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Life After The Voice, Aliyah Moulden

No one can forget the brilliant performance by fifteen-year-old Aliyah Moulden at the blind audition on The Voice singing, Hound Dog. That performance earned her a three chair turn and becoming part of Team Blake. She held on throughout The Voice journey going up against many amazing artists. Her dedication, drive and stunning voice sent her to the very end. Unfortunately Aliyah didn’t win, but she did learn a great deal from the experience adding to her success after the show.

During her time on The Voice she learned a lot. “I learned to believe that I could keep going in a challenging situation”, says Aliyah. She also learned she could make it to the final and believe in herself.

One of the toughest parts to being on a national competition like that, was not knowing if the performance she was doing would be the last. She says it was a lot of pressure. However, Aliyah did enjoy the experience so much, she did not, want it to stop. Being part of the show did help her to improve as an artist. “I kept pushing myself to do better each week to stay in the competition. Because of my pushing, I became a better vocalist”, says Aliyah. She also says, the show would be great for other artists like her, the experience is so amazing.

One of the biggest advantages there are from being on a show like The Voice outside of winning, is the exposure. The exposure for Aliyah has made a big difference in her life and she has achieved celebrity status. One of the first things that came from it was being recognized by the La Habra City. She has received many awards, and was invited to be the Grand Marshal for one of the city’s main events, The Corn Festival. She was also recognized by the La Habra Boys and Girls Club. The show also opened the door for her opportunity to be in two movies.

So far Aliyah has not signed to any recording deals yet, but not from the lack of being approached, she just has not found a good fit for herself.  However she continues to stay booked with singing, acting, performances, and public appearances.

Aliyah has been busy writing some of her own songs, she says, she writes at least one per day. The songs have been about her personal experiences and feelings. “Sometimes I write about growing up, love, friendship, and family”, says Aliyah. Her life is very busy and when she gets some quite time at home that is when she writes. She has also been working in the studio and at the end of February she will be recording her new single. The single should be ready by March or April.

There’s a lot of exciting things coming up for Aliyah. She completed a movie this past October and it will be coming out in the summer of 2018. She is in the process of filming a second movie and it will be premiering in the spring of 2018. She is also in negotiations about getting her own web series.

For all of her fans out there Aliyah has something to say. “Thank you so much to all who supported me during my The Voice experience. I Love You. Kisses”, says Aliyah.

There are a lot of good things that can come from being on a show like The Voice. Whether you win or not, it can be a life changing experience and launch careers. Some people don’t do anything once they leave The Voice. But if a person works hard taking advantage of the exposure, good things could happened just as it has for Aliyah. What’s going on in Aliyah’s life now, is only the beginning.

Fifteen Year Old Powerhouse Aliyah Moulden Scores Three Chairs With “Hound Dog”

Aliyah didn’t hold back one second, she came out swinging with that powerhouse voice singing Hound Dog. No sooner than she had the first line of the song out, the audience was up swaying with the beat along with Aliyah. Many people have sang Hound Dog since it was originally recorded in 1952. Elvis made a huge mark on music with this song to the point when people heard Hound Dog, Elvis is who comes to mind. Now Aliyah with a national audience, comes out with her version of Hound Dog. She too will be who people think about now when that song is mentioned. Aliyah not only impressed the audience, but the judges as well, scoring three chairs with her performance. 

Walking out on stage Aliyah was a bit nervous. Once she began singing, the nerves kicked in a little more. Listening to her sing no one would ever suspect any nerves at all, it was a flawless performance. She didn’t let the nerves hold her back even when the chairs were not turning at first. “As I continued singing and the chairs did not turn, I then forgot about the chairs and decided to have fun with the audience with my performance” says Aliyah. About half way through the song the chairs began to turn. Blake turned first, then Alicia, then Gwen and the excitement began to swell inside Aliyah. “I was going crazy in my mind” says Aliyah. After all of the judges gave their encouraging remarks and their sales pitches, Aliyah decides on Blake.”What really stuck with me was that he stood up and clapped for my performance. I felt he really wanted me on his team” Aliyah says. Plus she says, “he is really handsome”. Aliyah is looking forward to working with Blake.

Aliyah’s version of Hound Dog has a bluesy and jazzy vibe to it, and everyone in the audience rocked out to it. Hound Dog is a song she loves. “It is a very strong song with an underlying adult message with a fun twist” says Aliyah. Aliyah made the changes to the song herself. “As I practiced the song I made changes to it to make it more interesting” says Aliyah. It will not be only her huge voice that the other contestants with have to worry about. Aliyah’s proven ability to transform a song like Hound Dog is going to give them something else to look out for.

To be apart of something like The Voice, it is a major thing to have your community behind you, and Aliyah has just that. Aliyah lives in California and goes to La Habra High School. She says she has felt their support through the positive messages and comments. She has done a lot of volunteering in many events at La Habra, so their local media is reaching to her to spread the news. Aliyah has attended the La Habra Boys and Girls Club since she was five years old. They are her biggest supporters. “I absolutely love my community and I am so thankful for all that they do for me” says Aliyah. 

The blinds are all prerecorded, and it can be a long wait before it airs. For Aliyah, it was tough to keep it secret. Everyday she would find it hard to believe that she was on the show. Aliyah is a very social person and it was difficult keeping it all from her friends where she lives and online. “I am very friendly and keep in contact with friends everyday. It was super hard not to tell them as well as just to share it on social media” Aliyah says.

The Voice has been a great experience for Aliyah. The excitement has been so great, that it has been hard for her to do her homework or anything else. “All I think about is this awesome experience” says Aliyah. She is blessed and thankful to have this opportunity. She says, it is totally crazy. “It is super exciting to be on a national television show with the opportunity to land on a celebrity coaching team” says Aliyah.

Aliyah may just be fifteen years old, but she is not someone to turn your back to thinking she is a pushover. She is a double edge sword, she has outrageous vocal skills, as well as the ability to make a song into what she feels. The battle rounds are coming up and she has both sides of that sword, sharp and deadly. Stay tuned into The Voice to see how Aliyah’s journey unfolds.

Aliyah Moulden

Aliyah Moulden at stars2come

Aliyah is one of the most brilliant vocalists you will find coming up today. Her voice  is geared for contemporary pop, she could easily hold her own with people like Alicia Keys or  Christina Aguilera. Her vocal range is beyond most and she uses that range very effectively. On top of all of that, she has the looks to go with it; gorgeous. Aliyah belongs in front of a camera.

The journey for Aliyah has had many great experiences and opportunities. At the age of eight is when it all began. She started out singing at several showcases weekly for about a year. When she turned nine Aliyah performed at a charity event to raise funds for the Boys and Girls Club of La Habra. It was a large event with over 300 people in attendance. At the age of ten she had the opportunity to showcase at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia with Disney celebrities like, Caroline Sunshine from, Shake It Up. “It was really scary because there were over 1000 people for the show, but when I finished  performing it felt great” says Aliyah. Then moving on into age thirteen she found herself performing with American Idol finalist, Todrick Hall and for platinum singer, Jessie McCartney.

While Aliyah loves all her shows, she does have a couple that stands out to her. Performing with Todrick was definitely one of those. “The audience was one of the most diverse of all the shows I have ever done. People were not afraid to scream, jump, and yell. It felt like a giant family” says Aliyah.  Her performance for the Children s Hospital Los Angeles Blood Drive was another she enjoyed doing. She found this to be a touching event. “I met so many children and teens with many health problems. Some of those kids became my friends, I added them to my Instagram, and we still stay in contact” Aliyah says.

Aliyah has done well with singing. She was a semi finalist twice for the Kidz Bop Kidzstar USA Contest. Aliyah won a scholarship from the Broadway Dream Foundation to attend a summer program. At this program she received lessons from Broadway voice coach Tituss Burgess and from Spencer Liff Broadway Choreographer. She was also awarded the lead role in the Broadway Dream Foundation’s production of, Beautiful.

A microphone is no stranger to  Aliyah, but neither is the camera. There is a good chance you have seen her on TV on Disney Channel’s, Jessie. On this show she was Luke Ross’s arm candy in an episode. Also she had the lead role in a short film called, Confined. She was the mean girl Chandra. On top of all of that, you can also find her in Pharrell’s famous video, Happy. Aliyah was a dancer in the video. “Pharrell’s video was another awesome experience” says Aliyah.

Performing gives Aliyah the opportunity to go places and meet people. “When I perform I get to meet so many great people and I love sharing moments with them” Aliyah says. When it comes down to it performing is the best part, when she sings it is like being transported to a different place for Aliyah. At her performances one of the artists she likes to cover is Adele. “I really enjoy covering her songs because she is an amazing singer with an incredible voice” Aliyah says. Her favorite songs are those that have a message, and Adele’s songs always have a message to share.

Writing songs is a skill great artist have to master, and Aliyah has already started writing. She has written over fifty so far. One of the songs was produced when she was eleven year old called, Invincible. This song is special to her because she was going through a hard time in school, so through writing this song she was able to vent. “I hope that song helps other kids who are going through a hard time” says Aliyah. She has a new song she is getting ready to write for a new single that should be ready by summer.

When it comes down to it, Aliyah just absolutely loves to sing. Every performance she does, she hopes her music is able to touch people the way music touches her. Aliyah has many performances already booked this year, be sure to attend one or all of them, she will be one that you will not forget. She will be performing at, One Is Rockin a Cure for Cystic Fibrosis. Another is for the Los Angeles Hospital Children’s Blood Drive. Aliyah is looking forward to performing here, this is where she gets to meet so many special people who are living very difficult situations. Plus many local events.

A voice like Aliyah possess is one no one should miss out hearing. Her abilities will take her places only a very few get to venture. Not far down the road you will turn on a radio or TV and someone will be talking about Aliyah and her newest single and how it has touched so many. This is coming!

Take a listen to Aliyah’s rendition of Somewhere Over The Rainbow, what a great performance.