she still has time to be a teen, playing volleyball, soccer, and enjoys photography. Vikki`s main goal is to be in Musical Theatre professionally, performing on Broadway or a touring company, and she is currently attending a regional high school for drama. With Vikki`s passion for theatre and her determination, she is sure to reach her goal. There will be a lot of great things happening with Vikki, you can keep track of these things at Vikki Dee