Garrett Duncan

Garrett Duncan at stars2come 

Introducing a fabulous guitarist, Garrett Duncan. This young man can play the frets off a guitar, he can play about anything he sets his mind to, with perfection. When Garrett is playing you can forget about the flat or missed notes, there will not be any, but what you do get is some great music.

 Garrett is twelve years old, he began playing at age seven. His brother played guitar, so Garrett would play along with him. Through his brother he learned to use tabs off the computer and this set him off on his own journey. He does take lessons from Dennis Horton in Hardy, Arkansas. Garrett says, that even though he takes lessons, that it is really more of  a jam session since he picks the songs he wants to learn and learns them on the spot, “he says”, he mostly plays by ear. He loves the guitar so much, because of the different sounds and styles that comes from the guitar.  In all his videos you will see him just playing instruments, but don`t let that fool you, Garrett does sing as well. He sings at church, on stage, and in the studio.


Garrett Duncan at stars2come

 Like many, Garrett started performing at school talent shows. His first performance was when he was in the first grade, he performed a Green Day song on drums, then later that summer he performed at a talent show at their local fair. Then in second grade he performed another Green Day song at the same talent show, after this he started opening for local bands playing mainly guitar. When he was seven he won a first place ribbon for playing drums.  He has come along way since then, opening for the Kentucky Headhunters in Missouri, and he played a long with the Downhomestring Band in Hardy. He said, one performance how ever a dog barked all the way through “Here Comes The Sun”.  As talented as he is, he is not a part of a band, but he does think of himself as a one man band since he can play so many instruments, Drums, Bass, Keyboards, Guitar, and Mandolin plus many more. Garrett didn`t start with any of these instruments, he began playing the harmonica, he was five years old playing the harmonica parts to two Beatles songs.  Garrett is a major Beatles, fan he has about every album they made, and loves playing their music.

 What Garrett wants out of music is to be the best that he can be, and to learn as much about music as possible.  He said, that even though he plays many different instruments and loves it, he likes to dance as well. One thing about him, with the talent that he has,  there will soon be many doors opening for him very soon. He is certainly one to keep your eye on.