Teen Nation Tour 2013

Teen Nation Tour 2013

Teen Nation Tour 2013  is going to be an outstanding tour with seven great artists. This tour is slated to be even bigger and better than the Country, Pop, Rock Tour, and it was amazing! Teen Nation Tour will make its first stop on 04/19/2013 in Milford Delaware featuring, Drew Logan, Karoline Rhett, Beamer Wigley, Maria Diebolt, and Matthew Pinkham, with two great headliners, Riley Roth and Tristan Blaine. Riley and Tristan got their feet wet with the CPR Tour, and were a smash in every town.

The Teen Nation Tour like the CPR Tour is made up of a group of kids that are out to help bring an end to bullying, and to let others know that they are “NOT” alone. TNT will stop at many schools, along with several red carpet events to bring hope and encouragement at every stop.  All seven of these great artists has been a victim of bullying and as hurtful as that is they have all gained the strength and courage to over come the hate.  They have all discovered that it is ok to be “YOU” and that is who you should always be. Everyone is special in his or her own way; for some it may be dancing, music, or even collecting leaves, or just a small person; no one should try to change who you are, and you do not have to face these challenges alone. For these artists they have found a great outlet to help themselves deal with bullying and that is music.

Teen Nation Tour 2013 at stars2comeOn this tour you can expect some great pop and country music. The concerts on this tour is very high energy and will keep the crowd roaring all the way through. They are currently booked for 24 schools and red carpet events. At each stop they will perform at schools in the morning hours, with the red carpet events in the evenings. At each school they will perform and talk about bullying, and it is encouraged that the students share their experiences with the artists. At the red carpet events the kids can get their photos taken with the stars on the red carpet. Once the concert starts the kids will be highly entertained from beginning to end, and so will the adults. The shows these artists put on are some of the best you will ever attend anywhere. After the show there will autograph signing, and more photos with the artists.  Speaking from personal experience, these concerts are a blast.

There are five new faces to these tours and they are all very excited to be heading out very soon and a few wanted to share their views about the up coming tour and their experiences with bullying. One thing they are looking forward to the most is being able to meet and hang out with other kids who loves music. These three artists Matthew, Beamer, and Karoline were all asked the same questions, what the tour means to you and how you feel about it; and what experience have you had with bullying. They will tell you in their own words.

Matthew Pinkham:  . I’m PUMPED to be going on this tour! I wish I was home-schooled so I could do it more often! There are two things that I am most excited about by doing this tour… first of all, getting to build a bigger fan base and show 23 schools full of other kids who I am and that whether you have an illness as I did or if you are the shortest kid your age, LIFE goes on and you have to make the best of it! I am also so pumped because I get to spend 3 weeks with kids on the tour that understand and “get” music. I don’t really have any friends that do anything like this so to spend so much time together, sharing the stage and sharing our talent is going to be AWESOME!

Yes, I have been bullied! I get picked on all of the time because I am so small. When I say small, I am meaning that I am only in the 1.7% in the NATION when it comes to height. I’ll do the math for you… That means that 98.3 people out of 100 are taller than me my age. Out of 1,000 kids my age, there are 983 that are taller than me. I love sports and I am BY FAR always THE shortest player on the court at all times. I have gobs of friends but I guess it’s always funny to pick on the small kid!?! Believe it or not, I also get made fun of because I play music, and my skinny jeans! But hey, I’m totally comfortable with who I am and what I do! I want to tell kids…both the bullies and the bullied that first of all, NEVER judge a book by its cover and you can’t judge someone until you walk in their shoes (which is probably NEVER going to happen)! I have chosen Taylor Swift’s MEAN to perform because it’s like an anthem to me. I live this “Hannah Montana” life where I am just Matthew at school and on the weekends, I get to perform…and they can pick at me all they want but usually the kids picking at me have some kind of security issues and hopefully like Taylor Swift, “SOME DAY I’LL BE…LIVING IN A BIG OL CITY…AND ALL YOU ARE EVER GONNA BE IS MEAN”… Yea…

Beamer Wigley: On this tour, I’m really looking forward to interacting with the other musicians and making people smile!

Yes, I have been bullied. It’s one of the reasons I am home schooled now. I even wrote some songs about it and one is called My Calvary which got a lot of attention here locally in the newspaper. I’ve recorded it several times. What I have to say about bullying is it is really often the bullies who probably were bullied themselves and they should think about how they felt and how they are making others feel. Then maybe they would stop. It hurts so many kids and I would like to see it stop. Hopefully this tour will help kids who are being bullied and make the bullies think about what they are doing. But I am very excited to do this tour. It will be a great experience and a lot of fun.

Karoline Rhett: I am looking forward to going out everyday and doing what I love most and that is to sing and perform. I am really excited about touring with Tristan, Riley, Maria, Beamer, Drew and Matthew.  I couldn’t ask for a better group of artist to tour with.  This tour is gonna ROCK!

I really love the message behind this tour and that is to STOP bullying.  I have been bullied myself and know how it feels.  I am very passionate about this subject and am honored to be able to go out and spread the word.

This was only three of the artists going on this tour, but they have all experienced bullying and unfortunately many continue to be. Bullying needs to come to an end, and these seven artists are doing their part to help stop it.  Never be afraid to ask for help, and you can always reach out to any of these artists, they will be there for you. These shows will run from 04/19/2013 to 05/03/2013 stopping in Delaware, Maryland and South Carolina. If you live anywhere close to these stops be sure and take your kids out to see them, enjoy one of the best concerts ever and help bring an end to bullying.

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