Sam Verlinden


     Sam is a fabulous young artist . Sam lives in New Zealand , and I believe he has stolen the hearts of all who live there, and will steal yours as well. At four years old he got invited to a studio, after a local radio station came in to his preschool to do some interviews for their show. There he got to do some recordings ,_ half of the songs recorded was of Micheal Jackson`s hits. Micheal is one of his influences. From there he has performed in many events and contests, sixty two , to date. That is incredible for someone who is now, just twelve years old. At the top is one of the contests he was in singing ” Who`s Lovin You ” In the 5 Minutes of Fame finals. In 2005 he joined the Auckland Children’s Musical Theater group. Sam and some friends from the group formed a band called Kidz Rock doing pop , rock , contemporary and 70`s music. 

   Sam also performs with the school band R.E.P. which he did at the battle of the bands. ( above ). Which they do an awesome job of performing ” Pinball Wizard ” . The thing with Sam is, where ever he performs people go crazy. You can see it in his videos, everyone really gets into his music. I enjoy watching him on stage. He works the stage like he`s been doing it thirty years instead of twelve. He`s at home up there and ” he`s ”   having a blast every minute he is there. This shows me that , Sam`s not becoming a star ( he is a star ) ! Sam and his friend Hannah sometimes performs together and they compliment each other nicely , it is a joy listening to them. They make a very good duo , I hope to hear more of them together in the future.  Sam truly is one of top of the boy singers. He should be proud of all that he has accomplished thus far. I am sure he will continue to be a star of N.Z. and around the world.  Please stop by his channel and web site and give him your support plus I will leave a link to where you can get even more info. on Sam. Thanks

Mikeboymaster : New Original

     Mike`s new song ” Generations ” is another tribute to his talent as a writer and composer.  He always has a good message to tell , and you can tell, he cares about people and the world. He talks about giving a helping hand.  I believe Mike  ” is ” giving a helping hand in his music , reaching out to people with his songs. Getting people to think about others not_ only of their selves.   It takes a great deal of thought and a good heart to put together a song, not only with feeling but meaning. Mike really showed what a good heart can bring to a song on this one.  This song_ will make you stop and think about people around you and around the world. There are many around the world that needs a helping hand. Mike you are ( SPOT ON ).



   Theodora lives in Romania ,she is truly a cutie and a sweet girl. At age twelve and in the sixth grade , she is doing quite well with her music. Her first show was in Bulgaria , 2007 , where she sang two songs at a restaurant.  In the summer of 2009 she appeared and sang at a local TV station, which you can see at top. “She says “she likes to sing ballads , pop and rock music. Theodora says she has learned over thirty songs and has done 4 covers with a fifth on the way . Below is a montage of some of her covers. 

  I think Theodora does a good job on her songs and once her voice can get the higher notes she will be awesome. I believe she has a good chance of being successful because she has determination and drive, these are key things in being successful. When you watch some of her videos you will see that she is very imaginative about making some of them and she does like to move around and dance this all will help her get to the top.   Some of her favorite singers and influences are Celine Dion, Sarah Brightman, Lady Gaga and Robbie Williams. 

    How ever she has other hobbies that she enjoys as well as music:  swimming ,traveling , skiing and playing on the computer. And a bit of a Tom boy growing up under her brother`s influence she likes, planes , trains, dinosaurs, dragons and cars . She also likes biology because she likes to learn about animals , plants and the human body. It seems she is becoming a well rounded young lady . I believe she really enjoys singing and has alot of fun doing it after all that is the most important thing . Below is more of her songs . Everyone please visit her web site and give her your support I know she will appreciate it…

New Zealand`s : Courtney Janssen


    Courtney is a real sweet young woman and very talented too. She is fourteen and lives in Auckland New Zealand. She started singing on stage at nine years old. Her goal is to write her own songs and become a successful pop and rock recording artist. ( It looks as if she is well on her way of achieving that goal ). She also plays piano and guitar.  This young lady has been performing all over the place. She has been on the Good Morning Show 2008 and at the NBL finals she sang the National Anthem on TV 3 in 2008.  She has also hosted the Erin Simpson show , one of her career highlights has been performing on Stars in their Eyes ( she done a fantastic job ) . The video above is her performance on the show. Courtney has certainly accomplished alot.

     Above is a song she wrote ( Rely on Me ) for the Family First Conference ,_ her dad is playing the guitar.  Courtney and her band Tetra also performed the song at a fundraiser for ” Samoa with Love ” ( I really love how so many young people like Courtney does charity ).  She has another song ” East and West ” that she hopes to record soon.  She recently performed at White Ribbon,_ which is a group against violence to families.

    She says, that one of her big influences is Kelly Clarkson because of her great lyrics and down to earth personality. She also likes Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift and the Jonas Bro.

   Courtney brings alot of energy to the stage as you can see in her videos and great stage presence all of which is a must for a rocker. She works the stage very well and the audience really enjoys her performance . I believe this combined with her great talent she just might achieve her dream as a rock star, she is certainly on her way. She also has an up coming concert on Feb. 21 . Courtney done an audition to perform at ( Pasifica ) she was awarded the performance which will be at the Western Springs in Auckland and is on TV all happening March 13 . She is entered in a video contest with sound check please stop by and vote .  Give Courtney your support and enjoy her great videos . Below is one of her performances at the White Ribbon Event .

The Amazing : Jordan Jansen


   Jordan is an amazing person. I have had the pleasure of listening and talking with Jordan for quite sometime now , he has a great personality and his music keeps getting better and better.

   Jordan lives in Queensland Australia and is eleven years old ( 12 _on March 12 ) and for someone who has only been singing for about four years he has made quite an impression on the people of Australia and many others around the world including myself. Since he has been singing ,he has been in many contests ,one in 2006 the Junior Springfest Pines Idol and won it ,he was in the Australia`s Got Talent but, unfortunately he didn`t make it.  He has been asked to do Australia`s national anthem many different times, ( this is a great honor no matter what country you live in) at the Moncrieff Community awards , International Volunteers Day Awards and the closing ceremonies of the Clubs NSW 2008 annual conference . Only a hand full of people at Jordan`s age gets to have their own show _ he performs live at Club Banora , his debut show was in 2007 and still going . He has done a little bit of everything , tv , musicals , plays and has done or been involved with several charity events,_ one of which was the CD ,Faith for Cystic Fibrosis ,he was the youngest artist chosen. This in it self tells what kind of person he is. Taking time out  of his busy schedule for charity, to put someone else before “himself “, I must take my hat off to him for that. Below is him singing at the Galaxy of Stars performance for charity.

    Jordan does a great job on all his songs but, he has a special talent when it comes to original songs . Jordan as a great ability it get the emotion into a song.  The video at the top is one of his originals ( I Wish ). I chose this one because it is one of my favorites of Jordan`s . It is so well written and his performance on the song is outstanding , it has so much feeling and tells a wonderful story that any one can relate to. He had wrote this song as a Mothers Day surprise but , prior to that he lost some love ones _and I think that, found its way into the song. I know from personal experience . I lost someone a while back and this song really hits home. I know it will for anyone who listens to the words. I believe the innocence in Jordan`s voice  helps to make this song so touching.        Below I have the video of him doing (Fire and Rain ) by James Taylor it has always been a great song and Jordan really done it justice, I believe James would be honored.

     Jordan has something magical about him, its in his music and personality. People are drawn to him. Everyone knows Jordan, I travel all over YouTube and people everywhere knows him. They all love his music and him as a person. I think a lot of his popularity comes from the time he spends talking with his fans and friends. ( This is something a  lot people does not do ).  He communicates through his sites and twitter. (I think twitter is going to need a channel just for him….lol..)….he cares about his fans. I have know dought this plays a big part. I have seen numerous times, Jordan put up a new video and it gets slammed right away.    Jordan is  always working to improve himself with dance and voice lessons and even learning the guitar and doing a good job,_ I might add. All these things is what will make his dreams come true. I know one of his dreams is to be on Disney. Jordan would be a great addition to the Disney family. I am sure he would make his way up to perform along side some of the best Disney has.

    Jordan has done so much in a short time , but he has done it with a lot of hard work and commitment . He is always kind to people and unselfish . This should be an inspiration to all. I know he has been a big inspiration for me ,probably more than he will ever know. I have learned a lot talking with Jordan over the past couple years, reading his posts and listening to his music . He is truly an outstanding person. He says, he is going to be working on some more original songs soon and he can`t wait. ( neither can I ) .  Jordan is also in a video contest at sound check ,please take a minute and vote  .  It`s been an honor for me to do this article on Jordan . Please when ever visiting Jordan please be sure to say hi. Below I will leave you with one last video from Club Banora singing ” I`ve Got The Music in Me ” ( he sure does ).  To listen to more of Jordan  just click Jordan`s name.

Emily Harder

[stream provider=youtube flv=http%3A// embed=false share=false width=400 height=224 dock=true controlbar=over bandwidth=med autostart=false /]

   Emily Harder , what a great voice this young woman has. Emily is fifteen years old and lives in Canada. Her favorite thing to do is sing. She says she started singing about the same time she started to talk. Boy has that paid off . She can sing anything pop , country. Her videos has over two million hits combined . You just don`t find people like Emily everyday ,that can achieve that large of a fan base. It takes great talent to get this size of a fan base. Emily for sure has it.

    She said ,she had her first show when she was ten years old. In 2009 she won the Seth Riggs Summer Vocal Program contest , and the 2009 Valley Voices contest. I have no dought that she will win many more . I believe soon she will win the great prize of a big record label , and be singing along side some of her favorite stars Demi Lavato , Miley Cyrus or Taylor Swift . She certainly has the voice and the stage presnce in front of the camera. I read on her channel that she was shy_ it sure don`t show. Emily looks quite at home in front of a mike and camera , as you can see below.


     Not only is Emily a talented singer but a song writer as well . She started writing her own songs about thirteen years old. The song above is one of her originals  ” Tomorrow ” it is a very nice song well written and performed . The video had great imagination very enjoyable to watch ( I believe she would do a great job of acting too ). There is a good message in the song , that if I am having a bad day that “everything will change tomorrow”. There is alot of truth in that.  The songs she writes and sings has alot of passion and adds attatude which really brings out the star quality in her.

     I read that on the way back from the vocal camp she made a stop, and while there ended up in a contest and won it . It said that she had always wanted a giant check _well it came true . Below is the video of her singing the climb . This is the song that won her the giant check, and well deserved.

     She was in a video contest on Endoora , she won that as well winning a ten day trip to Bel  Air and study with some of the worlds top vocal coaches.  You can get her original songs on itunes please visit and down load your favorite.  Emily not only is a great singer but a real nice person as well. Visit her, at her channel and listen to her many great videos and remmber to say hi while your there .

Mikeboymaster: an awesome vocalist

   Mike has an awesome voice ,when he sings, you can`t   help but, connect with him. Mike has this nice soft soothing sound ,that just pulls you right into the songs he sings. Not only ,do I enjoy listening to Mike , he is a really cool guy as well.

     Mike is twelve years old and lives in Germany. He started singing about two years ago and has made great progress in just a short time. Mike takes piano and voice lessons once per week, plus he has already writen and composed 21 songs of his own ( this was very impressive to me ). He writes songs about his life. When you listen to them ,pay attention to the words _ he tells a good story. He wrote one song called, ” All That For You ” _ a very nice song. Mike entered the Supertalent in Germany with that song but ,unfortunately he didn`t make it to the semi- final but, ” he said ” that the audience gave him a standing ovation but, one judge ” sadly” didn`t let him through. I learned from this that Mike has real determination and drive, because he didn`t quit like most would have . I don`t believe he will have any problem full filling his dream.

     Mike enjoys other things apart from his singing. His other hobbies are cycling, football and skiing ( which he was gone on a skiing trip when I started writing this ) then comes his favorite hobby _” music of coarse he says” . There is no denying ,that music is his favorite, it shows he is having fun and enjoying it with each and every song he sings. They keep getting better and better. I know I sure enjoy listening regular to Mike and speaking with him. I have had the privilege to get to know Mike some and he has a great personality and an all around nice guy. I look forward to hearing from him as much as I enjoy hearing him sing. He goes to a Realschule school in Germany and is in grade 7 .   His sister is starting to sing as well ” he says_ he is her idol” . He has great support from his family, his dad helps him record the videos and both his dad and mom help with everything he does. Support means alot to people like Mike_ that are tring to reach their dream. It helps to keep the imagination going to produce such wonderful songs the way he does. He most certainly has my support and I hope that everyone who listens to him, will as well . He has a new song that he has just recorded called ” Coming Home ” , this song is one he wrote and composed himself . It is an awesome song. Hope you will take time and listen at the top and ” Here In My Heart ” at bottom of artical. The visit Mike`s web site , be sure to sign his guest book………….


Kropp Circle

  Kropp Circle is made up of three brothers ,  Sebastian-17, Remington-15 and Emerson-13. They discovered their passion for music at an early age and since dedicated themselves to writing meaningful songs about life. These guys do a great job writing their own music , if you listen to the words they do say alot. Sebastian says , the words, music and the way it is arranged are important to us, and people matter , words count and the music breathes on.
      Kropp Circle`s popularity is growing fast. They entered Radio Disney`s contest NBT ( next big thing ). This has given them a big boost in fan base around the world. Although they did not win, the UK has embraced the band and is one of the top five finalist in both rock and pop categories of the Poeple`s Music Awards. The track – Who We Really Are – is featured in the competition and has appealed to a wide range of music lovers.
     Remington is the lead vocal and plays piano. He  has a unique voice that can capture you before you know it.  He presents a song with such heart and feeling_ that you can not escape , and want more.  They are now taking care of that. They have started work on their debut cd, I have no dought it will sell fast. I am impressed with these guys , I believe they are going to go a long way. I put one of my favorites of theirs here , I hope you enjoy it.



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