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Internet Star And Nashville Recording Artist, Jadyn Rylee

Exceptional things happen, to exceptional people, this happens to be a true fact, when talking about Jadyn. Already at her young age, she has an understanding of songs, that many people unfortunately never get. You wouldn’t think someone of her age would have the delivery, and  perception of songs, that is found and understood in her performances, but they are. The way she sings, is that of a much older and seasoned artist, but yet here she is stunning people with every song at just eleven years old. Jadyn, and the way she performs a song, has become an infection on the internet. She has gained internet stardom.

Jadyn’s fame, and audience grows larger by the day, with her videos reaching into the millions. One of these songs that has gotten a great deal of attention is, The Sound of Silence. This video has soared to well over four million in just barely three months. Her delivery of the song has a dark and haunting vibe to her voice, and people has gone crazy over it. Jadyn really liked this song. “The song was so deep and loud, it was fun trying to learn it” says Jadyn. Jadyn has been doing projects with Sina, and it was Sina’s dad Mike Wilbury and Rick Benbow who chose the song, The Sound of Silence. They felt people would love it, and they did in a big way. 

Jadyn and Sina make a good team. Jadyn says she’s glad they found each other. “She is helpful with ideas and her drumming in our songs” says Jadyn. Currently they have three recordings together, The Sound of Silence, Nothing Else Matters, and Go Your Own Way. Plans to work on more videos together, is in the works. Jadyn hopes they will start working on something soon. 

In June, Jadyn packed up and headed out to Nashville to write and record her very own songs. In Nashville she worked with legendary writer and guitarist Curt Ryle of Big Matador Records. While there they wrote three songs, and she loved the experience. “The experience was amazing because I have never had the chance to work with anyone who helped me write songs before, and I can’t believe we wrote three” Jadyn says. 

Her newest release is one of the songs written and recorded in Nashville called, Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover. This is an anti-bullying song, and it was important to her to write. “I wanted to write a song that touched people and a song that kids could look up to, especially if they had been bullied before” says Jadyn. She has been bullied herself, but not as bad as some of her friends. She wanted to let her friends and everyone to see that bullying wasn’t alright and shouldn’t be allow. “We are all human and supposed to be equal and no one deserves to be hurt like that” says Jadyn.  She hopes to do more songs like that in the future. The song has a lot of meaning that sends out a good message, and her delivery of it is unbelievable. Brilliant!

Another song they wrote is called, Virtual Reality. The song is fun and bouncy and makes you want to dance. It also mentions Arianna Grande and Jadyn hopes one day Arianna will hear it. The song is about being a kid and enjoying life. Everyone will love this song. For now her third song will remain under wraps, but I can tell you, it’s going to blow your mind. 

Writing with Curt was amazing, she says. “He helped me write the lyrics, and then recorded his guitar for all of the songs. It was so much fun” says Jadyn. While in Nashville writing with Curt they stayed at his home, and something clicked with the two of them that created a good bond. Curt was amazed at the things she was able to do in the studio, and one of the things was how high she could sing. He teasingly nicknamed her, Little Freak. “The funniest part about recording in Nashville was when we would get ready to record we would first have breakfast and then go down to the studio, every morning Curt would say “Well good morning little freak” it was so funny” Jadyn says. She can’t wait to go back. On all of her recordings, she sang all of the harmonies, and Curt said he had never met anyone who could do harmonies as well as Jadyn. 

Music means the world to her and loves every aspect of it. Jadyn has met and worked with a lot of amazing people, Curt, Mike, Rick, Sina, and Andre she loves them all. She loves her singing coach as well, Sarah Hyde. “Sarah has taught me so much and has always told me that I can do this and I do it well” says Jadyn. Her coach is correct, she can do and does it well. 

Jadyn is an exceptional person in the way she grasps lyrics, and creativity she puts in her songs. She has become well known, but not just who she is, but the way she sings a song. The people that follow her music are loyal listeners and can’t wait for a new song. With all she has accomplished in just a short time, it is obvious she will become larger than life. The world audience loves her. 

Canada’s Teen Sensation “Tyler Lorette”


Canada has been a hot bed for singers for decades and it’s still cranking them out. Tyler Lorette, is one of Canada’s new sensations. Tyler is hitting the world of music with heart, soul and a winning personality. He has it all to leave the girls screaming and crying for more. Tyler wears a  magnetic smile, a cool style, and dreamy eyes, all is needed next, is for him to begin to sing.  Once he starts to sing, his voice is captivating and beautifully toned, the girls will melt right where they stand. Tyler is the kind of artist that  radio and TV were made for. 

Music was in his heart at a young age. He picked up the guitar and started singing at the age of four. When he was eight, he auditioned for a role in, “Cats” at his school landing the role of, Mr. Mistofoles. He has also participated in talent contests. “I entered a few talent contests when I was nine and ten and realized more and more that I really loved to perform for people and make them happy” says Tyler. Music is who Tyler is, he loves it and it shows in all he does. He is thirteen now, and is this last year alone he has played over fifty gigs, recorded four professional covers and shot four music videos that were featured on Cover Nation’s YouTube channel. “I also live stream two times per week on a music app called KRUE so people can always find me on there performing on Mondays and Thursdays” Tyler says. 

Fundraisers are events that have a special place in his heart, and loves to participate in them all he can. “I perform at fundraisers so that I can help contribute to whatever the cause is” says Tyler. Outside of the fundraisers he performs wherever he can and invited to. For the past two years Tyler has been a guest performer for, Next Country Star.  This is a huge event in Ontario and the winner of the event will get to perform on their own stage at the Havelock Jamboree which is a massive four day country music festival with celebrity bands and musicians. “I also performed for a local venue a few months ago where I met and performed live in front of Country band The Stella’s and Lennon & Maisy from the show Nashville” says Tyler. 

As anyone would expect with a voice such as Tyler carries, he has done well in singing contests. In 2013 at a local Spring Sing contest he won 1st place with the hit song, Say Something by A Great Big World. In 2014 he placed 2nd in a 21 and under contest called, Star of the Shore. In 2015 in the same contest he placed 1st performing the hit song Creep by Radiohead. The Star of the Shore was hosted by Farley Flex the judge from Canadian Idol.

Tyler likes mashing up songs, putting his own spin on them. Keeping things fresh and unique is what it is about for Tyler. He has many artists he likes to cover such as, Pink Floyd, Shawn Mendes, Ed Sheeran and the list goes on. 

Making people happy, sharing good feelings and positive messages is what music and performing is all about for Tyler. “I believe when you have a musical gift you should share it with everyone” says Tyler. Tyler is a great performer who can appeal to anyone’s taste. He can play many instruments, guitar, bass, mandolin, ukulele, drums and piano. this year he has also loaded his music to iTunes and Spotify. “It’s been so cool to have friends at school streaming my music” says Tyler. His hopes and dreams are to release an EP of his own songs and fill the Air Canada Center in Toronto so everyone can hear them. “I also want to meet and collaborate with John Mayer, Justin Bieber, and Ed Sheeran one day and find out where they get their inspiration from when they write their hit songs cause they are amazing artists” says Tyler. 

Making dreams come true takes a great deal of work and the drive to keep going, and that is found in Tyler. Part of his dream is to have his own original songs and he is well on his way to having them. As of now he has written five songs. The first song he wrote was when he was nine as a tribute to his cousin who became an angel after a car accident in December 2012. This song is called, Beautiful Soul. “Since then I wrote a song called, Believe, as the title says it is about believing in yourself and never giving up on your dreams” says Tyler. He says he usually starts creating the music and melody and then the words start coming  about what he is feeling or dealing with at the time. The songwriter bug is in him, anywhere anytime stuff pops in his head, he finds himself searching for pen and paper. The sign of a true writer.  

Fans is what makes any artist. Tyler appreciates all of the support that comes from his fans, family, friends and people all across the internet. He loves them all. It is the love from all of these people that keeps him going. It excites him to see people sharing and commenting on his music. This all inspires him to keep practicing and to become better. Tyler wants to give special thanks to a few people in his musical life. “I give thanks to my mentors Roberta Quilico who is my vocal coach, Larry Chown my guitar coach, Troy Williams and George Craig for their mentorship as musicians and always inviting me out to play gigs, John Owens my drum coach, Linda Lopez for her guidance on my future in music, and of coarse my parents for investing their time, money and support so I can do what I love” Tyler says.

Tyler has a lot of great things coming up that no one should miss out on. He is currently writing three new songs to be recorded in Nashville. He just completed his 4th professionally recorded cover and music video to be launched in the next few weeks, be sure not to miss that. He also has many guest performances lined up this year across Canada and the US. Find time to catch his performance if it comes anywhere near where you live.  

All of the great things happening with Tyler now is just the beginning. Tyler has the whole package to become the next great pop artist who’s music is covered around the world. He is honest and sincere, and these traits can be found in him when watching and listening. These traits are what finds there way to people’s ears and to their soul to make them love a song and a artist. The music is in him, and people are loving it. 

Capri Everitt, Around The World In 80 Anthems

There’s special people around the world who set out to make a difference in the lives of others. These people who reach out to help in some way range from, movie stars, to your local store owner, to kids. Sometimes people want to help, but don’t really know how or where to start. In Canada lives a young lady who has a heart as big and bright as the sun, she too wanted to help. Capri Everitt, is this young lady. Capri is eleven years old and she has taken a stand to help make the world a better place for orphans.

Worldwide it is estimated to be 140 million orphans according to UNICEF. This is a huge number with many of them having nowhere to go, no shelter, no food, only living on the streets and surviving from hand outs, or worse. No country, no matter how advanced is free from orphans living unsafely, or from hunger. Capri decided she wanted to help some of these orphans; help them have something to eat and a safe place to stay. “I thought the worst thing in the world would be to not have any parents. To be alone to have to get food for yourself, to not know where you will stay or sleep, to not have a sense of security” says Capri. This was the beginning of what would become a great adventure for Capri and possibly, a little better life for a few orphans worldwide. 

Capri has been singing since she was five years old and loves all types of music. She loves how you can express yourself in different ways. Songs are a way of connecting people, it helps them feel something meaningful. An anthem is something special for every country, it helps to unite that country, and the people of that country feels proud when they hear it. Around The World In 80 Anthems was a brilliant way to connect with people, and help unite people for a cause. The adventure Capri was about to set out on was her mom’s idea, but the whole family had their part in it. 

Around The World In 80 Anthems had lots of support from her family and others. Her mom worked to book the places for her to sing. Her dad was in charge of social media and her little brother was the blogger. They asked the charity SOS Children’s Villages to book their stays in many of the SOS villages around the world. Through social media,and interviews around the world they gained a lot of extra support. 

Capri may have sung a big part of her life, but didn’t know how to sing nor speak all of those languages. The only languages she could speak or sing at the time was English and French. To make this work she had to learn all of these songs in the correct language before they left for the journey. “When I was learning all of these anthems, I would try to find people from each country to teach me so that I was confident that I was pronouncing everything correctly” says Capri. She says the Chinese anthem was probably the hardest to learn because it is extremely complicated and hard to pronounce. 

There may have been a few challenges to learning so many songs, but the adventure would be well worth the effort. In most of the countries where she sang was at the SOS Villages with the orphaned and abandoned children. Sometimes there would be other events where Capri would perform as well. In countries that did not have SOS Children’s Villages, she would sing at a famous festival or landmark, whatever her mom was able to organize. Every anthem singing event was special in it’s own way. Along the way singing the anthems, Capri also met some wonderful people. 

Every country had people who Capri would meet and never forget. A few people that stands out for her are, Mr. Clark from South Korea, Eleni from Greece, Alois and Hechtah from South Africa, but this is just a few, the list is far too great to name them all. Capri appreciates the help and kindness Mr Clark, Eleni and Alois showed her and her family in their countries. Capri says she loved South Africa because of Hechtah. “She was a thirteen year old girl who was so amazing and inspiring. She herself  was an orphan and had never met her family. I interviewed her for my school work and I asked her what her one wish would be. She said that it would be to know her family” says Capri. 

All of what Capri has done around the world has made for an incredible journey. “When I was singing my 80th anthem in Washington DC, I felt the strongest feeling of accomplishment I had ever felt” says Capri. She knew all of the hard work that her and her family had done, had definitely paid off. “We knew that we had made a difference to all of those kids that we had met and they had made a difference to us” says Capri.

While out helping the orphans, Capri received another opportunity. About two weeks prior to getting to India, Capri’s mom got an email from Maati Baani asking if she would be part of the Heal The World video. The Heal The World video is made up of kids from all around the world. Of course she accepted, and while in India she met Maati Baani and recorded the song. Capri also got to meet and become friends with one of the other kids in the video, Sparsh Shah. It will be kids like these that will bring everyone together around the world, with peace, love and understanding.

Around The World In 80 Anthems has been a huge undertaking and has consumed much of Capri and her family’s time, and continues to do so. “Right now 80 Anthems has kind of taken over my normal life now” says Capri. Right now they are currently making a documentary about their journey and recording a soundtrack. Capri wants to keep singing and speaking around the world and also keep raising money for SOS and other charities. She dreams of becoming a UN Ambassador. “I want people to know that you have to work hard if you want to make a footprint in history and really make a difference to so many people who have got much harder lives than you. That’s what I want to do” Capri says.

So many people are unable to help themselves for one reason or another. It is people like Capri who gets up and gets out to make that difference for these people. Not everyone is capable of helping like this either. It takes a special person, one that has a passion for people. Because of Around The World In 80 Anthems there are a few more orphan kids who can rest a little easier, and knows they have friend that is looking out for them. It is not necessary to personally know Capri to see she has a heart full of love. She is driven by that love, that inner light, and without doubt every kid she meets and talks to sees that love and light. Capri is hope for them. Little by little Capri is doing her part to heal the world.


Lauren Isenberg

Lauren Isenberg

Life has many great things to offer. When going through life we all experience many wondrous and beautiful sights, sounds and people of all types. Most often it’s the people themselves that makes the world a more beautiful and exciting place to live. In Canada resides just such a person who does brighten, excites and adds much beauty to the lives of many . This person is Canadian artist, Lauren Isenberg. Lauren is just fourteen years old, and proof “life” really knows what it is doing.

Lauren is not “just” a singer, she, is someone that must be experienced. What she does vocally, is so captivating you soon forget everything going on around you. What happens is you find yourself fixed on Lauren, and caught up in the world she has created in her performance. Sit back and just listen, her voice is hypnotizing all the emotion that she exudes keeps you under her spell through the entirety of the story she is telling. To watch Lauren, is to be taken to a place of wonder and fascination. Living in the story is what is seen throughout her being, the emotion, passion and animations that she brings to the story is what brings it to life. When watching all of these expressions combined with her voice, she is an exceptional artist that must be and should be experienced by all. She was created for life and now she creates, to add more life to all.

Coming from a musical family she has always sang. “I used to sing a lot when I was little, I wasn’t great, but I really enjoyed it” says Lauren. When Lauren was little, she made her debut performance as a flying monkey in The Wizard of Oz at a school play. Lauren discovered she enjoyed performing and continued to audition for plays in and out of school. Over time she claimed a few leading roles; she was Mary Poppins, The Scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz, and Donna in Mama Mia in grades 3, 4, and  5.

At the Drake Hotel in Toronto is where she made her first ever performance with a live band. “It was such an amazing experience to be on stage with seriously talented musicians” says Lauren. This was all organized by her vocal coach, Marla Joy.

Lauren is exceptional, but she is not alone. Lauren has teamed up with, Aja Neinstein also from Canada and Sina Doering from Germany who are both sensational. The collaborations from these three have been perfection. If there ever was a dream team, this is it! Aja is another exception, she can do magic with lyrics. Then there’s Sina a percussionist who has an ear for music, not a note out of place, her timing is spot on. You just can’t get much better than Sina. Lauren loved collaborating with Aja and Sina. “It’s really cool to be able to do that with Sina because she lives in Germany and I am in Canada and she is such a talented musician. Aja and I have known each other for years and she is an amazing singer” says Lauren. Together they covered, Here Comes The Sun and it’s one of the best covers of this song, it is right in there with the original. It’s so good, you don’t want the song to end, just keep going. If these three were to record and tour together, they would set the music world on it’s end.

Without any doubt Aja, Sina and Lauren make a great team, but it was Sina who got it all started. Sina reached out to Lauren after seeing her cover of, Jealous. Lauren and Sina worked together on an original song called, Doing the Wrong Thing the Right Way. This original song was written by Sina’s dad, Mike Wilbury. Mike too is an exceptional musician and can be heard on the song playing guitar and bass.  The instrumental and vocals on this song, is perfect. Everything flowed so well, it just carried you away. It would be no surprise to get in the car and turn on the radio and Doing the Wrong Thing the Right Way be playing; it should be. The creativeness of the song and music, is brilliant. This song is one that people can get behind and understand. “I think it’s a very relatable song; most people have been “done wrong” by someone at one point in their life, and some people are very crafty at doing wrong to others” says Lauren.

Singing cover songs is something that Lauren enjoys doing. Many of the songs she chooses to cover all have their own special place with her. A couple examples are: Jealous, this song was so beautiful and meaningful to Lauren, and Here Comes The Sun is a serious classic and different from what she is used to performing.  In all, it’s the love of performing and the joy she receives from entertaining people. The feedback and support from those who listens to her performances has been incredible. Lauren appreciates, every one.

Lauren is currently working on another cover that she hopes everyone enjoys when it comes out. Also she has been doing some songwriting and maybe one day soon, we will get to hear her own works. She says, she feels fortunate that people likes and supports her singing, and for that she is grateful.

It’s incredible how she breathes life into a song to make it seem so vibrant and real. Lauren is gifted in a way few are. When performing there’s so much character in her, that along with the expressions on her face, she is telling a story visually as well as vocally. It is evident she truly loves and embraces music and the story within the song. It’s that love and passion that allows audiences to take part in the journey she is living.


Mini Pop Kids, Raina Harten

Raina Harten at stars2come






Raina is one of the Mini Pop Kids based in Canada. Mini Pop Kids is made up of several amazingly talented kids singing and dancing their way into the hearts of many. They spend a great deal of their time performing around Ontario as well as TV. Mini Pop Kids is well rehearsed and choreographed. Watching their videos it is like a well oiled machine running smooth and in time, it is obvious why Mini Pop Kids is so well-loved.  Raina is right there shinning bright with vocals and dance moves doing her part in keeping it running smooth.

Prior to the Mini Pop Kids, Raina was already out performing. Everything started off with dance competitions competing in Ontario, Buffalo, Myrtle  Beach, and New Your City. At the age of nine, she began singing on stage, and won a contest to perform at the largest Ribfest music festival in Canada.

At ten years old, Raina auditioned with about 1000 other kids for a chance to be one of the Mini Pop Kids. She was chosen to be a part of the group, and this began a whole new adventure.

With the Mini Pop Kids, Raina toured all over Ontario in 2015, with another tour planned for 2016 which includes other provinces. The 2016 Breakout Tour, will be bigger than the tour in 2015 with a lot of new stuff added. The group also performs live on TV for CP24, CHCH TV, CTV, CTV Ottawa. Mini Pop Kids album 13 came out in December which Raina is part of, as well as album 12. Raina sings on both albums, but 13 was a little different. “I especially like, “What Do You Mean” on album 13 as that is one of my solo songs on the album” says Raina. There are eight members to Mini Pop Kids and all are lead singers, but because of Raina’s dance background, she is in a lot of performances.

Being a part of the Mini Pop Kids is something that Raina loves. She loves it because she gets to be with people who can same thing as she does. “Sometimes my classmates don’t understand what it is like to do what I do” says Raina. Performing for the fans is what Raina likes the best. “There is nothing like it when the fans are so excited and happy to see you” Raina says.

Raina Harten at stars2come While Raina loves the Mini Pop Kids  and performing with them, she still performs her own shows as well. Some of the venues and events she is invited to, to perform are, Youth Day Toronto, Burlington Ribfest Music Festival, Oakville Jazz Festival, Oakville Tree Lighting and Skyfest Music Festival. Performing at all of these have been great, but her favorite performance comes from when she was ten years old. When she was ten, she decided to go to her grandma’s retirement home to perform because she never gets to go out and see Raina. This performance became special for Raina. “One person in a wheelchair said I reminded her of her granddaughter and said I sing like an angel and started crying. I started crying because it touched me that she was moved by my performance”, says Raina.

Raina covers a lot of artists, a few of those are, Christina Aguilera, Ariana Grande, Adele, Sam Smith, Justin Bieber plus many more. “I love covering really great singers because it pushes me to improve my singing voice” Raina says.

When it comes to getting out and singing she just loves having a mic in her hand just singing anytime, but on stage is a different experience. Raina says, “”I actually get so nervous every time, like sick to my stomach nervous, but once I see the smiling faces, I just sing”. When she is performing with the Mini Pop Kids, she loves how they have choreography with their songs, it makes it feel like a real concert show.

Her goal is to continue to do what she is doing. Raina would like to be on a music TV show, and be a musician, songwriter and singer when she grows up. No matter, Raina just wants to stay in the music and acting  industry as long as she can. “I think it is what I was meant to do because it feels so right to me” says Raina.

Cover songs are always a part of what Raina likes to sing, but she is also a writer. She hopes to become a strong songwriter and her first song will be out this month. Raina has been contacted by a few songwriters wanting to collaborate. Her first co-written song is special, but not only because it is her first, but the song is basically a bio of both their lives. “It was neat because I met the songwriter and she had half  of the song done, and the lyrics explained who I was, but she wrote it about her too. It was meant to be, for me to meet her” says Raina. Her second song that was written with her friend Lil M, should be recorded and released soon.

Raina Harten at stars2come For someone who spends much of their time in front of crowds, you wouldn’t think about them being shy, but Raina is, very shy. It takes a bit of time for Raina to get to know a person, to let them in and relax. Once she has become comfortable, then she is just a big goof, playing jokes on people, and as a friend, she is extremely loyal. “Some people don’t like me at first because they think I don’t like them, but it’s really because I am shy” Says Raina. Shy or not once she has a mic in her hand the show is on, and she will bring the house down.

Mini Pop Kids are one amazing group, and they are so amazing and loved because of people like Raina. All members of Mini Pop Kids are talented and great entertainers, this what makes them so popular and true pop stars. If Raina is performing with Mini Pop Kids or she is doing her own gigs, whoever is in the audience, will have a wonderful and professional show. Raina has a huge future ahead of her, it will be great watching her shine.


Aja Neinstein

Aja Neinstein at stars2come






Canada is on fire with all of the artists that it is producing. Canada is not just producing singers, these are true acts that could withstand the test of time. Aja Neinstein is one of these such acts. Aja is a phenomenal singer, but just as important she has character. There is something different about her that many do not posses, she sees the world outside the box, she has depth. Watching her it is easy to become mesmerized by her voice, but it is her charisma that plays a big role in making you like her as a entertainer. Aja does what a true artist does, holds her audience from beginning to end leaving them wanting more.

Aja says she has been singing her entire life, but at the age of four she began with the local theater. W hen she was in the first grade Aja landed a small role in the school play, Hairspray. She was the youngest kid in the play and the director asked Aja’s mom if he could be her coach. In the following production of Annie, Aja won the lead role playing Annie. Aja says she was very comfortable performing on stage and the crowd was usually around 200 people.

When Aja was eight years old is when she had her first major performance. Aja performed at a, Conquer Cancer event with 5000 people in attendance. She sang the Canadian National Anthem.

There was a performance she done at a theater called, Koerner Hall recently, which has become one of her favorites. “The venue was amazing and it had incredible sound”, says Aja. Another performance she liked was singing at an event with Nikki Yanojsky.

Aja has had many great performances, but there was one that warmed her heart and enabled her to see the power of music.  Recently Aja had the privilege to perform for a boy with severe disabilities at his home. The boy is blind, non verbal, confined to a wheelchair, but loves music. Aja said it was incredible to see him smile when she was singing. “I never realized my music could do that for someone. This by far was my most meaningful performance”, said Aja. Currently there is a special event being planned for the boy’s eighteenth birthday, and Aja will be apart of the festivities.

  Contests are something Aja’s mom doesn’t care much for, however she was entered into one this past June. She was entered  into the Perez Hilton, Can You Sing Competition with Sia’s song, Chandelier. Aja worked on Chandelier and she loved it so much that her vocal teacher suggested for her to record it and do a really fun video. She said it was a fun  project. Well, Aja left for an overnight camp before the editing was done, so she did not have a chance to hear it. Luckily for Aja, her camp counselor played it for her. She loved it! What she was not told was that her video had been entered into a contest which she had won. Most of the staff at camp knew, but kept it secret. Her parents came up for visitors day and told Aja that she had won, and would need to return home because she had interviews to do with TV and magazines. Aja said it was pretty cool that Perez had tweeted her and shared her video with the world.

Most people would be nervous when getting out on stage, but not Aja, the only thing she feels is excitement.  She loves the feeling of being on stage in front of a crowd. Aja is creative with her performances and tries to change her presentation often. Singing she says, is something she often does alone or with her coach, it is not like other things where there are other kids. Aja is a very social person and loves to be with people of all ages.

Aja does not really have any favorite artists, she says, she is only ten so she has lots of amazing artists to learn from. She just released a video of Tattooed Heart by, Ariana  Grande. She is working on a song from Ed Sheeran, Thinking Out Loud. She loves to cover different artists, certain songs just speak to her.

Aja has written a few songs, but not all have come to life. Her first original is about change. Aja had changed schools and camps, these were all good changes and she was happy. She said the original taught her how to bring lyrics to a melody. This has inspired Aja to write more original songs.

Singing is not all that Aja does, she also is an actress. She has been in a few TV shows and short films. She played a girl who drowned in a short film, this was her very first role after signing with her agent. Aja was on a TV show called, The Strain. Aja also got a role on the PBS show, Odd Squad. She says this was the coolest kids set ever. It had pit balls and two story slides, loved it!

Aja is an amazing artist and works hard at what she does and loves it, but she is still a normal kid. She enjoys playing with her friends, be on instagram and snapchat, sleep in, be with her parents and of course eat junk food. She does not like to eat veggies, fruit, do homework, rush in the mornings, or be told what to do. Perfectly normal kid.

Aja may be a normal kid, but there is nothing normal about her talent. She has an enormous  gift  within her, and when she shares this gift everyone becomes quite and listens. Aja has the gift, that when she steps out on the stage, she has you under her spell. There’s so much yet to come from Aja and it is going to be awe-inspiring to see it all unfold.

Jase Nelson

Jase Nelson at stars2come

Canada recently had one of the biggest heart-throbs to ever hit the stage, Justin Bieber. Now Canada is home to a brand new heart-throb, Jase Nelson. Jase is coming up strong with one of those voices that makes girls melt right where they stand. It will not be long till girls coming to see Jase will have to take a number and stand in a very, long line. One day Justin will look up, and wonder where all the girls went, and he will find them on Jase’s doorstep.

Jase has an amazing new video called, Cupid. This is a cover song originally done by Sam Cooke. It was Jase’s grandma that came up with the idea to sing Cupid. His grandma thought it would be a great song that young girls and older woman would enjoy and relate to. This was a perfect choice his grandma made. Jase sang the song perfectly, and the video itself depicts exactly what Jase’s life is going to be.

Jase Nelson at stars2come  In the video Cupid, girls become taken by Jase with the help of Cupid and her famous arrows. Not long into the video girls are coming out of the bushes after Jase, and he soon has a long line chasing him. In the end he chooses a girl in a wheelchair to be his love. He in fact with his choice, he becomes a hero. Cupid may just be a video, but after learning a bit about Jase, it is clear he would have chosen the girl regardless of Cupid. Jase said he had a blast filming the video in LA. He also says, he is not used to having girls chase him, and that felt kind of weird. Because of the video Jase was able to meet many friends. One of the kids that he met was Barry White’s grandson, Jason. It was exciting for Jase to have Jason be part of the video. Jase’s brother and sister were part of the video as well, and Jase was happy about that. Cupid is a lot of fun to watch, and you get to see what is to come for Jase.

It was at the age of three, that Canada’s newest heart-throb began his journey. At three years old Jase, like many people would sing along with the radio. By the time he was turning five his grandma heard him singing along to a Justin Timberlake song, and it surprised her that he knew all the words, and could sing on pitch. His grandma asked if he liked singing. He said, “oh yes I do”. His grandma then asked if he wanted to take lessons, and he excitedly said, yes!

Not long after Jase turned five, he began singing to the public. He started out on stage at, Sunnybrook Farms which is a tourist attraction where he lives. Since then, he has been on over fifty stages around his province. He performed at Calgary Stampede in Calgary Alberta from age seven through nine. Jase said he loved performing there, he got to perform in front of thousands of people. When his second and third year performing come around, he was excited to see people coming just to see him. When Jase was six, he was cast as Chip in Beauty and The Beast at their local college. Jase said it was exhilarating being in front of a live audience with a huge cast to work alongside.

Jase Nelson at stars2come With no great surprise Jase has been getting considerable attention from the media. He has made many radio interviews and has been featured in magazines that are distributed all across Canada and the US. He has also done a great many local newspaper interviews. There are plans in the works for TV and other interviews to come in the near future.

Nerves are something all performers must overcome, but for Jase it is all part of the experience. He says he likes the feeling of nervousness before he gets on stage. Jase will be all shaky and excited, then he gets on stage, starts singing and it all goes away. It always makes him feel good knowing that people came to listen and enjoy him.

Jase says he hopes to become a household name. He wants to encourage other kids to sing, play an instrument, read books or perhaps write their own book. There is a lot going on with bullying, and Jase wants to do his part and speak out against it, and give kids a voice so they can be more confident.

Cover songs has been a big part of Jase, but he is now beginning to perform songs of his own. He has written three songs with his producer in LA. He says he has lots of ideas and he presents them to his producer, and from  there they work on building a song. The three songs that Jase has written so far are, I Miss You Michael, Waking Up, and I Take My Hat Off To You, all of which you can find on iTunes. The song, I Miss You Michael came to him after he seen a billboard of Michael Jackson’s new album. Waking Up, it came from a short film that he was the lead in. I Take My Hat Off To You, his grandma came up with the title and was written for fun because he always wears a hat, and has over 50 of them.

Jase Nelson at stars2come  Don’t be fooled, music is not the only thing Jase is mastering, he is also an author. Jase writes children’s books. They are working on getting his first book to print in January 2015. The book is about a Canadian boy and his snowman that he built and becomes his friend. His second book is already written, and just need to prepare it for print.

Other than Jase’s books going to print soon, there are other exciting things coming from him. He is featured in a teenager’s magazine out of Florida called, Teen Fare. It will be out in January 2015. Also in January he is hoping to film his next video and by March be on his third. Jase has begun working on more songs to add to his album, so be on the lookout for those.

Jase does a lot of great things, but he always takes his music seriously. He takes voice lessons, piano, guitar, and dance workshops because he wants to be a great singer. He does everything to follow his dream, this is not his families dream, but his. Jase’s family does help to make sure he balances things out, have fun and play. Sometimes people thinks he is girl because of his long hair, he doesn’t care, he loves it anyway. He is always kind, respectful and considerate of others.

It is not hard to see and understand why he is becoming a teen idol. Jase is extremely talented, handsome and a heart of gold. Now these three things, are things, that no girl can resist. It may have felt weird for all the girls chasing him in Cupid, but it is something he might as well get use to.

Jenna Lee

Jenna Lee at stars2come







Jenna Lee is a lovely and talented young lady.  She is twelve years old and lives in Canada. Canada has a lot of cold weather, and often plummets below zero, but Jenna can warm any atmosphere, anywhere, anytime. This Canadian performer has such a warm personality that the warmth comes out in her songs warming the hearts of everyone.

According to Jenna’s parents she was singing before she could even talk. She would sing along with different television shows and sound like an angel. Jenna’s first heart warming performance came at the age of eight. For her debut performance she sang a song called, Rabbits. For her second song Jenna sang, Monkeys. Both of these songs were for a local music festival and she won first place honors for both. Her talents were recognized at the very beginning of her career and continues to this day.

There have been many performances since Jenna’s journey began, and like most she too has some that stands out in her mind. She loved singing at their local Jr Idol competition. At this competition she sang, Over The Rainbow and dressed up like Dorothy. Once again Jenna came out as the first place winner. She has won many contests and it is well deserved. Another performance that has remained as a favorite was a telethon she sang at. Again she sang Over The Rainbow, and she loved dressing up in a real fancy dress. One of the exciting things about performing at the telethon was meeting Bob McGrath from Sesame Street.

Jenna loves the way singing makes her feel. When the audience is enjoying her music that is the best, she says. Songs that are challenging is what she loves, it doesn’t matter if they make her happy or sad. Like many aspiring artists she too hopes to one day perform professionally. Jenna continues to work hard with her vocal coach to improve her voice. She loves sharing her music and tries to upload a new video for her fans every other week.

Jenna’s fans will be able to see her at an up coming fundraiser for a local family Center that supports children and families. It is a Royal Ball and she is excited to be performing some Disney songs for the kids. Jenna says she has sung there before and loves seeing all the kids dressed up like princes and princesses. She says she is also working on some new covers for her fans and hopes they will be uploaded soon.

It does not matter when or where Jenna is, she is always singing. She says most of the time she never even realizes it. Talent is all in her family. She has a sister that plays piano and a brother that plays virtually anything, but is especially talented at drums and guitar. Jenna is always working to improve everything she does and likes learning new things. She not only sings, but plays the piano and has been since the age of six. Jenna is learning the guitar and her teacher is none other than her brother. Jenna does so much with and in the arts like, dance. At school she is involved with jazz and choir.

Jenna has so much depth it is easy to understand why so many people loves her.  She works hard to be the best she can be at every performance. You can bet Canada is very proud to have a talented young lady like Jenna. Take time and listen to Jenna’s music and let her warm your day.