Jennifer Smart “Show Your Character”

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Jennifer is a beautiful girl that has built herself to be a major celebrity. She is widely known throughout the entertainment industry for her radio interviews. She has been on radio since she was six years old, and she found her way onto the Red Carpet by the age of eight. She said the Red Carpet gave something extra that their listeners could enjoy. Jennifer has had the pleasure of interviewing some of the biggest stars out there like, Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez which she spoke to prior to their shows airing. Other big names include Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, and Robin Williams. Jennifer has her own format which plays online and on a few radio stations around the country, you can hear it all at The radio plays age appropriate music, like the clean versions of the top 40 hits, and Disney and Nickelodeon TV hits  She also has her own music video countdown show and you can find out more about it at

Jennifer is a wonderful radio personality, but she not being selfish with her good fortune, she is a person who likes to give back. She founded the Jennifer Smart Foundation’s Find Your Voice Program. This is a program which helps increase communication skills and self-esteem in sick, healthy and disadvantaged kids by letting them put together their own radio show. She is working now to expand to LA to make it bigger and better.  She has put together a fundraiser called, “Show Your Character” this is her first major fundraising event in LA. She hopes to also bring awareness to the Find Your Voice Program. Jennifer chose to put together this fundraiser instead of a Sweet Sixteen. It is great having people like Jennifer putting others first. With it being so close to Halloween she decided to make this a costume party where you dress up as your favorite character from a TV show, book or movie. Jennifer will be going as Dorothy from the Wizard of OZ. This event will be held October 27th from 1-5 pm in Van Nuys. They are expecting a lot of celebrities. The host for the event will be Ryan Ochoa from Pair of Kings, he will also be performing with his brothers, the Ochoa Boyz. You will also find Tim Urban from American Idol there as well. Jennifer says this is going to be a real fun event. Jennifer is out to encourage kids that you are  never too young to make a difference. By going to the event you will have a great time and help a good cause at the same time. She wants to show that charity work is not hard or boring, it can be fun and anyone can help out. This is open to anyone as long as you buy your ticket online, there will not be any sold at the door. To purchase your ticket to help this great cause and have some fun go to,

Find Your Voice was first tested in Albuquerque, but the LA center is going to be bigger and better, with a video element for the kids that want to be in front of the camera. In the future she would love to expand it to other parts of the country.  Jennifer is doing so much to help other kids, she feels it is really important to give back. Her motto is, “You’re never too young, or old, to make a difference”! Jennifer is a person that makes a great role model, she has shown if you have an idea and it is something you enjoy, you too can be successful, and can help others too.