Country Pop Rock Tour

country pop rock tour at stars2come

 Country Pop Rock Tour is made up of some amazing talent, they are taking on eight cities in eleven days. This wonderful group of young artists are putting their talents together in a big way to help stomp out bullying. The group is made up of, Dalton Cyr, Tristan Blaine, Riley Roth, Branden Mendoza and his band, Tyler Layne, and Celeste Kellogg. They each have a special talent that they bring to this concert and their performances are phenomenal.

 After taking in one of their concerts in Pineville Ky. the best description to give for it is WOW! This was exciting from beginning to end and the crowd was just as amazing. At the Red Carpet event they were all greeted by a swarm of kids waiting to see them and get their photos with them. When they hit the red carpet everyone on this tour presented themselves with great professionalism and character.  The girls were as beautiful as ever, the boys were very cool, and the girls in the crowd couldn’t get enough of the boys on the red carpet and during the show. Once the red carpet event was over there was a short time between it and the concert and the excitement in the crowd was growing during this down time. Soon the announcement came that Branden was on his way to the stage, the roar from the kids drowned out everything, it was deafening! This roar was the same for every performer to come out, and all throughout the show.

The performers and the crowd was full of energy making for a very fun filled night. Branden and his band was the first to perform, and they rocked the house throughout their performance. The kids loved it when he threw out tee shirts. Dalton was next on stage and the fog machine made for a great atmosphere and added excitement on his entrance. He came out blazing with guitar in hand and the kids in the audience went wild, at times they were so load you could not hear the music or the singing. During his performance he showed off some great guitar skills, and in one of his performances he brought a girl up from the audience and sang to her. This was a great thing for Dalton to do, he truly made one girl very happy.  Riley was up next performing a combination of covers and originals, and she delivered them all with great precision as always from Riley. She is a true star and she proved it at the show. Tristan came out and showed what he was truly made of. He not only cut loose with some great vocals, but some awesome dance moves as well. The girls loved this, every dance move he made, the loader they got. Tyler was just as exciting, he and his background dancers put on an amazing show with Tyler throwing in a few moves himself. Up last was Celeste, she put on an exciting show as well, she worked the stage from one end to the other with several great songs. She also came complete with dancers, and Celeste showed off her dancing skills right along with them. After the show there were kids crowding all around them to get their autographs, more photos CD’s and tee shirts it seemed they could not get enough of these great performers. Once things started to calm down some of these great artists gave their opinion of the show and about bullying.

This whole group was outstanding! They all came with great energy and there was not one inch of the stage untouched by the performers. This is a must see show, it is highly recommended to go see, no matter what your age you will love it. Not only did the performers do a great job, but the tour itself was organized very well and made for an awesome production. Their remaining shows are: 8/13/12 in Somerville, Tn. at 9:30 AM at the Central Elementary school, also 5:30 PM the Red Carpet event and show at the Fair Theater, 8/14/12 also in Somerville, 9:30 Am at East Junior High School, 8/15/12 Grenada, Ms. 9:00 Am at Grenada Middle School, and 1:30 PM at Grenada Upper Middle School, 8/16/12 Winona, Ms. 9:00 AM at Winona Christian School, 8/17/12 also in Winona 9:30 Am at Winona Elementary and 5:30 PM Red Carpet event and show at Montgomery County Coliseum, 8/18/12 Hattisburg, Ms 6:00 PM at Bottling Company, and 8/19/12 Slidell, LA. 6:00 PM at Speckled T’s.  If you are anywhere near these places go, it is entertainment at it’s best. Please check out the red carpet event, after event clips and some of the performances.