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Gavin O’Brien, “Elvis Inspired”

Gavin O'Brien at stars2come





Gavin, a young man of the 21st century, but inspired by the 20th, entertains people young and old with music from the past. Gavin a talented twelve year old gained interest in the music from the past due to a book report he was assigned in the 5th grade; it was the King himself, “Elvis”. He grew up with a family who loved singing, mostly in the basement, but this was enough to plant the seed for music, and Elvis made it grow.  On the day of the report he had to dress the part and present it to the class. Through his research of Elvis, he learned what an incredible man and entertainer he was. Then it struck him, what a great role model Elvis would be. And this is where his new adventure begins.

Gavin made his first stage appearance on the famous, Beale Street in Memphis. At eleven years old Gavin’s parents to him and his brothers on a vacation to Memphis, to visit Graceland. His parents believed this would be a good inspiration for him, and it was. While on Beale Street they ventured into Blues City Cafe’ and there he saw his first band on the trip. Once he seen the band it was like he was drawn to climb up on that stage. His parents encouraged him to follow his dreams, he did climb on that stage and sang one of Elvis’s timely classics, Hound Dog. This experience lit a spark in Gavin. “It was the first taste of the life I decided I was going to create” said Gavin.

So new to the entertainment world, Gavin is already out performing across the map. He doesn’t have a regular venue to find him at, currently all have been invitation only.  This gives a clue to what’s to come for Gavin. To stay busy by invitation only at twelve is incredible. Gavin is very talented, this combined with his showmanship on stage and the magnetic personality,  pulls people to him, making him highly sot after.

He has competed in four competitions winning 2 and placing 2nd in another. “I always enjoy the large crowds the competitions draw in, and the excitement of playing with a live band” says Gavin. Gavin  had a great honor performing in front of Mr. Joe Esposito (Elvis’s best friend and road manager). “That night Mr. Esposito stood up from his seat and walked to the stage to shake my hand! After my performance he escorted me off the stage the same as he would have done the King. That was probably the most memorable performance, I will always hold dear to my heart” said Gavin.

Gavin O'Brien at stars2come   Rock and Roll is definitely Gavin’s love, but it is the 50’s and 80’s eras that are his favorite. It is however the King that he gives credit to everything he does all the way down to his dance moves. It is all inspired by Elvis. Elvis is his biggest influence, but the bands and artists of the 80’s come soon after. Some of his 80’s influences are, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Journey, and Bon Jovi. They have all inspired him in different ways and keeps him learning new things.

Performing feels like home to Gavin, it is his place to be. The audience’s interaction is one of the things he loves the most when performing. Gavin has performed at some senior living places and even though their reaction was not as exciting, he could still see in their faces, he brought joy to their day.

Going forward with his career he hopes to keep the magic of the 50’s  and the heart of the 80’s alive throughout his journey. “My dream is to create an image and musical career that is new in time, yet inspired by the past” said Gavin.

Writing his own music is a goal of Gavin’s, he wants to develop his own sound. He plays guitar, piano and drums so all is needed is for him to start tapping into his heart to find the words.

Gavin says he would like people to know that, he does not believe himself to be Elvis, he is only passionate and inspired by him. “I pay tribute to him by performing his music, but look at it as a stepping stone to my dreams” says Gavin. He enjoys learning from those in the past and he intends to keep their music alive for as long as he possibly can. “I hope to someday inspire an eleven year old kid to climb up on stage and chase his or her dreams” said Gavin.

It is clear Gavin has a lot of heart when it comes to music and the past has always been the best place to learn. Watching Gavin, the greats from the past shines through him in all performances. Many of the stars today say, they would not be where they are if not for people like Elvis. A day will come when Gavin will be on stage accepting an award, telling everyone the same, “it was those from the past that made me who I am today” is what he will say, inspiring another. There is another great growing among us, his name, Gavin O’Brien!

Tanner Massey

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Out in Oklahoma there is a great new talent emerging and has already started quite a stir. This new singer is eleven year old Tanner Massey. Tanner will make a nice addition to music. He carries a good tone along with some dynamics that are coming to light in his voice. Tanner has already developed a very good bear growl that grabs your attention, and you appreciate the passion he has for singing.

Tanner started getting out and sharing his talent and love for music last year when he sang in a choir in Choctaw Oklahoma. His first solo act came last May at a talent show.

The talent show he sang at last May has become a favorite. It was this show that started him off he says and is for sure a favorite. He also enjoyed performing at the Rising Star Series at the Rodeo Opry. He says he liked how the crowd responded to him at this show. The Heartland Opry/ Country Singers Association is another place he enjoyed performing at. He says their members have supported him from the beginning and has helped to get his name out to the public.

Singing for Tanner is all about meeting new people and making them happy. He loves to see people smiling when he sings. “I feel cool when performing on stage, just love it” says Tanner. Watching Tanner on stage he certainly is cool.

When Tanner is out performing he likes covering Bruno Mars. He says Bruno makes happy and sad songs that he likes. The beats Bruno puts to his music is something that Tanner likes as well.

Tanner is looking forward to putting up some new cover songs he has been working on. He is possibly looking at a duet with a talented girl that he knows where he lives. That would be a great performance. He is hoping to be starting some of his own songs very soon. Tanner has not started writing his own yet, but says he has two older brothers that give him plenty of content to write about.


Tanner is a performer that will be stealing the hearts of many girls. He says the way to his heart is with lots of Mac and Cheese. No matter if it is his singing or the Mac and Cheese, you can bet he will get the girl. If you are out in Oklahoma be sure and look up Tanner and go to one of his shows. He would love to have you there. If you cannot, stop by his YouTube channel Tanner Massey and give him your support there. Take a listen to his music, his voice will quickly tame your heart. This young man is someone you do not want to miss any part of his journey. It will be great!

Sheridan Archbold

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What is entertainment? Entertainment is enjoying a performer, a performer who is engaging and can divert you away from where you are, and take you somewhere else.  An entertainer should capture a person and take that person to where they can feel happiness or sorrow or even a place of wonder. So what is entertainment? It is not a what, but a who, and he is Sheridan Archbold. Sheridan is entertainment.

Sheridan is a first class act that should have his name in lights on the Las Vegas strip, and maybe one day he just might. Sheridan is a singer, actor and comedian. At any of  his performances that you may attend, you truly never know what he might do. Sheridan has many costumes and depending on the what he wants to convey in his performance as to what he might wear. He could show up as Charlie Chaplin or possibly a rabbit. He may sing something classical or pop. Sheridan is an act that is truly entertainment.

In the beginning it was Sheridan’s brother Edgeorge, who inspired him to want to sing. Edgeorge had a Broadway type voice, and would sing everywhere, at home, the car and so on. Sheridan wanted to be just like him, and even wanted the same name. When Sheridan did begin to sing, he sang with his brother at a church they attended. They even went on to record a CD together. Sheridan was three years old and his brother four. However the CD was never released.

Sheridan Archbold at stars2come There’s been many places Sheridan has performed at but, one of his favorite places was at Madison Square Garden Theater. He performed there for America’s Got Talent. Sheridan put all he had into the performance and got a standing ovation from the judges and audience. Another memorable performance for Sheridan was performing the National Anthem, and other patriotic songs for the 4th of July, Pre Parade Program. He felt honored to share songs with the people, and show his love for this country.

When Sheridan performs his favorite artists to cover are, Luciano Pavarotti, Mariah Carey. He likes covering Luciano because of his great voice, personality and his closeness to classical crossover genre in his late career. Mariah, because she has a huge voice and fantastic stage presence.

When Sheridan goes out to perform, it does not matter what genre he chooses to sing. It is all about connecting with audience, for him. Before each performance he always asks himself three questions; How do I perform? What do I perform? and Why am I doing that? He wants to do his best on stage and have fun with the audience. He believes whatever the genre is he sings, if he sings it sincerely, with all his heart, then the audience believes and follows him.

Since his beginning, Sheridan has won many awards, been seen on television and heard on the radio. At the age of ten in 2011, he won the grand prize at a singing contest in Peoria, Illinois. In 2012, he won the grand prize at the Brown County talent show. In 2013, at the Mid-South Fair in Memphis Tennessee, he won the grand prize singing on the same stage that Elvis did. In 2014, he received an award for his performance by the Foundation of Artists Mentored in Entertainment. Plus in 2014, he was also awarded the 2014, Trendsetter of the Year award for raising the standard for excellence in entertainment. As for television he has been on America’s Got Talent, Telemundo News, ABC channel 7 Eyewitness News, CPR TV Chicago Philippine Report TV, and NinonSpeaks Media Image Internet TV show. Plus 90.9 FM WDCB Public Radio, John Russell, Chicago.

Sheridan Archbold at stars2come Sheridan is becoming a great songwriter. He and his mom writes songs together. They write from real events and their hearts. The first song that was created by them is called, United We Stand Pray For America. This is a special song for his family, they are very patriotic and loves this country. They wanted their love of this country reflected in the song. Sheridan hopes to one day perform this song with a full orchestra and choir. Their newest song will be called, Save the Earth. This song will be dedicated to Greenpeace, because they feel people need to raise their voices about the pollution of the earth. The lyrics of this song will be by poetess, Demelia Denton. Sheridan has also written songs dedicated to Steve Jobs and Oprah Winfrey.

For those who wish to see one of Sheridan’s performances live, he has many coming this year to pick from. The demand for Sheridan is so huge, that it is not possible to list all of his upcoming shows here, but you can keep track of where he will be and when on his website  http://www.sheridan-archbold.com/ . However there is one that needs to be highlighted. Sheridan will be in Italy from August 3rd to August 18th. He was chosen to be the first thirteen year old boy to perform the role of Cherubino in opera, Le Nozze di Figaro. He says he feels very excited about this and looking forward to the trip. He is also looking forward to the release of his EP. This is a project that will display his singing along with a couple of surprises on it. He feels it will be well received.

His goal is to simply entertain people and make them happy. He wants to be an inspiration to those who have challenges like he does. Sheridan hopes to make a difference with his singing. If he can inspire someone to persevere and not give up no matter what the personal challenge may be. If he can do this then he has full filled his mission, because he knows first hand about challenges. Sheridan himself is challenged by dyslexia and he has struggled with it for many years, but he has never given up. Everyday he battles dyslexia, but he continues to master his craft no matter what the difficulties are. Although Sheridan has to deal with dyslexia, he has an excellent auditory memory which has helped him to learn lyrics in six different languages. His love for singing and opera has pushed him to overcome many challenges.

Despite Sheridan’s challenges he has risen up and became a first class entertainer. His entertainment skills are among the best, and his creativity will help him entertain and make people happy for many years. He has a gift, and he is not selfish with it. Sheridan is  setting out to make a difference in people’s lives. It is people like Sheridan that makes the world a better place. We can all be thankful to have him on the side of humanity.


Jase Nelson

Jase Nelson at stars2come

Canada recently had one of the biggest heart-throbs to ever hit the stage, Justin Bieber. Now Canada is home to a brand new heart-throb, Jase Nelson. Jase is coming up strong with one of those voices that makes girls melt right where they stand. It will not be long till girls coming to see Jase will have to take a number and stand in a very, long line. One day Justin will look up, and wonder where all the girls went, and he will find them on Jase’s doorstep.

Jase has an amazing new video called, Cupid. This is a cover song originally done by Sam Cooke. It was Jase’s grandma that came up with the idea to sing Cupid. His grandma thought it would be a great song that young girls and older woman would enjoy and relate to. This was a perfect choice his grandma made. Jase sang the song perfectly, and the video itself depicts exactly what Jase’s life is going to be.

Jase Nelson at stars2come  In the video Cupid, girls become taken by Jase with the help of Cupid and her famous arrows. Not long into the video girls are coming out of the bushes after Jase, and he soon has a long line chasing him. In the end he chooses a girl in a wheelchair to be his love. He in fact with his choice, he becomes a hero. Cupid may just be a video, but after learning a bit about Jase, it is clear he would have chosen the girl regardless of Cupid. Jase said he had a blast filming the video in LA. He also says, he is not used to having girls chase him, and that felt kind of weird. Because of the video Jase was able to meet many friends. One of the kids that he met was Barry White’s grandson, Jason. It was exciting for Jase to have Jason be part of the video. Jase’s brother and sister were part of the video as well, and Jase was happy about that. Cupid is a lot of fun to watch, and you get to see what is to come for Jase.

It was at the age of three, that Canada’s newest heart-throb began his journey. At three years old Jase, like many people would sing along with the radio. By the time he was turning five his grandma heard him singing along to a Justin Timberlake song, and it surprised her that he knew all the words, and could sing on pitch. His grandma asked if he liked singing. He said, “oh yes I do”. His grandma then asked if he wanted to take lessons, and he excitedly said, yes!

Not long after Jase turned five, he began singing to the public. He started out on stage at, Sunnybrook Farms which is a tourist attraction where he lives. Since then, he has been on over fifty stages around his province. He performed at Calgary Stampede in Calgary Alberta from age seven through nine. Jase said he loved performing there, he got to perform in front of thousands of people. When his second and third year performing come around, he was excited to see people coming just to see him. When Jase was six, he was cast as Chip in Beauty and The Beast at their local college. Jase said it was exhilarating being in front of a live audience with a huge cast to work alongside.

Jase Nelson at stars2come With no great surprise Jase has been getting considerable attention from the media. He has made many radio interviews and has been featured in magazines that are distributed all across Canada and the US. He has also done a great many local newspaper interviews. There are plans in the works for TV and other interviews to come in the near future.

Nerves are something all performers must overcome, but for Jase it is all part of the experience. He says he likes the feeling of nervousness before he gets on stage. Jase will be all shaky and excited, then he gets on stage, starts singing and it all goes away. It always makes him feel good knowing that people came to listen and enjoy him.

Jase says he hopes to become a household name. He wants to encourage other kids to sing, play an instrument, read books or perhaps write their own book. There is a lot going on with bullying, and Jase wants to do his part and speak out against it, and give kids a voice so they can be more confident.

Cover songs has been a big part of Jase, but he is now beginning to perform songs of his own. He has written three songs with his producer in LA. He says he has lots of ideas and he presents them to his producer, and from  there they work on building a song. The three songs that Jase has written so far are, I Miss You Michael, Waking Up, and I Take My Hat Off To You, all of which you can find on iTunes. The song, I Miss You Michael came to him after he seen a billboard of Michael Jackson’s new album. Waking Up, it came from a short film that he was the lead in. I Take My Hat Off To You, his grandma came up with the title and was written for fun because he always wears a hat, and has over 50 of them.

Jase Nelson at stars2come  Don’t be fooled, music is not the only thing Jase is mastering, he is also an author. Jase writes children’s books. They are working on getting his first book to print in January 2015. The book is about a Canadian boy and his snowman that he built and becomes his friend. His second book is already written, and just need to prepare it for print.

Other than Jase’s books going to print soon, there are other exciting things coming from him. He is featured in a teenager’s magazine out of Florida called, Teen Fare. It will be out in January 2015. Also in January he is hoping to film his next video and by March be on his third. Jase has begun working on more songs to add to his album, so be on the lookout for those.

Jase does a lot of great things, but he always takes his music seriously. He takes voice lessons, piano, guitar, and dance workshops because he wants to be a great singer. He does everything to follow his dream, this is not his families dream, but his. Jase’s family does help to make sure he balances things out, have fun and play. Sometimes people thinks he is girl because of his long hair, he doesn’t care, he loves it anyway. He is always kind, respectful and considerate of others.

It is not hard to see and understand why he is becoming a teen idol. Jase is extremely talented, handsome and a heart of gold. Now these three things, are things, that no girl can resist. It may have felt weird for all the girls chasing him in Cupid, but it is something he might as well get use to.

Jordan Green

Jordan Green at stars2come







Who would have known you could find country in New Jersey, but with great surprise Jordan appears, and he is all country. New Jersey and Jordan’s parents should be proud to have such an amazing talent. He is one of the best male country vocalist to come along in a while, and he has a bright future ahead of him. Jordan has a great sound,with a country look that girls love; Nashville is in need of a guy like Jordan.

This up and coming country artist started off singing at just two and a half years old performing in church. By the time Jordan turned ten, he had his own band and making his debut performance playing his own music. This all happened in 2009 at a festival called, “Bottle Hill Day” in Madison, New Jersey. He remembers being very nervous, but he says after playing their short three song set, he knew performing was something he had to do.

Jordan says he has performed at many places over the past six years, and has a few that remains memorable. One of these performances was at,  Morristown’s Got Talent. At the time he was with a band called, “The Originals” and made it to the finals. The finals were held at the Mayo Performing Arts Center in New Jersey. Jordan said it was the biggest stage he had ever performed on, and will never forget it. He also enjoyed performing at the Walk To Cure Cancer for the T. J. Martell Foundation, which he will be doing again this year.

Whenever Jordan is out playing music and singing cover songs he loves covering Trace Adkins.  He likes Trace because he feels his songs are clever and fun to sing. More importantly when Jordan is out singing, he loves the rush that comes from being on stage. He is passionate about music and whether he is performing in front of ten people or ten thousand, he gives it his all.

As an artist one of the things they all must do is get some great original songs out, and Jordan is working on that right now. His goal is to get a five song EP and two videos released. Jordan hopes to have it all completed by the end of the year. He wants to also keep performing anywhere he can, and work on larger and larger gigs. Once he finishes high school he would like to attend college in Nashville.

Jordan has been writing songs ever since he was ten years old, and has written about 25 songs by himself, and about 100 that he has co-written. He attends a music school called, The Original Music School. At the music school he learns to write songs and to work with a band. There is a song he wrote that is special to Jordan called, “In The Stars”. The song is dedicated to his grandma who passed away suddenly when he was in the 6th grade. Just like his song, In The Stars, everything he writes comes from personal experiences.

There are many internet radios and a couple of FM radios in Australia that are currently playing a few of Jordan’s songs, and more radios are picking him up regularly. Jordan has become very popular and he is taking on more things all the time. Here recently he has become an Ambassador for Heart Songs for Veterans / Heart Songs for Causes. Heart Songs is an organization where artist donate a song to a particular cause with all the proceeds of the sales going to the cause. Jordan will be releasing a song soon just for Heart Songs. He is looking forward to being a guest host on the Heart Songs Radio Show which will air on the Scorpion Radio Network.

Jordan is a big country music fan with favorite artists including Trace Adkins, Luke Bryan to Carrie Underwood, plus many more. He does however enjoy many things, like hanging out with friends, church, art, food and he is a huge baseball fan and the Mets are who he follows. He is an all around country boy.

Don’t miss a thing from Jordan he creates some great music that everyone loves. One song of his that he has is called, Budge. This song is very well done, good lyrics, it flows well and it is a song that sticks in your head. Jordan has a great tone to his voice and a creative writer, this makes him a great addition to country music.


Lyric Dubee “Black Ice”

Lyric Dubee Black Ice at stars2come




Lyric Dubee, sixteen year old Barrie teen and Nashville recording artist, releases first single “Black Ice” from his third album. Black Ice is another incredible song, Lyric continues to deliver great songs one after another. There are not many  artists that can create such works of art as Lyric does. The lyrics in his songs always have a great flow to them and are  written so well they never leave you head. The melody in Black Ice is hypnotizing and pulls you deeper into the story in the song. Lyric says he was just practicing some different air tap guitar techniques and came across the melody. The lyrics then fell together shortly after along with the rest of the song.

Black Ice is the first release of a 10 song CD he is currently working on. He will be releasing a single every 4 to 6 weeks with the drop of the album in January 2015. These songs were recorded in four different studios, with three of them being recorded in Nashville and the rest in Toronto. All of the songs on the album are either co-writes or songs he wrote on his own. On this album he teamed up with Nolan Neal, Bobby Amaru, Gord Richards and Dave Dunlop.

Lyric also shot an amazing video for Black Ice. This video was shot in an old abandoned house and that made for a great back drop with a lot of character, and gave it depth. It is about a girl who left you and then came back, however, now you do not want her back. This is a video you definitely want to see.

Lyric’s next song and video to come out is called, “They Say”. Lyric says, the video unlike the song is about a child coming to a new town/school trying to find his place in the new area. This is certainly something you want to keep an eye out for. Lyric continues to outdo himself with each and every song. He is a lot like Eric Clapton, you never know what is coming, but when it gets there it blows you away.

Lyric has been one busy artist, not only has he been working on his new CD, but went on tour through part of the US. His first tour here in the US he performed in Ohio, Kentucky and Nashville. This was a two week tour with eleven performances. After having the pleasure of seeing Lyric live, it is easy to say he is someone you never want to miss, he puts on an amazing show gaining the attention of all who are in ear shot. He will leave you wanting more every time. This may have been his first tour, but another is already being planned for 2015 after his CD release.

This year Lyric also this year attended the world’s biggest music festival called, SXSW (South By South West) in Texas. This festival had over 100 vendors and over 2200 performers. Lyric said SXSW was over the top, an amazing experience. He says there was music everywhere. While at SXSW he played two showcases for CIMA (Canadian Independent Music Association).

Lyric is one amazing artist with one great song after another, make sure to keep up with everything he does by following his website Lyric Dubee.com. He is going to become a legend.


Clay Mobley



Clay Mobley at stars2come






People have always said they grow things bigger in Texas, and what they were talking about was, Clay Mobley. Clay towers above most everyone, even Blake Shelton is going to have to look up to him. When it comes to singing he packs one of the biggest and best baritone voices out there. The only thing Clay is going to have to worry about with his size are the stampedes of girls when he hits the stage. The girls will for sure be after the right guy, he is super nice and loaded with talent.

When you meet Clay one thing that does not come to mind, is for him to be nervous or afraid of anything, but when he took to the stage at eight years old he certainly was. He was a bit smaller then, but he made his first performance at his school talent show. Even though he was a little nervous, once he sang and heard the applause he didn’t want to stop, he wanted to perform again and again.

Clay has continued to perform sharing his great gift with everyone. He entered a stage performance course offered by Ballard School of Music in Wylie, Texas called Searching for a Star. (I think they found one). He learned the basics of performing, but this was also a contest. The first year he won second place in his age group and then he competed again and was the overall winner in 2011. He has also had the great opportunity to sing at the Arlington Music Hall. He says this was a large professional venue with dressing rooms and a large audience. He felt honored performing there because of the number of famous people who had performed on that stage in the past. He has been performing everywhere and with a fairly large performance at Six Flags over Texas. At Six Flags he had three thirty minute performances. He has also been doing performances for Tunes for Tots performing at Love and War in Plano, Texas and Grapevine, Texas. Clay’s performances have taken him to Nashville as well where he put on more performances for Tunes for Tots. He has performed at the Opry Mills Mall in Nashville, and at BB Kings.

When it comes to performing Clay is the real deal. Clay performs because he loves it, it does not matter if it is for two people or three thousand, performing is just what he does, and he does it very well. “Music has a way of making people feel better and I want to be a part of that!” says Clay. When Clay is out performing he likes to cover songs from Josh Turner because of the many songs he has with low and high ranges to showcase his voice. He also likes covering Chris Young, Scotty McCreery, and George Straight as well. He hopes to one day realize his dream of performing on the legendary stage at the Grand Ole Opry.

Clay may be out entertaining people covering songs from other artists, but this is sure to be short-lived because he has started writing his own. Clay is so talented that you know the songs he writes will be spectacular. On one of his trips to Nashville he co-wrote his very first song with a songwriter there and hopes to record it soon. Since his visit to Nashville he has written four more songs, but the song he wrote in there is his favorite because, it is his first.

Clay has already met with producers and an independent record label in Nashville.  He is currently working on a project with Jeff Huskins and has recorded his first EP. He said recording at the Tracking Room and Blackbird Studios was a great experience. Be sure to keep your eye open for the EP it is going to be incredible.

Clay wants to use his God given gift to become a professional performer, music means the world to him. He dreams to inspire and share his love for music to the world. If you would like to enjoy his love of music you can catch him this summer when he will be performing at the Grapevine Opry Summer Kids Show. He just recently found out he was cast for the show and he is very excited about it. There will be eight shows and he will be in at least four of them.

Once you hear Clay you truly cannot imagine him doing anything else. He is a big guy carrying a big voice that he knows how to use very well. There is another big artist to come from Texas and that is George Straight. George is the king, but Clay is the prince and he has the voice to one day take that title. He has the talent and charisma on stage to where  he is going to be the one to beat. He is going be someone who people are going to look up to, literally, not just for his height, but for his talent.

Brayden Ryle

Brayden Ryle at stars2come




Most people when they think of Tennessee the first thing that comes to mind is Nashville and country music. Well there is a small town just outside of Nashville called Clarksville where a little man by the name of Brayden Ryle lives that just might be changing all of this old thinking. When Elvis came along he got the state of Tennessee rock’n and made Memphis famous and Brayden just might be doing the very same. Brayden is like a mini Elvis and this young man is going to make Clarksville as famous as Elvis did for Memphis.

The thing is with this new up and coming heart-throb, he is only seven years old and no one had a clue he could sing or even wanted to. Brayden said he just watched his dad work with some singers and he enjoyed the music so he wanted to give it a try. One day he just asked his dad if he would record him, and his dad agreed and he shocked everyone with what he could do.

Even though Brayden is a rocker at heart his very first recording was a gospel song called, “We Know What We Do”. Then soon after he asked his dad if he would write a song with him and together they wrote his very first original, “Eye On You”. Brayden says he likes this song and it really rocks. This song does rock and so does the music video. He said it was a lot of fun making the video, but it was also a lot of work. He also says music is a lot of fun, but you have to work hard to be good at it. Brayden does work hard with his music, but it has all been worth it.

Brayden really does love singing and he says the best thing about it is being in the studio. He said he wished he didn’t have to fix so many lines, but it all sounds good when it is finished making it all worth it. “My dad hears everything that’s wrong but, I think he is a professional” Brayden said.

Brayden currently has only one video out, but that video has gained him a great deal of attention from various TV shows to Disney looking to take him on. He has not followed up on any of these leads, but he has appeared on cable TV recently where he lives. Brayden says he feels that it is good that people want to sign him for things, but “I am just seven years old, maybe I will sign when I am in the third grade”, he said.

People are fast learning who he is and when they see him they are already asking for his autograph. Brayden says it is really cool when people ask him for his autograph, but he likes spending time with his dad doing what he loves.  He does love what he does, but so does the girls. He has become a heart-throb over night and it will not be long before they start mobbing him everywhere he goes. Brayden says he really likes the girls, but his friends say they are not any fun, but Brayden says, they are pretty.

He would like to thank everyone that has watched his video and the nice things that are being said. He really does love his fans. Also be on the look out for his next song coming soon. He is currently back in the studio again recording his new song, “Live Wire”. He said he can’t wait to hear it when it is finished, it rocks even more the “Eye On You”.

Brayden is a wonderfully talented kid and a blast to be around. He loves to rock and it is only a matter of time before people will be thinking of Brayden when Tennessee is talked about. Get ready girls the new Elvis is coming and his name is Brayden Ryle.

Be sure and catch his new video right here as soon as it is released.