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Amanda Roit

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Amanda is truly an adorable young lady, that has set out to make her mark on Broadway and the music industry. Amanda works hard trying to be the best she can be, to bring everyone some fantastic music. One of the best things when watching her is, you can see very clearly how much fun she is having, and that means everything. She puts all she has into her songs, and delivers them wonderfully.

Amanda started performing at age eight in the Broadway show “Hairspray” at the Lincoln Center in NY.  One of the performances that she really loved was performing in the Off Off Broadway production of, “Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs”. She enjoyed meeting new people and going to New York City for rehearsals and performances. She has also starred in “Annie”, at the Cultural Arts Playhouse. This was a dream role for her, because of all the acting and singing this character has. Coming up very soon you can catch Amanda live at the Apollo on February 15th. To find out more details visit www.amandaroit.com.

Amanda sang in a competition at the Long Island School Media Association, and took home first place here. She also performed at another competition and was runner up at East Northport Idol, it was presented by 94x radio station. This was the first time she sang her very first original song, “Stayin’ Up All Night” live to a large audience. If you have never heard this  song you are really missing out it is absolutely outstanding! Amanda wrote this song after a sleepover she had with her friends. In the video she truly brought this sleepover back to life. The song and video was brilliantly done. She is currently working on more songs now. If they are anything like her first, we have an absolutely brilliant new star on our hands.

She loves everything about singing, but one of the most special feelings for her is when she gets out on stage and just about to perform, it is so exciting for her. She gets so much inspiration from Taylor Swift. She says, that Taylor teaches her to never give up on her dreams, because one day they really can come true.  With Amanda her dream has a very good chance of coming true, her skills and creativity as a song writer could very easily make her one of the best pop artists out there.  Amanda is a bright and shinny new star on the rise, that others will be looking up to and wishing they could be just like, her!