Lucy Gowen


 Lucy Gowen at stars2come

Lucy is an amazingly talented guitarist and at only eight years old; she is starting to make a big name for herself all around the South London area, and it is only a matter of time before her name is known world wide. She works very hard to be the best she can be, and all of her hard work is paying off very well. Although she plays guitar that is not where she started off. At five years old started playing the violin, but found it impossible to get nice sounds out of it. Her dad plays violin and guitar, so he asked her if she would like to try the guitar. She decided she would give it a try so Lucy got a half size nylon string classic guitar, and found it was so much easier than the violin.

Lucy’s dad Mark began teaching her the guitar and after a few months she began taking lessons from Mark Driscoll in Bromley, Kent. After Lucy had been taking guitar lessons for about 12 months and moved on to playing a half-size electric guitar she got to make her first public appearance in one of the shows that Mark set up for his students. She just had one song in this show, she played Guns n Roses version of Knockin on Heaven’s Door, this was in 2011.

Lucy is also now part of the band, The Riff Pygmies. This band is made up from her teachers students. She said most of them had been playing regular gigs together in South London and then in the summer of 2012 they started playing together as The Riff Pygmies. All of  them had seen videos of internet superstars like The Mini Band, and they wanted to see if they could do the same. She said they had been really lucky to have some of Mark’s older students play with them in some shows, but at the moment everyone is under eleven years old but one.

Since The Riff Pygmies have taken off, they have had some really great shows. Lucy said one of her most enjoyable shows so far was played at The Albany in Bexley, Kent last summer. They played lots of classic rock numbers, and the audience was amazing.

Lucy may well be a great rocker, but she still plays classic guitar in an ensemble, through Lewisham Music Service in South London. They had the opportunity to play at the O2 in London, and at the Jack Petchey Gateway to Music Festival. She said it was a much larger group performance than she had done with The Riff Pygmies, but it was amazing to play at such an awesome venue.

She really loves the guitar because it is cool and a fun instrument to play. She loves how you can make the guitar sound really different with different pedals and effects. She also loves the reaction from audiences and hearing them applaud and cheer. This past October her guitar playing earned her second place at the Brookhill Talent Show. As  result, the winner and Lucy have been asked to play at the inauguration of the new Mayor of Greenwich, London at the Painted Hall, on 22nd of May this year.

For Lucy she likes to play classic rock, heavy blues and modern rock as well. She likes anything from ACDC, Free, Jimi Hendrix, Green Day and Nickelback. Her favorite guitarist to cover is Paul Kossoff and Slash.

Lucy said she would like people to know she is a young guitarist and she feels really lucky to get a chance to learn and play with all the really good musicians that she has been playing with. She would like for anyone who likes her music to let her know about it on her Facebook page. 

She is doing really well playing guitar, but she also likes doing other things as well, like she is really into Minecraft, but she likes to draw, make things, ride bikes and roller blade. She is also a Cub Scout and loves going on trips and camps with her pack.

Lucy is just an all around great girl out having fun playing guitar and entertaining many people. She may feel that the Mini Band are superstars of the internet, but Lucy is climbing that stardom ladder herself very fast and will not be long when people will be saying they want to be just like Lucy Gowen. If Lucy can play this well at age eight, she will be unbeatable by age thirteen. There is one thing for sure, London has a great new superstar on the rise.