keolif at stars2come  Stars2come now introducing musicians and I am honored to have for the first time Keolif from Bangkok, Thailand. He is a wonderful musician and at ten years he is already composing his own music. The piece above is one that he composed ” Here In My Heart ” . I feel he did an excellent job with it , his  playing is very smooth and no missed notes , very nice melody.

 Keolif  started playing piano in February 2007 . He began with piano Yamaha Curriculum Grade 1 and after making it to grade 7 he decided to quit because he dosen`t like classical music. He prefers to play the style of music that  he likes. For not playing much more than three years , he is doing an amazing  job. He is also learning the violin but,  his favorite is the piano. In August 2007 he began to compose his own music starting with short songs. He does have several completed songs ( all copyrighted  ) , a. Carnical , b. The Place Gang , c. Here in My Heart , d. December , e. Sorrow , f. Help Me Out , g. Down in the Valley , h. There’s A Place , i.  Mai Pen Rai ( That`s Alright ) , j. Hiking Song . This is truly amazing at his age having completed so many songs and they are very  good. He says , that he gets his ideas from everything around him movies , songs , books and sounds. This  shows me , he has a very open mind when it to composing and it could lead to some brilliant works of music. The people who looks at things around them tend to become the most successful in music and I believe that Keolif is well on his way . The music that he has already created is excellent.

keolif at stars2come

 Keolif is doing very well at making himself known around Thailand performing where ever he can, at various malls , Funarium and AUA Auditorium. His musical talent has been recognized and has earned him many awards. Some of his awards are Yamaha Silver award for Classical Piano Solo, 2008 category U-8 , Yamaha Bronze award for Classical piano solo, 2009 category U-11 , Junior Mag Talent Search, 1st prize , Winner of Poster Contest for 6th Bangkok World Film Festival (for both jury decision and Popular Vote) , won Smart Kids by True Vision to appear on TV Channel True Vision and  Graduated Piano Classical Exam Grade-8 with Distinguished 1 honor , these are some great honors to be awarded and Keolif deserves everyone. His mind doesn`t just stop at music he has a very good head on his shoulders , this year he came in third place at Thailand National Open Crossword Puzzle 2010.

 Keolif is certainly doing very well with his music practicing at least an hour per day. He says , his mother wants him to be a composer , while his dad would like for him to sing , what ever Keolif decides I am sure he will become one of the great ones. However he  does get out and have fun like any other ten year old riding ATV`s , go-carts , play games , watch cartoons and movies. What ever Keolif does , he always has fun and that is a great thing , so many people forget about that part of life. The smiles he always has will brighten anyone’s  day,  I know it does mine.  Keolif is a great person always friendly and kind.  It has certainly been a pleasure talking with him to learn about his life and from what I can see , he will have a bright and happy future. It is truly amazing the amount of young talent these days , the youth today can do so much….