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Pop Sensation, Dylan Conrique


Dylan Conrique, a pop sensation who is turning the pop world on it’s edge. Her vocal abilities are at the top of the charts, perfectly tuned for pop. Recently Dylan released her new song and video, Heartbeat.  This is an upbeat love song that is sure to get lovers moving on the dance floor. People fall in love on the dance floor, the beach and many places in between. Falling in love is what it’s about. “Heartbeat is about someone falling in love and combining two hearts into one” says Dylan. The video is a blast to watch, everyone loves the beach.

There has been a great deal of accomplishments in Dylan’s career. Her journey that led to the accomplishments all started many years ago. Before Dylan could even talk, she was singing, although hard to understand, but it was still singing. Over time she has progressed, but not without setbacks. One of her biggest achievements for Dylan was stage-fright. When it was her turn to go on stage, her mom would have to drag her out of the bathroom, but once on stage singing, she was fine. Now, you would never know she was shy about anything, she can perform with the best of them.  She used to be part of a singing group as well. They would travel to different malls, festivals, amusement parks to perform. 

When it comes to talent, triple-threat is what comes to mind. Besides being a pronominal singer, she is also a dancer and actress. She loves dancing, and creating her own choreography. Acting is a challenge for her, especially when it comes to auditions. The audition it’s self is not the challenge, it is the large number of others going after the same part.    

Dylan is big on anti-bullying and attends the Anti-bullying festival. She would love to perform for them if the opportunity came about. She has not performed any charities yet, but hopes to in the future. 

Being in the entertainment field it can be difficult to manage time, but for a teen, they have the added schoolwork to go along with it.  Dylan says it is a juggle managing everything. 

Pop music has always been great, but with the addition of Dylan, it has gotten even better. The charisma she has is so strong, it draws people in instantly. In her videos, her many talents can be seen in full swing. She is gifted and likable. Don’t miss anything from Dylan, keep track of her on  Facebook and YouTube

Ashley Yankello



Throughout the years there’s been voices that no matter what genre a person likes, these voices will astound the listener. They will make the listener go “wow!”. People who have owned such voices are Etta James, Christina Aguilera, and Beyonce. These people have made their mark in history by how they deliver a song with so much power and passion. Many new artists often try to handle songs from Etta, Christina and Beyonce, but cannot, lacking the power or passion. On occasion there will be someone to come forward, but not expecting it, and blow your mind.  Living in Pennsylvania is one of the few that will “wow” the listener, just like the superstars did.  This person is, nine year old Ashley Yankello.

Listening to Ashley, it boggles the mind the vocal acrobatics that she inserts into the songs she sings. When she sings, Something’s Got A Hold On Me and Listen with all the dimensions and animations it is very difficult to believe she is only nine years old. With what she has achieved so far vocally, it is very possible, Ashley could one day surpass those who have come before her.

Ashley’s entertaining journey all started way back when she was just two years old. Apparently Lady Gaga had made a fan out of Ashley, and when her song  Poker Face came on, Ashley would dance all across the floor throughout the song. At the age of three Ashley’s mom would have her dance and sing in front of their television to different hit songs. This is when her mom bought Ashley her first microphone. To make a great entertainer the person doing the entertaining cannot be shy, and Ashley is definitely not. She was four years old when  she attended her aunt and uncles wedding. At the reception the DJ began playing Baby by Justin Bieber. Ashley didn’t hesitate, she grabbed the mic, hit the center of the floor, sang the whole song and was awarded her first standing ovation. Ashley made her first real performance when she was five at her school’s talent show. In the show she sang, Barbie Girl. It wasn’t until she was eight that she began to take singing seriously.

Since Ashley started singing, she has astonished crowds from New York to Nashville and everywhere in between. A couple of her favorite places she has performed are, Talent America National Finals in New York. “I liked the stage in New York because the sound system was really good” says Ashley. And at a Pittsburgh area Fourth of July Festival where she was the guest performer for Gold Record group, The Jaggerz. She has also performed at the 21st Annual Stars Of Tomorrow show in New Castle, Pa. and at Opry Mills Nashville, Tn. 

A voice like Ashley doesn’t go without notice or reward. She is already stacking up the awards for singing with her first from the Washington County Cinderella Pageant. At this competition she chose singing for her talent and was crowned champion of the pageant. She has also won multiple awards at the Talent America National Finals in New York and was the overall winner of TalentWatch’s Dream Night in Toledo, Ohio.

Ashley has had the honor of singing the National Anthem at the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball game. “It was really exciting because it was a Friday night capacity crowd game at beautiful PNC Park” says Ashley.

Performing is something she loves to do. “I like to entertain and inspire people through my performances. People have told me that I display a lot of emotion when I sing” Ashley says. When she is out entertaining, some of the artists she loves to cover are, Christina Aguilera, Beyonce, Alicia Keys and Jennifer Hudson. Ashley dreams of being a worldwide entertainer just like the artist she covers.

Ashley already has many places booked this year some include, the Central Ohio Singing Competition Winners Recital at Capital University on March 5th and Jesters’ Guild Variety Show on March 25th in Pittsburgh. She is also scheduled to participate in the Access Broadway competition April 7-9th and in the summer she will be in Nashville and New York. Be sure and keep an eye out to attend a performance near you. 

At just nine years old Ashley can do some outstanding things vocally and enjoys it very much. As much as she enjoys singing she is still a kid and loves being a kid too. She loves animals and has a few of her own, a guinea pig, a tank full of fish and two cats. Ashley also likes games like Minecraft and Animal Jam.

It is obvious that music flows through Ashley’s very soul. The theatrics and attitude that she brings with each performance is something that comes from within her. When she is on stage she owns the audience, this is something a true performer must do and Ashley does it with ease. The vocal acrobats she does can’t be taught and most artists can only dream of having. With the abilities Ashley has, she will be entertaining audiences for many years to come.

A Grand Southern Voice, Haley Warren

There’s a bold and beautiful voice filling the air in southern Mississippi, this voice belongs to, fourteen year old Haley Warren. Being from the south a bit of that southern accent shines through adding a little more  flavor to the songs she sings. Truly a grand voice. Haley has one of those voices that is full of substance and depth that fills the room and surrounds the listener, giving the song,”life”. The voice she has is so full of life, character and maturity she could hold her own against people like, Faith Hill and Cam. Faith and Cam also have great depth and substance to their voices which has helped them gain the great success they have had. Haley could be on the path to do the same.

Haley was not wasting time when it came to performing. At five and six years old, she was already holding her own concerts for her family. “I called the concert Haley’s “Pink Pink World” pink was always my favorite color” says Haley. However, Haley’s older sisters took dance, so her parents enrolled Haley in dance as well. When she was nine or ten they went to a dance convention one weekend, the dance convention was Access Broadway. Their parents dropped them off to return later. This particular workshop included singing and dancing. “When I signed in, they asked if I was there to sing or dance and I said singing” says Haley.  At this convention they have a select number of scholarships, if you receive one, then next year you do not have to pay the entry fee. Once their parents arrived back at the convention, Haley’s sisters told their mom that she signed up for singing instead of dance. Her mom’s response was, Haley doesn’t sing! “I got up on stage and sang Bruno Mars, Locked Out Of Heaven, everyone loved it, and I got a scholarship to everyone’s surprise” says Haley. 

After Haley surprised everyone at the convention, it was then clear she needed to go her own path. A friend of their’s was taking lessons at a local music school called, Rock U  2 Academy of Popular Music. Her mom signed her up right away. Since being signed up, Ms. Barbara and Mr. Tim Alamsha the owners of Rock U 2 have made a lot of great things happen for Haley. Barbara is her vocal coach and Tim produces her videos and recordings. Through them, she has performed regularly at the Shed Barbecue, in Ocean Springs, the Hard Rock Casino in Biloxi, and several other venues and charities. These opportunities she has been given through Rock U 2 has included multiple performances for the Bacot McCarty Foundation, as well as open for Big Daddy Weave singing, Amazing Grace. 

One of Haley’s favorite performances was at the IP Casino. This was a fundraiser for Rock U 2 Foundation which provides scholarships for music lessons and instruments to children who cannot afford them. The event was held in a huge ballroom, giving the feeling as if it was a real concert. “The lights, the sound system, the crowd, just the whole setting was insane” says Haley. There were some well known acts performing as well. Acts like Southern Halo and The Trent Ladner Band. Southern Halo sat down beside Haley prior to their show and gave her a few pointers. “It was awesome getting advice from a group of girls that have such great talent” says Haley. 

With a voice like Haley’s, it fits in with any genre brilliantly. Many of today’s artists gravitate in and out of genres, and Haley does the very same. When she is out performing she loves to cover songs from pop sensation, Ariana Grande. Haley loves all of Ariana’s songs. “I feel like we have similar voices and style, so it’s easy to relate to her” says Haley. When it comes to pop songs Haley’s voice does fit very well with Ariana. Haley’s diversity is a testament to her vocal abilities. 

Performing is something she loves and was born to do. And driven by the people who listens. She loves the look on people’s faces when she is on stage as well as the comments and private messages from her videos she has posted. One message Haley received was from a person that said every time they were missing their spouse that had passed away recently, they would listen to her song. Others are often from girls who say they have been inspired by Haley to do what they love. “Just knowing I make the slightest difference in someone’s life, there’s no greater feeling” says Haley. She is hoping to make a career out of  making people happy and inspiring others and following God’s path. 

Haley’s fans can look forward to more covers from Haley, but she is also working on her first original song. This is a song she has written and she is excited to record it. 

There has been many people to help her get to where she is, and is grateful for them all, and many of those she does not even know. She loves reading all of the comments on her videos. “Two of my videos recently hit over a million views each, and my mind is just blown” says Haley. She also says, she could not have gotten anywhere if it was not for her supporters, close friends and family. Haley thanks them all because she would not be doing this if it were not for them. “Mr. Tim and Ms. Barbara Alamsha, the founders of Rock U 2 in Ocean Springs are the reason that I am improving and growing everyday” says Haley. Have a good support group from friends, family and fans is what drives artists to continue following their dreams.

It is Haley’s bravery to sign in at that convention that day as a singer that everyone got to see what her true destiny really was. Now people everywhere get to experience Haley’s grand southern voice. Sometimes in life it is necessary to take risks and the one Haley took gained music another artist that people will look up to. If Haley’s passion continues to hold true, she will have a wonderful life in music, performing to others just like her.  


Lauren Brooke

lauren-brooke at stars2come

Alabama is bursting at the seams with all of the talent contained within it’s borders. Occasionally one of those talents breaks free from the rest and sets the world on fire. Lauren Brooke happens to be one of these talents. Lauren is kind of like fire and ice. When she steps on stage to perform she sets the place a blaze. Lauren will be rocking it with an up beat song, while the crowd is clapping and dancing along. After she has the place burning hot, she puts on the breaks a bit and cools it down like ice. She will take you from burning up the dance floor, to carrying you in the palm of her hand. Lauren is an artist who has the ability to take a person on a emotional ride. It is the ladies like her who become the legends.

It is rare to find an artist who didn’t start out at a very young age. Lauren is another artist who has started out young as well. Today she is thirteen years old, but her journey began in the 4th grade. Lauren sang in a talent show when she was in the 4th grade, it was after this performance that she discovered how much she loved it and wanted to do it all her life. She decided to take lessons, and with only a few months into the lessons, her coach put her in a state competition. “I won my division and from there I went on to national competition where I came in second, the rest is history” says Lauren.

Not too long after getting started, Lauren found Nashville. Now she burns up the venues from one end of town to the other, and Nashville loves her. She has sang at so many venues around town, it would be hard to name them all. But to give an idea of the places she is welcomed at and she loves. Lauren has been performing at the iconic Bluebird Cafe, she says the audience there is super supportive. Here recently she performed at Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville. “No matter what time of year it is, it feels like you are at the beach” says Lauren. BB Kings is big on the list. She says the huge stage, the great sound manager and sound system, is awesome!

lauren-brooke-at stars2come

As it would happen Lauren debuted her first original song written on her own at the Bluebird Cafe called, Like You. Her new song “Like You” was well received and is loved by the girls. The inspiration for the song came from dealing with boys. She wrote it with music and all in just two hours. “It was an amazing feeling to get the opportunity to sing it at the Bluebird” says Lauren.

Much of the fire she carries within, may come from one of her inspirations, Miranda Lambert. Miranda has a huge amount of energy in her performances and the same can be found at Lauren’s. When Lauren lays into Little Red Wagon the energy level explodes. She loves how upbeat Miranda’s songs are, and how easy they get the crowd going. Lauren is also big on Kacey Musgraves songs like, Biscuits, and Dime Store Cowgirl. “I love performing them because they bring a vintage vibe and they draw a crowd because the lyrics are fun” says Lauren.

It is hard to find a person who loves to perform more than Lauren. Watching Lauren perform it is easy to see the passion she has for it. Her passion makes it’s way to the crowd, and can be seen through the fun they are having. “I love it when people get up and dance when I am singing” says Lauren. This is the kind of responses artists live for, and she gets plenty of it.

Like You, was her first song written on her own, but not her only original song. Currently Lauren has four other songs that are co-written, with more in the works. When she writes it is her own experiences that she uses for her inspiration. Sometimes she will see or feel something and it will come from that. Wherever it comes from, one thing is certain, what she produces is always a hit with the audiences.

Being a big country music star is something she dreams of one day. Lauren is sincere, full of energy and a hard worker. All of these things help to make up her personality and will drive her to become the star of her dreams. She says she will never forget those who have supported her through her journey. This is what makes country music artists so special, is they never forget where they come from, or who helped them along the way. Lauren is a grateful person and never too busy to say thank you. She will do country music proud.


Kacey Fifield










Kacey Fifield is a singer and actress who has become popular, very quickly. Kacey is eleven years old and about as adorable as you can get. She is originally from Chicago, but now lives in LA. The world of entertainment is gaining a new icon. Kacey is on the rise in entertainment, and is extremely gifted vocally and in acting, but it doesn’t stop there. To become an icon, it is necessary to be known and involved in many fields of entertainment and Kacey is doing just that. She reaches beyond acting and singing, and on into dance and fashion to the point of being a trend setter. Her fashion sense can be easily seen in her video “When I Grow Up”. There’s many great actors and singers, but to make it to the top and beyond, a person needs to stand out, and never be forgotten. That is Kacey, once you watch her, you never forget, she becomes recognizable instantly.

To find a spot in the entertainment field it requires a lot of hard work and determination to make it, and for those who do, there’s always a beginning. For Kacey it started all the way back to Chicago when she was seven years old. When she was seven, she began taking acting lessons. Within a few months Kacey went to IMTA in New York which is a talent competition. She received a few acting awards through them as well as it being her first time acting in a public setting. Six months later they moved to LA.

Kacey made her debut acting performance in NY at seven; at eight she made her singing debut. It was at her school’s band performance that she sang publicly for the first time. The song was Viva la Vida by Coldplay. Her next performance was at her school’s talent show where she sang, “Shy” from Once Upon A Mattress. This was her beginning, but has now grown in a huge way in a short time.

Kacey loves to make people laugh, so for her, comedy showcases are a favorite. For singing, she says “Shy” was a favorite because it surprised people who didn’t know she could sing.

Already at this stage of her career she has been recognized for her talents. Kacey has been shortlisted in three Grammy categories for her debut single “When I Grow Up”. Earlier this year she was nominated by Young Artist Awards for best young actress in a short film and web-series.

Game Shakers is one of Nickelodeon’s hit series, and one of which you can find Kacey. On Game Shakers she played Karissa, and loved it. “It was a super fun set and the other actors were so supportive, friendly and goofy, that working with them was a pleasure”, says Kacey. She also says the producer, director and crew were pretty amazing as well.

Like anyone else Kacey dreams about life as an actress and her long-term dream is to one day win an Oscar and be a role model for other actors. “Shorter term dream is to play a bit rebellious girl who through many adventures in the wild saves the world or a day or something like that”, says Kacey.  She would also like to play a spy or heroine. “I think this type of role would be so much  fun either in a feature film or a TV series”, says Kacey.

Kacey Fifield at stars2come

Kacey has done well in acting and now she has combined acting with music. She has some music videos out and they all showcase her skills as a singer and actress. One of her videos is called, Hear Me Out which she wrote. “I wrote the lyrics to the song with the thought of people listening to us, younger generation”, says Kacey.   The video is meant to show the world needs more kindness and to help people understand that kindness matters. Her video should inspire others to make the world a better place. The younger generation can often see things differently and help bring change.

Hear Me Out, took two days to film and was fun for everyone. It was fun for Kacey because she loves being on set. “I had a group of kids and we all became friends and had a great time filming and goofing around during breaks”, says Kacey.

Her music video, California is a bit different, because it was partially filmed during her other video, When I Grow Up. “It is lighter in subject and it talks about  me moving to California and enjoying my journey”, says Kacey. When I Grow up was her first music video, and it has been a huge success.

  When it comes to entertainment, the entertainer is always looking to make people happy and bring some kind of emotion. That is exactly what Kacey does and what she loves. “I really love making people happy, making the audience smile or laugh. I also love making people feel something special and influence their thinking through comedy, drama or my singing”, Kacey says.  Kacey is a first class entertainer.

Kacey Fifield at stars2come

There’s a lot of great things coming from Kacey soon. Be on the look out for a new single to be out very soon. Also her first EP is expected to be out early next year. When it comes to her acting, she is always working on new projects and videos. She is a vlogger in her spare time, she makes videos for her channel Kacey Fifield Variety. Stay on the look out for new videos there.  Keep watch on the YouTube series Kids React, she is a regular and new episodes come out each week.

Putting the acting and singing aside, Kacey has a wonderful personality and she is a positive person. She is also huge animal rights supporter. Kacey has two rescue cats and is a volunteer at a dog rescue. “I am even starting a club at my school to save animals and help spread awareness”, says Kacey. She is also a vegetarian and loves pizza and chocolate. Kacey is your everyday normal kid who happens to enjoy entertaining people. She is sure to inspire many others like herself. Another kid with a dream will dream to be just like Kacey.


Taylor Gayle

Taylor Gayle at stars2come

Taylor is an eleven year old with an old soul working hard to live the dream. People may think at first glance that Taylor is just the typical kid, but when she cuts loose with Steamroller Blues, that all goes away. At the legendary Apollo Theater, Taylor did just that. Taylor walked out on that stage and poured her heart out into James Taylor’s Steamroller Blues. The audience filled the theater with screams and whistles. The theater was left in awe of this eleven year old girl. This is the same excitement Taylor is receiving from venue after venue, she is fastly becoming a star.

Taylor has not been a shy girl. At the age of seven she was at an art show with her family and began walking up to people asking if they would like to hear her sing. “I made up my first original song and sang it for everyone who would listen” says Taylor. A local artist there, Leroy Roper made everyone in his gallery be quiet and listen. After this she began singing every chance that came along. Her shows now, are unforgettable.

Taylor now performs everywhere from New York to Texas, and one of her favorite places to perform is Puckett’s in Leipers Fork, Tennessee. This is a small venue with an open mic, and she loves being able to perform with the house band. Out of all the places Taylor has performed, the Apollo still holds the title for the best experience ever for her. “Everyone treated me like I was a professional performer, never did they treat me like a little kid” says Taylor. She had sung there once when she was ten, but this year she has performed there three times already. Her big powerhouse voice allowed her to win two rounds of Amateur Night and 2nd in the semi-finals. “When I won, I felt so special and happy. It was so cool to get a standing ovation at the world famous Apollo Theater” says Taylor. This all made her feel like people cared and believed in her. The Apollo has invited her back next year.

Taylor Gayle at stars2come There are many great artists that Taylor looks up to and covers in her shows. She chooses well when it comes to these artists, like James Taylor, Nina Simone, and Meghan Trainor. All of these artists have made lasting impressions on people worldwide with their songs. To live up to the greatness of these people it takes heart, soul, passion and a big well tuned voice. Taylor is one of those who fits every necessity to pull off songs from them.

It is an important part of being an artist to be able to touch someone that is listening to your music. This is something that keeps Taylor going, being able make someone feel something during her performance. On stage she loves the way it makes her feel as well, no worries in the world just her and music. Taylor is working hard to make a place among those she looks up to in music. She dreams of being a renowned artist filling stadiums all over and longs to hear the fans singing her songs.

As with any great artist, Taylor too is a songwriter. She now has close to one hundred songs written. Taylor has an EP coming out soon, she has spent a year and a half writing it.  Her most recent song she wrote is called, Sophia’s Song. This song is from the perspective of her Godsister who lost her father when she was an infant.  “I am adding this song to my EP and will be donating part of the proceeds  of the song  to the Wodynski Heart Foundation that was started in honor of her father, that died too soon” says Taylor.

Taylor is from Texas, but now resides in Nashville. For those who are able tune into Nashville’s Channel 5  on June 29th at 6 pm to view her interview. She was at the Country Music Hall of Fame when she was interviewed.

From all that is going on with Taylor and her skills as an artist shows, she is not just a kid who likes to sing. Music has consumed her being, and it’s who she is and what is driving her to greatness. A big part of being an artist and performer is to be able to capture and hold an audience, to entertain them to the point where they never forget you, Taylor does that. When performing, she is not a post, she moves, getting into the song making the eyes of the audience stay glued to her. Taylor is rising to stardom, and with each performance she takes another step closer to filling that stadium. After Taylor performs, there’s no forgetting, and no denying her greatness.

Claire Holdren

Claire Holdren at stars2come






Introducing ten year old, Claire Holdren an opera/classical singer from Ohio. When Claire starts to sing, it’s like the heavens opened up and you suddenly hear the voice of an angel. Her voice is clear and beautiful. The beauty that she extends to others through her voice, is like the morning sun unveiling the wonders of the earth around you, and warming your soul. Music has the power to brighten one’s day and Claire does just that. Claire often talks about how music will change her mood. But the miracle is, she touches others and brings them into the light.

She was about five years old when she began to take interest in singing, but her parents says she sang before she could talk. Even though she was singing, no one thought much of it until Claire got a little older and people started pointing out her special voice. When she started to sing solo, she was naturally scared. Her first solo was at a recital at school in the 2nd grade.

Claire now has about fifteen solos and the compliments from the people in the audiences, are grand. “People say that they cannot believe I am only ten years old. They also say that my voice makes them cry because it touches them” says Claire.  Whenever she begins to sing, it’s such a surprise to everyone that such a magnificent voice is coming from a ten year old, it’s truly hard to believe.

At a recent performance she sang, Poor Wandering One from Pirates of Penzance at her spring recital. This has become a favorite for her. “I loved it because it’s an opera piece with high notes, which I love, but it’s also silly” says Claire. It was much fun for her to work with a big opera song like Poor Wandering One.

Many young people often enter into singing competitions and Claire is no different. To date she has only entered one, but needless to say she did win first place in her age group. From this win Claire was interviewed and got to perform on a local TV show.

When it comes to singing, it’s clear that classic/opera is what fits her, but she sometimes sings pop, but just around the house. Claire loves singing opera, she says its fun to sing, and she loves the high notes. She is not just someone out singing songs, singing is who she is, music is part of her being and serves a purpose. “I can relate to songs. It can change my mood, and it just makes me happy. It’s also cool when people say that my singing touches them” says Claire. As long as Claire is singing somewhere, she is happy and enjoys listening to the words coming from her.

Theater plays a part in what she so enjoys; singing. She has now been in eight plays at several community theaters. Claire loves doing theater that involves singing. Her dream is to be on Broadway. She would like to go to college where she can specialize in musical theater.

Claire has a few exciting things coming up and if you are close by, stop and listen to her sing. She has a solo at her church coming up, also this summer she will be singing the National Anthem at the Akron Rubber Ducks game. In September Claire will have a fifteen minute solo performance at Canton’s First Friday.

While singing is a huge part of Claire’s life, there’s still much more to her. A few other things she enjoys doing are; she loves playing with her dog, hangout with friends, swimming, reading, relaxing and being outside. She also is extremely talkative and has a crazy sense of humor. Claire loves going to church and using her voice for God’s glory. All in all, Claire is an average kid, but with a not so average voice.

Claire talks about using her voice for God’s glory, but in reality she is part of his glory. Claire is his creation, a creation put on this earth to shed light on those whose light has dimmed, to bring people closer together. No one can listen to Claire and not feel something inside. She holds part of God’s light inside her and every time she sings, she spreads a little of that light onto others.

Macy Tabor

Macy Tabor

Macy Tabor is a rising country music artist straight from Tennessee. She is a beautiful country lady, with a beautiful country voice to match. Just looking at her it is easy to see that a star is there. When Macy starts to sing, her true star power begins to shine. Macy carries an old-time true country honky-tonk sound in her voice. There is nothing like a honky-tonk voice, people who have it grabs people from within. It is one of the most believable types of singing voices there is. Whether it is country or gospel it will leave you with a great feeling inside. Macy uses her honky-tonk voice very effectively and once you hear it, you can’t get enough.

Her honky-tonk voice began to form almost as soon as she could speak. Music grew inside Macy with the help of her mom. Her mom always had music playing, she would be listening to country or 80’s rock. When Macy finally let people hear what she could do, it was in front of hundreds of people. She was four years old in Hollywood California at the International Presentation of Performers. It was a competition with kids from all over the US and Canada. They were competing in acting, singing and modeling, Macy competed in singing. “I competed for the very first time, with over 200 kids in my age group in the singing competition, and finished in the top ten” says Macy.

Ever since that competition at the age of four, Macy has been going strong with many performances. Every year now she performs at a show called, South Jackson Goes Country. This is a three day event where they act out commercials for different businesses, and at this event she sings with the house band. Two years ago she sang at Honky Tonk Central in Nashville during the CMA fest. She was brought up on stage by duo Branch and Dean. They have a song called, Your Ole Ladies Gone, and this song has a yodeling part in it, so they asked her to come on stage to do the yodeling part. “This was special to me because I look forward to one day singing myself at the CMA Festival” says Macy. She is getting closer to making that dream come true. Just last year she sang at the Texas Troubadour Theater on Friday night during the CMA Festival. “One of my most rewarding performances was getting to sing for the Vietnam Veterans that were in the 25th Infantry Division” says Macy. Listening to their stories and seeing the connection that they have with each other was very touching for her. It was an honor for her to perform for them, they were grateful, kind and appreciative. They are all heroes in her eyes.  For the past few years Macy has been performing in her hometown on Veterans Day. It is her way of giving back.

Macy has received a few awards for her singing. She received an award for finishing in the top ten at the International Presentation of Performers. She also finished in the top ten at the Dolly Parton Mountain Soul Vocal Competition at the Bloomin Barbecue & Bluegrass Festival in Sevierville, Tennessee last year. Macy finished in second place last month in the Coffee County Kids Have Talent contest.

The interaction with people plays a big part of what she loves about performing. “I have met so many wonderful people through my love for music. I love making people happy through music and performing” says Macy. When she is out performing and making people happy, she loves covering Miranda Lambert. She says she could do a whole set of just Miranda. Miranda is an inspiration to Macy, and she feels they have similar voices.

There are several shows already booked for Macy, if you would like to see her in person be making plans. On April 24th you can find her at the Cornbread Festival in South Pittsburg, Tennessee. She is also gearing up for the South Jackson Goes Country which practice begins in June, and the shows are in August. These are sure to be great shows.

Macy dreams of being a famous country singer one day. With a voice like her’s it is sure to come. Not only does she have a great voice, but she does work hard and puts 100% in everything she does. She is very patriotic, which goes along with almost all country singers, what a great thing. Macy is also proud that she can yodel. She is at home with country, it is who she is. Macy is pure country.