Maddie Grace

 maddie grace at stars2come                                                   Maddie is truely a magnificent vocalist . When I first listened to her ,I knew there was something special. Her voice was made for country music. Not suprising  _ being born in Chattanooga ,Tennesse home of some of the best country singers around. Although she has a great country voice , she has no problem with pop, once you listen to her videos you will see.

     She tells me that she began singing around three or four years of age, singing kareoke tunes for family and friends. when she was about five years old she would sing at the beauty salon for other customers , while waiting on her mother. Sometimes she would make as much as ten dollars singing for them and she has not stopped singing since. She has been taking vocal lessons for about two years and has two instructors one in Nashville , which she goes once a month and one in her hometown that she goes to once per week. One of her instructors suggested that she learn to play an instrument , piano or guitar. So she decided on the guitar ( I am sure she will do well ).

Maddie is also a fourth year member of the Chattanooga girls choir and a member of her schools chorus, has performed in the production of , La Boheme , with the Chattanooga Symphony and Opra in 2009, and would love to perform on broadway someday ( with Maddie`s talent I believe she will ). Musical talent runs in Maddie`s family , her great grandmother sang and played the guitar, her dad also plays the guitar and sometimes accompanies her playing and singing. As if all this wasn`t enough to keep her busy she also plays softball ( if she plays like she sings I feel sorry for the other team ).

maddie grace at stars2come   Maddie`s singing is remarkable , she has passion , emotion and attitude all of this comes right out of her videos and grabs you. You can`t help but feel what she is singing, it brings a smile to her face and warms your heart. This young lady should be extremely proud of herself for what she has accomplished , it is truly remarkable. I know for myself once I heard her , I haven`t stopped listening. I have listened everyday_ and her singing Hallelujah_ is beautiful , I can`t even count how many times I have listened to it. I hope everyone takes time to listen ,you will not want to stop. Please take time to visit her fan site:

Madison Pettis

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The Game PLan

This little lady is a wonderful actress she can do so much. She can have you laughing one minute and crying the next. She is only 11 years old and has done so much in a short time. She has appeared in four tv shows and stared in one series on the Disney Channel _Cory in the House playing Sophie the president`s daughter. Madison was a regular on Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader for one season.  This young lady has seven movies under her belt as well. A couple of my favorites was Mostly Ghostly and The Game Plan. In Mostly Ghostly, she plays one of the ghosts named Katie, in this movie she befriends a boy ( Max ) who`s family does nothing but makes fun of  and picks on him.  With Katie being a ghost doesn`t help Max much at first when Max`s dad and brother start seeing him talking to things that are not there ( Max is the only one that can see the ghosts ) . Later Katie and one of her ghost friends makes his family see the light.  In The Game Plan  she plays Payton along side Dwayne Johnson ( Joe Kingman ). Payton shows up at Joe`s door saying she is his daughter . But of coarse Joe doesn`t believe her until she pulls out a birth certificate. Joe is a selfish stuck on his self kind of guy. This starts a sort of tug of war between them. This is a very funny movie and in places it may make you shed a tear or two. ..Keep a look out for Madison`s new movie Free Style which releases in February I am sure it will be a great one as well…Check out the trailer for The Game Plan..




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