Wendy Sarmiento Santana

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Wendy is a beautiful and talented young lady living in Miami. Wendy was born April 26, 2001 in Cuba, but no one knew how much talent this cute little baby girl possessed or gave it any thought. It was not long into her life that signs of her talents began to show.  She came to Miami with her mom when she was 3 1/2 years old. She loved the camera and she is often found posing in many of her earlier pictures. It was not long before everyone started to see these talents she had. In 2006 she began taking acting and dancing classes and in that very same year she won 1st place in a modeling competition at Hialeah Auditorium in Miami, Florida. Then in 2007 Wendy won 1st place again, in the Miss Littler Cuban America Modeling Competition. Also in 2007 she won 1st place at the Star Power Talent Competition for Hip Hop. After this there was no stopping her.

Wendy started out with a bang, but soon exploded sending her to a whole new level. When it came to dance Wendy truly excelled and has danced in many shows, as well as on many TV shows. Some of these shows around South Florida that she participated in were, Westland Mall, Macy’s at International Mall, Focal Point Show, Back and White Dance Showcase, Magnet of Art Showcase, Show Stopper Studio Dance Showcase, Men in Black-3 Flash Mob, and at the Nashville Spotlight Showcase during the CMA Music Festival in Nashville. Wendy was also a regular dancer for the Miami Heat, and the Florida Marlins. She has been on the TV show Sabado Gigante  on Univision 11 different times, and has been in two music videos and two commercials, and this does not even cover all her great achievements.

Wendy Sarmiento at stars2come All of the things that Wendy has done have all turned out great and her talents recognized by many, but there was another talent that lay hidden until 2010 when she uploaded her first video singing, Butterfly Fly Away. After this video it was clear she was destined to be a great singer, the tone in her voice spoke clearly. In 2012 she began taking singing classes. In that very same year she made her singing debut on stage at the Nashville Palace for the Nashville Spotlight Showcase during the CMA Music Festival, and she was amazing! At this show, Wendy showed Nashville just what a Miami girl can really do. Wendy took to the stage and amazed everyone. When she got on stage she did not just sing, she put on a show like a seasoned pro. She had great vocals, and all the attitude and theatrics she added kept everyone glued to her throughout her whole performance. It was an amazing show. After two sets she surprised everyone when she came out with her friend Melany Rivera and put on a dance show, the same show they did for Men in Black-3. During this dance no one in the whole place took their eyes off Wendy and Melany, they dazzled everyone. Wendy and Melany was such a big hit they were asked to come back, and they did for the Christmas show, and wowed everyone again!

As much as she surprised everyone with so much great talent throughout her life it was obvious that she would be destined for something much greater. Friends and family did not have to wait long to see where her destiny lay. She went and auditioned for La Voz Kids (Voice for Kids) and with her family and friends waiting backstage, Wendy walks out like she owned the stage and with the judges backs turned she began to sing, “Ven Conmigo”. This was a lively performance, upbeat and about half way through it happened, one of the judges Roberto Tapia turned around and a whole new chapter to her life opened up. Wendy was thrilled with the results, and Roberto couldn’t have been happier to take on such a talented young lady. Needless to say her family and friends were excited beyond words. Because of  Wendy’s exceptional performance on the show, it landed her in the semi-finals and now waiting to go into the battle rounds. Now without a doubt she will be launched into stardom.

Wendy Sarmiento Santana  at stars2come

For those of us that have had the pleasure of knowing Wendy, knew there was something very special about her, and now it is all coming to light. Over time she has shown there are no limits to her talents and she is out to show everyone just what she is made up of. The thing that has also led to her great success has been her bubbly personality, and her drive to be the best. She is a super awesome person and this shows through in her performances making everyone that is watching have a great time. One thing that is for sure, Wendy has the talent and the charisma to win. Everyone watching this show has yet to see what she is capable of, but they are about to find out.  Don’t miss a minute of Wendy on La Voz Kids on Telemundo, because she is pure talent.