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Gavin Magnus

People from all around have been entertained by the antics of Jeffy and Gavin on YouTube. For those who may not know, Jeffy and Gavin are puppets. Gavin Magnus is the creator and mastermind behind the skits that Jeffy and Gavin are seen. Gavin has an unlimited imagination sending these puppets on hilarious adventures. Gavin’s puppets have grown a huge audience and has become well known for his works. His idea for the puppets came from watching SML and Jeff Dunham on YouTube. “It inspired me to create my own puppet, “Gavin puppet” has it’s own unique style and personality, and is obsessed with his hair and clothing” says Gavin. He has a vision of seeing his puppets on TV or the big screen inspiring other children. 

One of the aspects of being a great entertainer is having an imagination. Gavin’s imagination began showing itself at the age of three. “I have been an entertainer since about three. Singing, dancing and driving my mother crazy” says Gavin. He would turn on Justin Beiber,  put on his mom’s gold necklace and dance on the kitchen table. It is at this time, his creativity for skits came to light. “I have always liked to create my own skits and shows” says Gavin. He is now ten, and working hard for his dream. 

Gavin’s ambition to be an entertainer has earned him many projects. He is a series regular on Reckless Juliets where he plays the role of Parker Bennett. Parker is a ten year old who likes to drive his older sister crazy, and a clever smart alec. He also has a diverse sense of humor and full of comedy. “I like playing Parker because I am that way with my older brother Jake” says Gavin. 

Another project Gavin has been working on, which the first episode has just aired is called, When Sports Collide. This is a fun show to watch, it’s funny and creative, truly a must see show. There’s been six episodes made so far. It is based on taking two or more sports, combining them to make a new creative sport. You can watch the shows on DreamWorks TV.

Coming out this month will be a Bravo series, Minor Renovations on HGTV. Gavin will be playing alongside Eric Stromer, where he plays a young designer. 

His dream is to be a great entertainer, to be on stage, sing and be a versatile actor. “I like drama and comedy. I want to share my talent with the world” says Gavin. Some of his inspiration for acting comes from watch Kevin Hart. Gavin watches his movies over and over, his favorite is Central Intelligence. 

Outside of having fun with all of his many projects, he also finds time to have fun at home. Gavin is a gymnast, he has a trampoline which he practices flips. He trains two to three hours a day. He also helps his mom rescue animals, mostly Weimaraners. “We drive sometimes hours away when we get a call from the rescue team. We foster, then give them a home” says Gavin. Just a few things you will find at Gavin’s home would be, 8 snakes, 4 dogs, a gecko and 2 brothers. It would not be a boring visit at his house. 

Be sure and catch Gavin in all of his adventures. All of the projects that are currently out, shows how incredible he is. He’s funny, creative and a wonderful entertainer. 

Colin Chandler

Colin Chandler at stars2come




If you are ever down around Pigeon Forge and smell something burning  it’s not a fire in the mountains, its Colin Chandler burning up the strings on that fiddle of his. When Colin picks up the fiddle Charlie Daniels nor the Devil has anything on Colin, he will flat blow your mind when he starts to play he will run them both out of Georgia. He is amazing on the fiddle and he spends his time entertaining people from Tennessee to Georgia.

As brilliant as Colin is with the fiddle you might think he has been playing for several years, but he has really only been playing for a couple of years. People always enjoys Colin when he plays, but he also sings and when he puts the two together it is pure entertainment. He has been singing all his life, but when it came to the fiddle he got  inspired a couple years ago by the fiddle player Mairead Nesbitt in  Celtic Woman.

Colin is a great entertainer and has been entertaining people since the age of six. When Colin was six years old he was a Lollipop Guild Munchkin with the Actors Studio in Athens, Georgia and later on he made his first solo vocal performance singing the Celtic song, “Come By The Hills” in Jefferson, Georgia. He and his family always enjoy going to bluegrass festivals, picking out fiddle parts in country songs on the radio and watching Stephen Grepelli on YouTube. He really loves music and performing and what really got him fired up about his music is when he had the opportunity to work on his first album with Chuck Day, Diane Berry, Clinton Gregory, and Gene Breeden in Nashville.

Colin Chandler at stars2come Colin’s talents have landed him some amazing performances and one of them was when he performed at Dollywood in Sha-Kon-O- Hey! The Land Of Blue Smoke. He says the sets there were amazing and the cast and crew were as well. He really loved the story line and got to dance, sing, act, climb an enormous tree and play around with the Ukrainian and Russian acrobats. This was also his first time working with a professional choreographer.

While Colin does perform around many places, it is possible you may have missed him, but no worries  you can always catch him  at the Country Tonite Theater in Pigeon Forge Tennessee. Colin is now in his third year with the theater and he and the whole cast put on an amazing show it is one of the best sows I have ever seen. He loves being able to perform everyday and seeing the audience’s reaction during the performances. He says everyone in the cast is so talented and they all feel like family.  He does love doing these shows and this past year his favorite part was the Hee Haw segment. He loved his costume and playing The Devil Went Down To Georgia. He says it is so much fun going out and meeting and signing autographs for everyone after the shows. When they are not performing at the theater, he says a few of them go out and perform at various campgrounds, public ceremonies and charity events. Here recently he and his sister Chloe performed the National Anthem at a basketball game. Also during time off from the theater he takes part in vocal and fiddle competitions to sharpen his skills.

Colin is an amazing performer and performing is when he is the happiest, this is truly what he wants to do the rest of his life. Everyone should stop by the Country Tonite theater to see the show and you can also catch him very soon at the 2014 NACMAI competition which is also held at the theater.

Colin is taking his talents to new heights and growing more talented all the time and now he can add songwriting to those talents as well. He says he has always enjoyed reading and writing, but what started out as writing poetry turned into songwriting with his dad. He has already recorded three of the songs he has written and his favorite song of them is called, “On Top Of The World”. This song is about his family, his home, and his favorite climbing tree.

Wow! what an awesome talent Colin is and even though he spends a great deal of time on stage he is still just a regular boy. Colin gets into all kinds of things he likes archery, hiking, collecting and throwing knives, running around the woods and swimming. He is just a wonderful down home country boy.

No matter what be sure and carve out sometime to see Colin performing, I promise you will not be disappointed. Colin is a true entertainer and it will be an amazing and fun experience watching him grow in his career.


Jarid Root

Jarid Root at stars2come





Jarid is a wonderful new up and coming pop star and gaining a lot of attention. Jarid works really hard at what he does and has a great imagination when it comes to his performances. The new pop star on the scene Ross Lynch better watch out cause Jarid is barking at his heels and coming strong. Jarid has a great sound to his voice and a lot of control, but for Jarid it is obvious that the performance itself is just as important as the vocals. This is the same for Ross and it has made him a fast growing superstar. Many times artists focus only on vocals or performance, but it takes both together to rise to a star and Jarid it right on track. He will be the one that all the girls will be talking about.

Like many artists Jarid took off at an early age, he was about six years old when he first started singing out in public. When he was six, Jarid played an orphan in an “Oliver” play at Lincoln Trail College in Illinois. Since this beginning he has kept performing, not looking back. When he was nine years old he sang, “Hey Soul Sister” at a Talent Expo in Dallas, Texas. He really enjoyed this performance because it was in the moment and the crowd was applauding him throughout the song. Also at this Expo Jarid received a first place award for “Best Singer” in his age group. In May of this year he had a great time performing, “Stay” by Rihanna in front of his brother’s class.

Jarid is an amazing artist and one of his favorite artists that he likes to cover is One Direction. He says they are fun and in his voice range. No matter what he sings he just loves the feeling he gets when he is singing to other people.

Even though he does sing a lot of covers, he is a very good writer. Jarid has written about 63 songs so far and the ideas keep coming. One of his songs called, “Stay Strong” is special to him because it is about him accepting the fact that his sister is growing up and will move out soon. Another song of his called, “You and Me” is a love song, but he wanted it to have a magical and dreamy feel. Jarid always writes what he is feeling at the moment, and then recording them that same day to capture the tone of his voice while thinking about the song.

As amazing as he is as an artist he is also just as amazing as an actor. He has played many roles in his career. He has been on CBS: Criminal Minds (Perennials) as Aiden Donahue, Cartoon Network on Uncle Grandpa (Space Emperor & Nick Name) he was the voice for Melvin the Space Emperor & Spaghetti Legs, ABC Family The Fosters (The Morning After) s Jeremy, and just this past October 10th he was on Nickelodeon Deadtime Stories (The Beast of Baskerville) as JJ Leeds. Jarid said on Uncle Grandpa it was amazing doing the voice overs. He also says it was an amazing experience and loads of fun. He was really awe-stricken that his voice was coming out of a cartoon character. Jarid has been doing voice overs for over two and a half years.

Jarid is very creative and he loves to create his own song recordings and shot and edit the music videos. He also enjoys writing scripts and directing short films, and often acting in them. For Jarid he feels the most happy when he is on set, because he loves creating his own characters and loves the overall atmosphere of being on set. His goal is to be successful in TV and film and become a worldwide performer. Then someday direct a blockbuster movie.

Jarid has so much going for him and there is no limit to what he can do. His imagination and drive to be successful at what he does, is what will make his dreams become reality. He is a blast to watch and listen to, Jarid is total entertainment. However he does not always go at his dreams alone, he has his sister by his side. They do make a great team and it can all be seen and heard in his new video, “True”. He co-wrote this with his sister Jennifer Lynn and she also stars in it. Be sure and check out his amazing new video.

Matthew Parry Jones

Matthew Parry Jones at stars2come
Photo by Kat Lopez





Matthew is fantastic when it comes to acting, dancing and singing, but the kindness he shows others is “extraordinary”! Everything Matthew does comes from the heart and because of this he will most certainly touch yours. He is  quickly becoming known not from just his talents, but reaching out to help others in need. Matthew is part Filipino and his mom once showed him a video of children in the  Philippines digging through garbage bins for food. This video truly broke Matthew’s heart, and so instead of sitting back and doing nothing, he created the well known Jeremiah Foundation to help feed the children. This foundation is currently feeding 200 kids a month and growing. The foundation was named after his brother who died only a short few months before Matthew was born. Even though Matthew never met his brother, he does know a lot about him through his mom. Just like Matthew, Jeremiah’s heart was also in the right place. Jeremiah use to tell his mom that he wanted to build a church when he grows up. He was also an excellent singer, he would often take his keyboard through the neighborhood and knock on doors and start playing. From all the wonderful things Matthew’s mom told him about his brother, the Jeremiah Foundation was born. Matthew says his brother’s music will live on and his plan follows. He also says, ” All we have on earth is only temporary. But the gift of giving will live forever”. Jeremiah may have past away in body, but perhaps his heart and soul lives on through Matthew, their hearts have become, “one”. With this foundation he will continue to feed more and more kids in small ways or massive, he will do all he can with what he has.If you would like to help Matthew feed the children, please donate here, Jeremiah Foundation. In a news cast he was slated as one of the most outstanding Filipino. He truly is!

Matthew Parry Jones at stars2come
Photo by Kat Lopez

  Matthew has an amazing heart, but he is also amazingly talented, he is a triple threat. His mom is a singer herself and a Performance coach, she started training him at the age of four. By the age of eight he was singing in public. He has performed for just a few people, to crowds of 5,000 to 10,000. Matthew has a lot of energy on stage and his performances are outstanding, but he says he has to give all the credit to his mom. She is a Performance Coach Specialist and she specializes in working with children. She works a lot on facial expressions and feeling the song. Whenever she is coaching him, she is the coach not mom. He says he feels just like one of her students, so he listens and respects her has a coach, but when she is mom, he says she is the best mom ever. Matthew is currently preparing for a big concert in December. This is one you should not miss. (Details posted soon). He just recorded his new single, “Slammin” which will be out on itunes soon. Slammin is a fantastic song written and produced by Jeannine O’Neal. Jeannine noticed him from a performance at a church fundraiser U.S. tour. He sang CCR, “Have You Ever Seen The Rain” and “When God Ran”, then she said you are a heartthrob, you’ve got “it”! She said to Matthew, we could make a song that would be just Slammin, and it just came out of the blue. It really is a Slammin song.

When it comes to dancing he is as good as anyone. Matthew owes the credit again to his mom. She is a great dancer, and almost everything with Matthew was choreographed from the beginning when he was little. She taught him when to turn and how to turn and spin while holding a mic. They would spend a couple hours everyday dancing. All of this hard work he has put into it, and still does, has paid off greatly. Dancing has added so much to his performance, and with all this put together has made him a real heartthrob.  However just like everyone else he does have some nerves at first, but as soon as he steps on stage the nerves suddenly goes away and the moves take over.

Matthew has been doing his share of acting as well, and one of his favorite projects was shooting the commercial for “Sour Patch Kid”. Matthew lives in LA, but grew up in England and there were no sweeties there called Sour Patch. His mom went out and bought some so they could get familiar with it before the shoot. For the commercial the director told his mom he needed to look like Elliott in the movie, “ET” and needed to ride a bike. He also had to wear a red hoodie and jeans with holes in them. His clothes were in good shape so he ended up wearing a pair of his mom’s old jeans. There was a tiny kitten in the commercial, and it was hard for Matthew to work with. He said the kitten kept running everywhere and he had a lot of scratches when it was over. Here recently he filmed a pilot for a kids TV show with Ryan Hailey. This show is called, “Campin with all my Friends”. He was one of the leads in the pilot. He said you have to be crazy to get the role, and he says he was the craziest of them all.

Matthew has done many great things, but he is not done yet, because modeling goes right along with the rest. He has been modeling since he was a baby in diaper advertisements. His latest project however takes him straight to the front cover of a magazine in Canada, to be out in  December. They really like him for all his humanitarian work in feeding the children.

Everything Matthew does is now all just a part of everyday living, and he loves doing it. He is a down to earth boy, and just like everyone else he does get hurt sometimes. He says life is a struggle, but we have to continue to do what we want to do. Matthew is an avid church goer and believes highly in God, and may pray several times a day. He also assists his mom in Sunday school teaching the children bible stories and songs. He says God is the reason he is on earth, and put him here to do something extraordinary and he is going to do his best to please him.  Matthew is extraordinary in every way. He is not only talented in dance, acting, singing and modeling, but also feeling others from inside. He is doing a great job pleasing everyone that comes in contact with him, and you can bet God is very pleased. Everything he does, is done as a family. He has his mom guiding him along with her teachings and Jeremiah watching from above and guiding him from within. This is an outstanding trio, and Matthew can not fail with a family like this.


Keyghan Burns

Keyghan Burns at stars2come
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Keyghan is a wonderfully talented young actor, and despite being only eight years old, he has already done more than many twice his age. You can find Keyghan in commercials, film, TV and print, he is truly a very busy little boy. You take a look at that cute face of his, and you see why he stays so busy, that face could sell anything, from clothes to box office tickets.

His very first project was a commercial for Leadership Choice. He said, he loved it, and he got to work with a dog, and it was so much fun to work with. He was the lead boy in the commercial. This kicked off a great career for Keyghan, and the talent he possess has won him either lead role or principle role in almost all of his projects, and there are many. Another great project he done was, “Lionhearted”, this was a post apocalyptic film.  This film is about a boy who’s dad has gone to fight in the war and he is the man while he is away, and has to take care of his mom while his dad is away. Keyghan was lead son in this film. His largest project to date is “The Abandoned State” which he just finished filming. This is a full length animated film, and in this film he was lead voice, Jack.

Keyghan doesn’t really have a favorite actor, he says, but he would like to work with Robert Redford if he had the chance. At some point down the road he would love to play a super hero, and meet the people who do the voices for the characters in Adventure Time.  He says, he loves to act because he likes people to watch him and be able to make them smile, laugh, or even cry. When you are capable of making someone cry, you are a sensational actor, and that is Keyghan. He loves TV and movies, but he does not like horror films, but he doesn’t  mind acting in one. He loves God and family they are most important to him. Keyghan said, he is a normal eight year old boy, with a really cool career.

Keyghan truly is amazing, and so is the amount of work he has already done. In film he has eight projects under his belt, in TV four, commercials two, eight in print, and three on the runway. This is a large resume that Keghan has for being so young, at this rate he could become one of the top actors in the business. Don’t miss any of Keyghan’s projects keep track of them all at,  www.keyghanburns.com

Justin Tinucci

Justin Tinucci at stars2come





Justin is a fantastic singer/actor. He is gaining great popularity on stage and behind the camera. He was in a great film called, “Goat Island”, with D.J. Caruso and Val Kilmer. This film was shot in Georgia, and the story is about two kids in the 80’s who gets stripped naked and left on a island at a summer camp. They ditch the camp to avoid humility, then they are reported missing, and on their adventure there is a lot of heart warming side journeys. Justin’s character name is Butch, he is sort of the bully with a soft spot, but in the end becomes the victim. He has also been the guest star on the series premier for season five on, Big Love.  He has come a long way since his first acting project, which was a commercial with Jamie Foxx for the BET awards. He will have a great career as an actor. With these big name people that he has worked with on his resume, will certainly help him move up in the acting field.

Justin has been making a big name for himself in front of the camera, but he has taken off quite well with music as well. He is a awesome guitar player, and for only playing for two and a half years, he sounds like he has played for many more. After he saw some movies, concerts, and friends playing, he thought it was so cool. He bought a cheap guitar and now he loves it. He plays  sometimes four hours a day, but now he plays a Gibson Les Paul. He is now part of a band with, Gabe Feldman, Hunter Craig, and Zach Callison. They have been working together now for about four months and they are sounding amazing. They are starting to work on some original songs. One of their songs is called, “Nation Enslaved”. Justin tries to stay away from writing about girls, and concentrates more on the crazy things teens do.  They have been performing at a lot of small clubs and venues. Their biggest so far has been in front of about 300 people, which was a ton of fun for him. He said, the stage was huge and they were able to move around a lot. Justin has a lot of style when it comes to playing guitar, and he never misses a note. He is just amazing to listen to.

He does fantastic with all he does, but he is also taking his talents to new heights, literally. Justin and his sister are pro indoor skydivers. They have been doing this for six years. He says, you compete similar to pairs ice skating. A team of two creates a synchronized routine with a bunch of flips and tricks, and it is based on technical difficulty, synchronicity, and originality.  They have competed in, inter nation competitions against pro skydivers. For a while they were the only kids team.

Justin is just full of talent. He is a winner at everything does, and his accomplishments  so far are amazing. He is someone that is not afraid to work hard for what he wants, and loves, and it is all paying off. You can keep track of Justin at, IMDB.

Gabriela Borges “Child Star”

Gabriela Borges at stars2come Gabriela (Gaby) is one amazing actress. Since her first appearance on Eva Luna in November, she has done nothing, but grown enormously as an actress. From watching the show it appears that the producers see the same thing, her character is growing and the parts she is taking on, are  becoming more complex. Gaby has always been talented beyond her years and now everyone is getting to see how much talent she truly has.

 After watching the episodes it is clear that no matter what the part is or how big or small, she makes you believe and feel everything she does and says on screen.  There are many things going on in the show with many people, but the story revolves around the main characters Daniel and Eva. The character  Laurita is starting to add even more drama to the Soap Opera, this was really stepped up after she ran off from the house. No longer are you waiting to see what`s going on with just Daniel and Eva, but Laurita. Daniel and Eva may be the lead characters, but they better watch their backs, because Laurita just might steal the show! 


 gaby borges at stars2come  Gaby was definitely the perfect choice for Univision, because now she is on the edge of becoming the biggest Child Star ever. On screen she can make you laugh, wonder and cry, and the world is beginning to see this. Now all that needs to happen is for the world to hear her sing and once that happens, she will become bigger than life. I once predicted that she would become as big as Jennifer Lopez and Selena Gomez, but I was wrong, that is not going to happen, She! is going to be much bigger than both. She will become the greatest Child Star ever. The reason she will get there is not just from talent alone, it is because she truly loves what she is doing, the set is her home. She loves to hang out with all the characters on the show, on and  off camera. In front of a camera is where she wants to be, this is who she is. If you have never seen Eva Luna turn on Univision and watch, then when Laurita comes on screen, take a look into those beautiful blue eyes, and watch her character steal you away.