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Mya Lynn and Kurk Phillips

Mya and Kurt at stars2come

Mya and Kurk are a brother and sister act that could rival Donnie and Marie. There’s a great deal of similarities between the super stars Donnie and Marie, and Mya and Kurk. One of Donnie and Marie’s most famous songs from their younger years was, ” A Little Bit Country,  A Little Bit Rock N Roll” Marie was country and Donnie rock n roll. This song described them pretty well, and it was used at the closing of their show often as a closing phrase. We now have another team on the rise, except Mya is pop and rock, and Kurk is country. Even in their photo it shows who is who, Kurk all laid back country and Mya is like, yeah come on lets rock.

Mya and Kurk at star2come  Catching two young singers at the beginning of their journey like this is a treat for all music lovers. To see and watch Mya and Kurk grow and flourish will be special and they each have something special to give. Currently, the two of them are residing in North Carolina, but their story doesn’t begin there. They were born and raised for the biggest part of their lives in Denver, Colorado and then moved a couple times until they landed in North Carolina. They both loved to sing, so they took off with it. Mya likes singing because she wants people to see her sing on a big stage, and Kurk wants people to learn who he is.

In Colorado they were part of the School Of Rock and that is where they made their first public appearance.  Mya was five and Kurk was seven. So far performing through the School Of Rock has been her only public appearance, but that is soon to change. Kurk has moved beyond the School Of Rock and one of the places he liked performing was at the Toad Tavern in Denver. He likes this because he had a lot of his family and friends there that came to see him, and that made good memories.

When it comes to songs they like to sing there’s a big difference. Kurk says he likes singing Huntin, Fishin, and Loving Everyday by Luke Bryan and Ol Red by Blake Shelton. “They are my favorite songs because they are country and they have a nice rhythm” says Kurk. Mya likes to sing Mary Did You Know and  Confident. “I like to sing Mary Did You Know because it’s about Jesus and Confident because it’s fun to sing” says Mya. Be on the look out for Mya’s new song and video coming out soon, she will be covering Cyndi Lauper’s song, True Colors. Below you can get a taste of what’s to come.

Mya and Kurk at star2come For both Mya and Kurk it’s all about fun. They dream of becoming famous and Kurk hopes to be like Luke Bryan some day. Mya wants to be a really big pop star singing on huge stages everywhere. They have a very good start and it will be great to watch them grow and reach their dreams. In June they will be taking another step towards their dream when they head to Nashville. Mya and Kurk will be performing for Nashville Spotlight’s CMA Fest showcase which is held at Wild Wings Cafe`. This is a great show and they will be part of it. They both work hard to reach their dreams. Kurk’s dream of becoming a country singer all started from his uncle Kevin showing him a Luke Bryan song and he has been working on it ever since. Mya is doing her thing as well to reach her dream as a huge pop singer. She wants people to know that not only does she work hard to be a pop singer, but she loves the color purple and has colored her hair purple too.

The showcase coming up is not the only exciting thing happening with these two singers. Coming soon, they will each have their own original song out, this will be their first, but you can bet not their last.

These two talented kids are two that you will not want to miss anything they do. They may be just starting, but they are gaining popularity and once they hit Nashville in June, Nashville will fall in love with them. It is hard not to love these kids, they are about as cute as they come and plenty of talent. Their future looks bright. New Donnie and Marie? Maybe so.

Kurk Phillips covering, Boys Round Here

Mya Lynn’s sneak peek of her video, True Colors