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Parker Wallace “Slimer”

Slimer at stars2come



Eric Clapton, move over here comes Slimer, and he is knocking at your heals. Slimer can shred like no other, if you didn`t see him play, you would think it was someone twenty five years old, but Slimer is only ten. This kid has some serious skills when it comes to the guitar. Playing has come natural and it is in his blood.

When listening to Slimer, it is easy to think that he just plays all the time, but that is not so. He first started playing in 2009  on a fake Yngwie Malmsteen stratocaster, which belonged to his uncle. His uncle Manny is a big guitar player himself, and he has sort of edged Slimer into it. Two weeks after he started playing Manny got him a mini strat.



Slimer at stars2come He took off playing like he already knew how. In no time he was playing full songs, and now he can do almost anything. The part that baffles the mind is, he doesn`t play very often at all.  He might pick it and play maybe once a week and sometimes two  weeks will go by before he picks it up and plays, but he does it like it is no challenge. His uncle Manny says, that there are many times he will go jam with him, and it is just like he had never stopped. When he plays he prefers Melodic instrumental rock. He has been taking his shredding skills to a few places, he has played at the Coachella Valley arts and music festival and at the Stagecoach festival. Here in a few weeks he will be doing a school talent show along with a friend of his. He also just recently started playing with a band, and they call themselves Slimer and The Slobs. He gets a lot of his inspiration from Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, John Petrucci, and of coarse his uncle Manny.

Guitar is not the only thing Slimer excels in, he is awesome in sports. He plays soccer year round on all star teams, and he also took fifth in the state 400 meter in track, and he done this the day after a soccer tournament.  Slimer is a person who is gifted, and just excels at what ever he does. When it comes to the guitar he really has a lot of fun playing and enjoys it very much. There are many great guitar players his age, but the difference is the time that they put into playing. Some people play everyday for hours, Slimer plays off and on and plays like he never puts it down. Slimer, just does not know how good he really is, and to think with this kind of ability, if he just doubled the amount of time playing, he would be better than most could only dream of. If he finds the love of playing, and plays on a daily biases, he could literally become one of the greatest guitar players ever. He truly is amazing. Slimer, your awesome dude!

Griffin Tintor “The Guitar Man”

Griffin Tintor at stars2come

We now have a true guitarist coming out of Australia. Griffin Tintor is someone that everyone needs to hear. Griffin`s playing is second to none, his finger pick style is very clean and clear making for some great music. This style of playing is so enjoyable to listen to and it makes one feel at peace.

 Griffin at thirteen years old has mastered many songs since his start at eight  years of age. His love for the guitar came after he and his family went to eat at a restaurant. He saw one of the musicians playing the guitar, and he said, he wanted to do what he was doing. After a bit of time his parents bought him a secondhand guitar, and he has done nothing, but excelfrom there. Griffin can play anything, but he prefers Classical and Flamenco. He plays a Antonio Sanchez Classical and a Antonio Sanchez Flamenco, these guitars have a beautiful sound. He also began singing just six short months ago. His voice compliments the guitar very nicely.

  Griffin has almost finished his grade 8 Practical Classical Guitar with Trinity College of London and grade 4 in Theory with the  Australian Music Education Board. At some point he intends to follow up his studies with composition at a university. Griffin has progressed so well it is like the guitar is a part of him, and he moves his fingers about the guitar with such ease and grace bringing the music he plays to life. For anyone wanting an enjoyable breakfast or lunch well you just need to visit, Montegos on the Bay every Sunday at 12:30PM, he has been playing here for a year now. He also performs regular at D`abloes every Saturday night at 7:00PM, he has been performing here for two years. Griffin`s popularity is growing people  are booking him all across the country, but a couple of his favorites are still close to home, he loved performing at the Assembly at his school, and at a charity event in Noosa Queensland for Rotary Club of Australia.

 Griffin has gotten his inspiration from different people. He says, Ralph Macchio in the movie Crossroads was a big inspiration, in the movie Ralph was a Blues player and played basically the same style, but his biggest inspiration comes from people like, Micheal Jackson, Santana, and Andre Sergovia. He says, he enjoys the guitar so much because of the feeling it giveshim when he plays. It is not only him that enjoys the guitar, and it does give you a great feeling inside. This is the kind of music that can be turned on of a morning a left on all day and never tiring of it. Griffin is someone that is bringing music to the world, and this music he brings is timeless. Be sure to keep track of Griffin and his music at Griffin Tintor.