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Zoe Thomson




Zoe Thomson is one of UK’s best rock guitarist, this young lady has been amazing people with her playing since she was six years old. Now she is ten and she is setting the standard for all of the young guitarist coming up today. Zoe has inspired many people around the world to pick up the guitar and play. In these short four years she has become a legend on the internet and all around the UK.

Zoe picked up her first guitar at around five years old. Her mom played guitar and had them laying all around the house so it was only natural for Zoe to give it a try, and the music in her soul came through her tiny fingers and she took off playing as if she already knew the notes. By the age of six her little fingers were moving up and down the neck of the guitar just like an old pro playing some fairly complicated songs, at least for someone that young.  When watching her earlier videos it does not even seem she has to put any effort in her playing, it is already there in her fingers. Her mom had started out showing her a few things, then when she turned six she began lessons and now when ever people run across her, they are like, who is that little girl “she’s” amazing and that little girl is Zoe Thomson.

Zoe made her first public appearance when she was six years old playing with a local kids band. She just played one song with them. They played at a local playing field in a lorry trailer during a fun run at the park. She said it was a lovely hot day, and was not nervous at all. She couldn’t wait to get on stage.

In the summer of 2011 Zoe became a member of The Mini Band, they had all met at a local rock school. The band is made up of five boys and Zoe, she is lead guitarist.  Some of her favorite performances has been with the band. Her absolute favorite was at the Blissfields Festival last year. They played on the main stage with a very large crowd watching. The number of people at the festival was the most they had for years. She said it had a very friendly atmosphere, and the stage was really big and like a bouncy castle around the edges. Another favorite of her’s was with The Mini Band at Weyfest in the UK. This was another family friendly festival and the festival t-shirts had their band’s name on the back of them. She said that was so cool!

Zoe really loves playing the guitar and it is as if it is an extension of her body. It makes her really happy when she can play a song just like the original version. Playing the guitar for her is just fun.  She also loves being part of the band as well. She says it is much more fun playing with other musicians. She loves to play rock more than anything else, however she does play a little pop sometimes. Her favorite bands are Metallica and Foo Fighters. She loves to cover guitarist, Orianthi. She also likes Kirk Hammett, Slash, and John Mayer. She says they are awesome guitarists and hopes to play like them one day. She is certainly well on her way to playing like these great musicians.

Zoe has done very well in competitions as well. Her first award that she won was in a worldwide online music competition, she came in first and won $100.00. This was when she was about six years old. More recently The Mini Band got to the grand final of the Live And Unsigned competition in the UK. There were around 10,000 entrants. They got to play at Proud2 at the O2 Arena in London. They didn’t win, but she said it was awesome.

Zoe is only ten years old and has already inspired many people. Her guitar playing has earned her the endorsements of Daisy Rock Guitars, and Wampler Pedals. She wants to continue playing the guitar and keep getting better at it so that one day she can be the huge rock star she dreams of being. The guitar is not the only instrument she plays; she has also started learning the drums. She has just started working on grade 2. Her brother is at grade 5 and she would love to catch up to him. If there is anyone to catch him it will be Zoe. However she does like to do other things when she is not playing music. She likes hanging out with her friends, and she plays Minecrafton on X-Box with her brother. She also attends gymnastics and cub scouts.

Zoe as well as The Mini Band has become internet sensations. Zoe continues amazing everyone that sees her. As talented as she is, she will be as great as any guitarist today. Zoe is one of those people who just stands out from the rest and the world is taking notice. One day you might just see her playing on stage right along side Slash, and he will be there just scratching his head in amazement. Zoe Thomson ROCKS!

Please enjoy some of these videos from when she was six till now.