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American Idol’s “Amelia Eisenhauer”

Amelia Eisenhauer at stars2come

Over the years, American Idol has had many great singers step onto their stage. For these singers performing on the Idol stage, it would have been an honor and an exciting venture. Now that Idol has drawn to a close, to have been chosen to perform on their last season would be a privilege. Amelia Eisenhauer was one of thousands to audition and one of few to be chosen to move forward. Curious as to why she decided to audition, Amelia says, “actually, I was volunteered as tribute by my mother”. It turns out that one of Idol’s casting directors sent an email asking them to come in for an audition at a Nashville showcase. Her mom told them Amelia would come in. When she first walked into the audition she was carrying a sword, even getting questioned by security. This all stems from her backstory which almost all shows like this love. “Part of my backstory was that I like anime. I was asked to bring my costumes and props, including my sword” says Amelia. They had asked her to dress up in one of her costumes, but she told them no. “I wanted people to appreciate me for my voice and musicianship, not my hobbies” says Amelia.

For Amelia being a part of American Idol was a great experience. She discovered that it is better to follow your instincts and do what you feel best. “People advise you with best of intentions, but it doesn’t always work out for the best” says Amelia. Looking back at some of her decisions, she wished she had followed her own instincts, especially for song choices. However, it was a highlight to perform in the theater and church. It was a great feeling with the lighting, sound and house band. “It really spoils you to have that level of production go into a performance” says Amelia.

Amelia is a great entertainer and was winning the hearts of people long before idol. Looking back in time, Amelia’s mom tells her she would make really high-pitched bird noises when she was a baby. These high-pitched bird noises grew into a voice that everyone would enjoy.

The fiddle is an instrument that has become a big part of who Amelia is as an artist and entertainer. Amelia started asking her mom for a violin when she was four. When you see Amelia live or on stage anywhere like Idol, she plays country, but in fact she is classically trained. “My parents listened to classical and bluegrass music around the house and in the car, which is where I think I get my love for the violin” says Amelia. Amelia was six years old when she received her first quarter sized violin for Christmas. Once she had it, her mom made sure she practiced a lot. “I have played for over ten years now, so playing the fiddle/violin is very second nature to me! I love to play” says Amelia.

Amelia Eisenhauer 1  Amelia is just sixteen, but already performs 60 to 80 shows per year and growing. This number of shows have been a normal way of life since she was around nine years old. Outside of Idol, one of her favorite shows was playing the DuQuoin State Fair Grandstand Stage opening for Trace Atkins. “There was a crowd of about 6k! It was awesome! I love big crowds” says Amelia. Another big show for Amelia was opening for Thomas Rhett. This performance was at an event called, Herrinfest. This was another huge crowd. Both of these shows were with her band, We Got It Covered. “When you launch into Devil Went Down to Georgia and Callin Baton Rouge, the place goes crazy” says Amelia.

There are a great collection of cover songs from Amelia to be found on her pages, but she does have some original songs out that people will enjoy as well. One of her original songs out that she has had the most involvement with in writing is called, Gun. This song is about a relationship she was in that went south, and the other person was afraid to talk to her. “One of the lines is, I’ll lay down my gun so you wont runaway. Sometimes we need closure, but it’s hard because we are afraid to hurt that other person” Amelia says. For Amelia it is better to go on and just say it, than to wonder where you are with someone.

Happiness is the dream Amelia has. “The hard part sometimes is figuring out what makes you feel that way. For me, I think music will be my happiness and my life” says Amelia. Music has always been a part of her life and will continue to be. She wants to earn a degree in music business. Of course she would love a record deal, but as long as she is involved with music in some way she will be happy.

It may not look it, but Amelia is a shy person. Sometimes she feels people believes she just doesn’t want to chat or be friendly, but she really does. She is not however the stereotypical type of girl all bubbly and boy crazy, she just isn’t. Neither does she watch much TV, instead she likes to read. She does love to compose and record her own music as well as, gaming especially the role-playing ones and of course anime.

There are some great things to be on the look out for from Amelia this year. She is currently booking shows and looking forward to getting out on the road. Her original album should be finished sometime this year. Also if you are in or around Nashville, she often ventures in at the Bluebird Cafe for songwriters night and Jed’s Lightning  100 writers night. Amelia will often pop in at Pucketts in Leipers Fork for open mic, be sure to catch her whenever possible.

Amelia is an act that is totally worth the drive to anywhere she is performing. From personal experience seeing her live, she puts on a performance that will stick with you. Once you hear her play and sing she will remain a favorite. It does not matter if Amelia is on stage on Idol or in some town somewhere, she blows the stage up when she brings out that fiddle. There is no doubt Amelia is one of the greatest artists rising up today. Do not miss a thing from Amelia.

Stephanie Marie Hanvey could be, the next American Idol!

Stephanie Hanvey at stars2comeNew Jersey’s very own pop star Stephanie Marie Hanvey has made her way to the stage of the worlds largest talent competition, American Idol! Now America will get to see just what and amazing singer Stephanie really is. She has spent all of her life spreading joy and hope to others with her music hoping that someday she will be in a position to do even more, and now that time has come. Stephanie just might make this seasons American Idol the largest yet. Be sure to catch her January 15 on American Idol.

Stephanie might soon be America’s new Idol, but she has been but an Idol to many people all around New Jersey for quite sometime. Stephanie is well-known for, “I’m The Girl”.  This is a song written about empowerment and she has been tirelessly taking that message to school kids everywhere and despite the name even the boys jumped in and helped out with spreading the message. She has always been a big supporter of the Girl Scouts and loves to share her message with them and letting them know it is okay to follow your dreams. This has all led her to be known as I’m That Girl. Not only has Stephanie become known as I’m That Girl, but also for her own trademark 11-11. This mark is her angel an angel that is always watching over her and guiding her everywhere she goes. And you can be sure she will have it on that stage with her all the way. She is a true Idol.

Stephanie has a lot to bring to the American Idol stage, she can dance, sing and keep you amazed through the entire performance. There is really not much they can throw at her that she can not handle. This New Jersey girl can take on pop, R&B, soul, rock, country and if it comes down to it she can even bring it in Spanish.

It will be a great day January 15 when she appears on American Idol, but to make the day even better, her new single “On A Prayer” will be released as well. Stephanie has always brought great original music to her fans like “I’m That Girl” and “Leap Of Faith” and you can bet “On A Prayer” will be just as amazing. All of her songs has carried messages of hope and you know her new song will have a powerful message for everyone. She has always  brought hope to those who listen and that has already made her an idol to many people. Stephanie’s new single On A Prayer was produced by Grammy nominated Barry Eastmond, and co-written by him with Grammy winning and 2x Oscar nominated songwriter Siedah Garrett. Be sure to pick up her new song on iTunes January 15  to give your support.

Wow! what a great day January 15 will be,  Stephanie on American Idol, and On A Prayer released, so much excitement no one will want to miss this day. The greatest Idol winner has been Carrie Underwood, but Stephanie could be falling right in as the next greatest winner. Carrie had a lot of heart and so does Stephanie and it is that heart that makes the winner and the artist. Stephanie Marie Hanvey could be, the next American Idol! Be sure to watch American Idol January 15 and pick up your copy of On A Prayer.