Zac Hart

Zac Hart at stars2come
Zac Hart ( Photo by : John Matthews )

Zac is one amazing eleven year old , he has such an amazing control of his voice  and power for someone so young , it is a pure delight to listen. Zac has a great presence on stage , after watching him live recently I can see he is a fabulous showman. The songs he sings are not all easy , some having a big range and he handles it very well , a mark of a true pro.

Zac has not been singing all that long.  He began about four years ago singing at church and has done very well for someone with no vocal training. He did go how ever for just a few to learn to breath correctly and he has a friend Andy Maiden that helps with some songs. He already knows several songs , but he is also in the process of writing his own songs and hopes to record them sometime  in the near future. Zac performs in many different places , for him the bigger the stage the better , as I said , he is a fabulous showman on stage , he is so happy there. He sings at local festivals and at NACMAI at the Country Tonite Theater in Pigeon Forge. Zac sings regularly at the Nashville Connection when he does not have a show booked of his own at a festival or other event. He also enjoys singing at the Nashville Palace in Nashville anytime he is in town.  When ever Zac is not on the road he does like to sing at their church every Sunday.


Zac Hart at stars2come
Zac Hart ( Photos by : John Matthews )

Zac does perform regular for Nashville Spotlight and he loves it , his dad says,  he loves all the attention from the girls. His first time on the show was in August , but he has been on other TV shows in Kentucky  and Tennessee.

 This year Zac was named The North American Country Music Associations International , new Country Male Vocalist of the Year and also the new Country Male Entertainer of the year. Zac`s goal is to be a professional country music performer , he loves to entertain any where he can and would love to do this for a living. From what I can see Zac should not have any problem full filling his goal. It is not just me who enjoys listening to him , people love him , I have seen it myself and you can hear it in his videos ,_he is an outstanding performer. These photos were taken at the Nashville Palace and you can see in them how well he lights up when he is  performing , he truly shines. Zac not on lights up when he is on stage , but he lights up your day when around him. I had the privilege to talk with him while in Nashville and he can put a smile on your face. He has a very kind nature to him , he is always cheerful and very polite.  What ever you may be talking about he always follows with a ( thank you! ).  I know with the kind nature he has and the professionalism he has on stage that he will be a big star someday. Zac says , he doesn`t hope to make it someday ,_ he truly believes he will! …..