Wynona McCullough

Wynona McCullough at stars2come

 Wynona McCullough, now here is one amazing person, she can do anything, sing, dance, and act, what ever, she can handle it. On the dance floor she can bust a move like no other. The energy and attitude she puts in when she dances is amazing, and watching her is so much fun, it`s like, wow!  Wynona has all the makings of an outstanding performer. Not only is she great at dancing her vocals are fantastic, she has a bit of a unique sound to her, and that makes a world of difference. Sometime in the near future she will have one of the best concerts you can see.

 Wynona is someone that catches on quickly with dance and works very hard at it. She started about two years ago with basic hip hop in Las Vegas, but for the past seventeen months she has been with Brooklyn Jai, and she has done nothing but soar learning more than she ever had before. When watching her you can see the enthusiasm and energy that she puts in, she is not giving 100%, she is giving 110%, and not holding nothing back. Wynona has taken some of her dancing to the public through recitals in Las Vegas and at Royce Hall with Dance Dimensions. She has not done a lot yet with her talent, but just wait, she is going to burst into the public eye and everyone is going to say, who is that! she is awesome, and it will be Wynona. She has everything working in her favor, her attitude and not to mention she is working with one of the best choreographers in the country, Brooklyn Jai. When asked what has the experience been like working with him, she said, “The experience is amazing! He`s fun and always upbeat. He breaks it down so that everyone can understand each move and takes whatever time is necessary until everyone knows the dance. I love working with him so much and I`m the dancer I am today because of him”.  She takes classes with him three times per week at Dance Dimensions Performing Arts Center in Woodland Hills, and she competes in his hip hop Competition Team.

Wynona McCullough at stars2come

 Wynona`s dancing is coming along very well, but so is her singing. When she gets all this put together, we might be looking at another Britney Spears.  She has been singing since she was very young, then when she turned ten she started taking vocal lessons in Las Vegas with Jessica Marciel, and recently with Mari Renee Sluce. Her talent just keeps growing, she has added in guitar, and it complements her voice very well. Her guitar lessons come from Christopher Sellers. Wynona has performed all over, she was part of the “10 Future Stars” in Las Vegas and they sang monthly at a venue on the Vegas Strip. She has also opened for fashion shows in Orange County, Woodland Hills, and Beverly Hills. One of the most recent things to happen for her was she finished shooting her first music video. This video she auditioned for a background singer, but was awarded the lead. She is very excited about this. Her inspiration comes from some great performers like Jessica Simpson, Pink, and Michael Jackson. Soon people will be getting their inspiration from Wynona.

 A performer is who, Wynona is, and she is bringing it all. She would love to headline her own concert one day, and her day is looking like it`s just around the corner. Perhaps she gets her drive and energy from her dad, who happens to be an Olympic Silver Medalist for Ireland, and a World Champion Boxer. It is possible that many have already seen Wynona, because when her dad was on camera, she usually was right there with him. Wynona is on the right track to become one of the greatest perfomers, and watch and see she will be on a TV or stage near you very soon, don`t miss it!