We 3 and She


We 3 and She at stars2come

We 3 and She is an amazing group of girls from Michigan. The girls have a great chemistry, everything they do seems to fall together effortlessly, and their harmonies are breathtaking.

These five beautiful girls have come together to create enjoyable music that everyone will love. The girls have only been together as a group for about two and a half years. It all started back in March 2012 with two sets of sisters. These two sets of sisters consist of Cayenne and Ginger Johnson, and Phoebe and Jaclyn Holmes. These four girls were taking guitar lessons from Cayenne and Ginger’s dad when Cayenne brought in a flier to class for a Battle of the Bands; she wanted to enter. W hen she was asked who would enter, she said we three, and pointing upstairs, she. So the name of the group was born, We 3 and She.

For the Battle of the Bands it was required that the song be original, and uplifting. Cayenne took the challenge and put together her first ever original song. They performed the song for Battle of the Bands and won second place, plus $500.00. It was this performance that gave them the bug and launched them into their new careers. At the performance their friend Erica came out to see them. They knew Erica could perform, and it was not long before they asked her to join their group. We 3 and She is a blossoming group of young girls, Jaclyn 13, Phoebe 17, Ginger 13, Cayenne 16 and Erica 15 and they are out to make their mark.

One of their favorite performances came when they played the, Concert for Alayna. This was a local concert to raise money for a friend who had cancer. The girls liked this really well, it made them feel their music made a difference. They said, they also loved playing at the Michigan State Fair Superstar Competition. At the competition, We 3 and She placed 4th out of 32.

We 3 and She at stars2come  We 3 and She has done well and have many accomplishments as a group, but they also have excellent achievements separately as well.   Erica was a finalist  in the 2014 Detroit Sphinx competition, a 2013 Canterbury Idol winner, and won Best Young Artist at the 5th annual Spirits Awards. Jaclyn and  Phoebe were the 2014 Canterbury Idol winners as a duo and finalists in the recent, National Singing Star Detroit Competition. Phoebe was the only Lake Orion high school student named to the exclusive 2015 US Army All-American Marching Band. Jaclyn, Cayenne and Ginger have competed and won various awards in national vocal competitions, such as OnStage NY, and Access Broadway.

One of the best things about being a group is they have each other to count on, both musically and vocally. They say each of them play an integral part in each song with their instruments, as well as their harmonies. The girls work so well as a team, if one is not there it is tough to make it work. WE 3 and She love their fans, and when people get up and dance with their music, that really makes them happy. When they are out performing they like to cover Fleetwood Mac. They say, they have well written songs with plenty of opportunities for harmonies. They are currently covering, Landslide and Dreams by them.

Their goal is to release an album or EP in the spring, and maybe actually make some money at what they love. They would also like to sing the National Anthem for a major sporting event. From here they would like to play bigger and bigger gigs,  hopefully getting into some real funding.

We 3 and She does a wonderful job covering songs, but they also have their own songs to share with their fans. Right now they have ten songs written, and plenty more growing. Each one has written or co-wrote an original song, but it is Cayenne who has written or co-wrote most of the songs. One of the songs they wrote is called, “Broken Dove”. This song is special to them and has morphed into something cool. The song has grown from a simple song that Cayenne wrote, to a band collaboration that became an almost living thing. Cayenne said her ideas often come while in the shower or sometimes when she is playing on her guitar she will come up with a riff and put words to it, and it blows up into a song. Sometimes when she writes with Phoebe and Erica they come up with some pretty cool stuff. No matter who writes a song, when they take it to the band it always becomes something different, but in a good way.

We 3 and She specialize in 5 part harmony, and have come a long way in a short time. They love their fans and have worked very hard to become what they are today. This group has become an awesome power and they are growing everyday. These five girls have a bond and sound that will make them standout from the rest, and they do. We 3 and She have the talent to one day, could be an icon just like Fleetwood Mac.

Keep your eye out for another video, this one will be on their original song, Broken Dove. They will be filming over Thanksgiving break.