Alexey Poblete “The Next Greatest Drummer Of All Time”

Alexey Poblete at stars2come




Alexey Poblete, is only nine years old and can already play the drums better than most of the great legions out there today. This is talent at it’s very best. She keeps time, and never misses a beat. When you watch her it is very obvious that she is nothing but, “happy”, all the way through anything she plays. There is not a band out there that wouldn’t love to have her for their drummer. Alexey, is the coolest! drummer out there.

For someone that has been playing just over two years, she is remarkable to say the least. Alexey says, that she likes beating the drums, and it is cool being a female drummer. The drums are the only instrument she cares about. Since she started playing drums, she has played on stage with some amazing people. She played on stage with Patti LaBelle, “Lady Marmalade”. She also played Djembe on a song with Stevie Wonder. These are two of her favorites because there were a lot of people there watching. She does play yearly with the Next Generation Drummer All Star Band at the Long Beach Jazz Festival.

There are many great drummers she looks up to for inspiration some of these include, Eric Singer, Neil Peart, Dominic Howard, and of coarse her drum teacher, David White just to name a few. She would love to get to play with MUSE, and Kiss with Eric Singer. When she plays kiss she comes complete with make up and all. She does play drums for a couple of bands, AC Generation, and her brother and dad’s band.

For Alexey, her dream is to be the best female drummer, and to become a professional drummer. Well I think she has this covered. There are many great drummers young and old, but for a nine year old to play like this, Alexey just climbed to the top. She is in a position to where she could play with any band out there right now. She is sensational, and you are now looking at “The Next Greatest Drummer Of All Time”, Alexey Poblete!