Workshop With The Pros

stars2come pcg

 Workshop With The Pros was presented by Stars2come and PCG Nashville, and  the X-Factor would be hard pressed to beat the talent at this workshop. Artists came from all around the country and Canada, and they were phenomenal! The workshop was held October 19th and it was a smash hit!

The panel at the workshop was top-notch, it included Britton Cameron who has had songs cut by Lonestar, Steel Magnolia, Jack Ingram, and Don Williams. Also we had Judy Rodman, she is an award-winning vocal coach and has written hit songs for people like LeAnn Rimes, and then we had FORD which is one of the country’s top producers recording for pretty much every label, and has produced for people like Duran Duran, Mick Jagger, plus many more, it was an honor to have him on board.

The artists at the workshop kept the place rocking with one amazing song after another and the panel giving out several Wows along the day. One of the very first wows was given to a very amazing little girl, Genesis Nava. Genesis was joined by her dad on guitar and when she cut loose with that big voice of hers you could see the panels eyes open and a big grin come across their faces, you knew she had really hit a spot with them. Once she finished her songs the first thing from the panel was, Wow!

All of the artists and audience had a great time and from what the artist say, very helpful. Genesis says it was extremely helpful and was an awesome experience for growth. Heather Wigley the mother of Beamer Wigley (10 yr old) said that it was professional and found the critiques to be very helpful to everyone, not just the person being critiqued. Beamer really enjoyed the interaction with the other performers. This was seen often throughout the workshop, as artists were being critiqued the others were listening just as hard and using that information when it came their turn on stage.

There were many great artists at the workshop like Karoline Rhett, Michelle Willis, Jordyn Pepper plus many more. These were all amazing talents each lending something unique to the workshop. It was a pleasure listening to them all.

This workshop was designed to help educate the artist and parents about what could be done better with their performances and other happenings inside the industry. Everyone was very pleased with how well everything was run and the information that they had received. Stars2come and PCG is dedicated in helping the artist be the best he or she can be and give honest information so that they may make wise decisions in this unforgiving business.