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Shaniah Paige

Shaniah Paige at stars2come





Roseville, Illinois is a small town with a hand full of people where new comer, Shaniah Paige begins her journey. From a small town to the big stage is the story of many country music artists. Now Shaniah can hang her hat on that small town shelf alongside those great artists from Loretta Lynn, to Blake Shelton. There is something about small towns that grow the best artists, and the small town of Roseville didn’t miss a beat with Shaniah. Shaniah’s down home country sound is about as good as it gets.

Just like most performers Shaniah too, started off in school plays. Her seventh grade year she played Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz. Since this beginning, Shaniah has been traveling and performing on stages in Illinois, Tennessee, California, Florida and Iowa. It is evident she is not holding back, she knows what she wants, and going after it.

Shaniah’s drive and skill as an artist has earned her many exciting performances. One performance she enjoyed doing was at the Dolphin Swan Resort in Disney World for the Premier Event in July 2014. This was exciting for her because this is where she was discovered in 2012. She was on stage with three Disney stars during the award show. Skai Jackson from Jessie was one of those stars.

Shaniah has made many monthly trips to Nashville and performing at songwriter nights with great artists like, Damien Horne, Dave Gibson, Peter Mayer, Shawn Mayer, and Brendan Mayer.

Out it Hollywood Shaniah performed at the Redbury Hotel as part of the HMMA’s (Hollywood Music in Media Awards). She said this was very cool, her guitarist was Steve Fekete from the Cassadee Pope Band and her drummer was Demian Arriaga from the Jonas Brothers.

Shaniah Paige at stars2come True performers are drawn to the stage whether they are the ones on it or not. Shaniah shares this same feeling, even when she is watching someone else. The stage is where she wants to be, it is where she feels free. “While on stage, I know that, that is where my story begins that I get to tell people. I get to tell people my story through my songs”, said Shaniah. She also says performing isn’t just about getting up on stage and singing. It’s about making people around you feel like they are up there too and feeling free. Her goal is to be on that stage telling her story, and making a difference to people.

You know when someone’s hometown is special when they write a song and title it after it, just like Shaniah did with, Roseville. This is a song about what it is to grow up in her small town as a teenager. It’s about having great friends and family that everyone knows. Shaniah co-wrote this song with her producer Andrew Lane and Kacie Brown. The song is one that everyone needs to hear, and the video is something no one should miss. Shaniah says the video was to show how great it is to grow up in a small town in the Midwest.  It focuses on a young couple who eventually have to separate as the girl goes off to college. In the video they also wanted to show the country fields and the small town charm of Roseville. She also says it was an awesome experience because she was able to have her friends in the video shoot. The whole town was involved in the shoot, and pretty much shut the whole town down for the weekend.

Roseville is an amazing song. The town should be very proud to have a song about them coming from one of their own, but this is not the only song Shaniah has written. She has co-wrote five songs and one by herself. She says now that she is writing, each song has its purpose, each song is based on an event that has happened in her life.

Keep an eye out for Shaniah and get out and see her. She has many events coming up that she is excited about and getting booked locally. Building a fan-base  is a major thing for any artist and Shaniah is continuing to work on her’s, growing it even bigger.

There’s a lot to Shaniah, singing is not all she does. She is an actress and has had a couple of auditions for Disney and Nickelodeon shows. After that, she is a true teenager doing the same things as others. Hanging out with friends, going to movies, and going out with her boyfriend. She loves Netflix and she cries when she laughs.

Being a star takes more than just being able to sing well, a lot of people can do that. It takes values and the ability to look past yourself. To know that everyone you perform for, has a story, and the story that you tell truly has meaning. Your story will help them reflect on their own, in doing so forms a bond between the fan and the artist. Shaniah connects so well with her audience. The stories she is telling are not only her life, but everyone listening can find themselves in there as well.

Small towns, big legends, Shaniah Paige, all goes hand in hand.







Jamie Lou


Jamie Lou at stars2come

There has been a lot of great things that have come about to change lives and bring about discovery, and one of those things is the internet. Without the internet such amazing people like Jamie Lou may have gone unseen and unheard. It would be a true travesty for an artist of such talent to have been missed. Fortunately Jamie was born into an era to where the world can enjoy all the wonders great and small, and Jamie is truly great!

Jamie Lou lives in the Caribbean and she is going to do what Jimmy Buffett did for Key West. You can not think of the Keys without thinking of Jimmy, or think of Jimmy and not the Keys. Now that the internet is allowing the people to get to know and hear Jamie, it will not be far off to where you cannot think of the Caribbean without thinking of, Jamie Lou. While the internet is her launching pad, she will rise far beyond and be the talk of everyone much like Beyonce and Taylor Swift.

Jamie is unique as an ocean wave and her voice as pristine as the waters surrounding the island. All of the songs she covers, she adds her own spin to them so when you listen, you know it is Jamie.  This is what will take her, like many others before her, to stardom. She has a brilliant delivery and her cover of , Royals shows just how much. Her spin with this song was combined with Reggae giving it a fresh new vibe that made it better than original. This is what a true artist can do, take a song that already exists and put their own twist to it, making it more spectacular that it originally was.

Off the coast of Spain on an island called, Ibiza is where Jamie was born and raised until she was five years old. At the age of five her parents picked her up and moved to the Caribbean where she resides today at the age of twelve. Her mom says she has been singing since before she could talk, and it certainly sounds like.

Jamie Lou at stars2come Jamie does a lot of recording in the studio, but she has not made very many public performances lately. Her last performance was at Shirley Heights which is also one of her first public performances. She said she loved singing there, it was really fun. There was a talent show in kindergarten that is a lovely memory for her, because her and her friends sung together. They won third place.

There are many great artists that Jamie likes to cover, but she really loves covering Rihanna, Birdy and Lorde songs. Jamie says she loves covering them because  it’s the kind of style that fits her voice. It all comes down to Jamie loves the thrill of performing and hearing the people cheering. “I can get really nervous at first, but when the first words of the song comes out of my mouth it calms me down and I just enjoy the show” says Jamie.

A couple of months ago Jamie began writing her own songs. She says it is exciting and cannot wait to share them with everyone. Jamie and her crew have written seven so far. All of the songs are special to her and they all express how she feels or felt in the past.

Jamie is an amazing girl who loves singing, but also likes acting and writing. Her focus is to show the world what she can do. Jamie does hope to share her music so people can enjoy it. She would also like to act a bit and possibly write a book.

The sky is the limit for Jamie. The quality of talent she has far exceeds many. With the creativity she posses along with the dynamics in her voice will carry her to the top. Jamie has a keen sense when it comes to music on how to deliver it so that it continuously draws you father in as you listen. It will be a true treat for people once she begins to release her original songs. Jamie has a lot of passion and love for music which makes the covers she sings brilliant. So what will this do for the originals? Add the creativity, the passion and the dynamics, she will produce music that no one will want to ever turn off. Instead of people at the dinner table talking about Rihanna, they will be talking about Jamie. With a little time Birdy and Lorde just might be covering Jamie.

Jamie is one of a kind, and it is artists like her, that people want and cling to. There are not many who have the heart the same as Jamie, you can hear it in every song. Jamie, just like the internet is great, and because of it, the people near and far get to watch and listen to her rise to be the star that she so deserves to be.


Catherine Elsey

For Heading


 Catherine is an eleven year old young lady living in the great state of Texas.  Catherine began singing by participating in the church children’s choir and the choir at school, but she never really has been one to sing a lot around the house, with the radio, or in the car.  Although Catherine has only been on YouTube for a mere nine months at the time of this writing she has developed quite a large following of fans and subscribers.  The above has a lot to do with her many live performances and personable demeanor that comes through in her performances.  Catherine started taking guitar lessons in February of 2012, when she was 10 years old.  She has one 30 minute lesson weekly.  Catherine seems to have an aptitude for music because she took violin lessons for a couple of years and was able to play some advanced Suzuki course songs.

 Catherine also has taught herself to play some of the same songs she played on the violin and guitar on the piano.  Catherine appears to have taken to playing the guitar and putting songs together very quickly.  Catherine first performed live in public at her school’s talent show held on March 24th, 2012, at her school in Fort Worth, Texas, where 400 people were in attendance.  Catherine really enjoyed her first performance held in front of her family and friends because it showed her that if she worked hard at something she actually enjoys, and then gets up in front of a crowd of people that they could enjoy and appreciate the hard work she put into making it happen.  Out of the 52 acts performing, Catherine received the third place award and she was thrilled beyond measure.

 When Catherine announced that she would be singing and playing the guitar at the school talent show it kind of took her family by surprise.  Catherine’s family had no idea what to expect, but she worked very hard independent of all of the family.  Her family later found out that she would play parts of “Fearless” and watch Taylor Swift sing it, and then video tape herself singing it and then in her own words, “I would change the things that looked stupid.”  Catherine would also take the laptop and work on the guitar with online tutorials in the same manner.

 Ever since that first live performance at school Catherine caught the entertainment bug and she would seek out opportunities to sing at karaoke sites and other open microphone venues.  If the venues didn’t have the tracks that she wanted to sing, then Catherine would sing the songs she wanted to sing in acapella.  Catherine has had the pleasure of performing at Billy Bobs Texas in Fort Worth, Texas, with the Texas All Star Revue group at a large venue with an amazing history.  Catherine has also had the pleasure of performing at the White Elephant in the historic Fort Worth Stockyards.  The hosts and people there were very supportive and she had a blast.  Catherine also did her first Music Showcase with the Fort Worth Song Writers Association in May of 2012 as the opening act at the Texas Grill in Fort Worth, and this represents the first time she played so many songs and played for 40 minutes straight, loving every moment and having a great time.

For mid article Although Catherine has yet to be featured on a local TV program, don’t rule that out of the realm of possibility because this young lady is gaining a lot of attention in her home town.  Catherine loves singing because she feels that she can express herself more easily through songs.  For example, if she’s feeling very happy and upbeat, then she can sing a fast and upbeat song to reflect that attitude, and if she’s feeling more serious-minded, then she likes singing slower emotional songs.  Catherine also delights in singing for the sake of the art and absolutely loves sharing her efforts with those who may enjoy hearing them.

  Catherine’s favorite artist to cover is Taylor Swift because her songs are emotional, lyrical songs that she can relate to as well as being catchy at the same time.  Taylor Swift is one of Catherine’s biggest inspirations and is a great role model for her and so many girls and young ladies.  Catherine says that Taylor Swift is the reason she wanted to learn how to play the guitar and the reason she sat in her closet for weeks practicing, recording, and taking videos of herself singing “Fearless” by Taylor Swift before her first performance at school.

 In February of 2013, Catherine is looking forward to going to Austin, Texas, with her family in order to record two original songs and one cover song in a Studio.  This will represent her first attempt at studio recordings of her own original work, and she and her family will put these on a CD and hopefully be able to share them with others.  Also, on March 10th, 2013, in Austin, Texas, Catherine will be the opening act for the No Parachute Music Group SXSW recording party of ten bands for ten hours.  The above performance will take place at Roadhouse Rags in Austin; therefore, if you live in that vicinity, then consider attending this event.  Catherine is especially looking forward to being able to sing at a new venue while singing songs that she hasn’t performed in public before.

Catherine’s goals are well within her reach and she would love to share her music with people while also making a difference in the music industry.  Catherine honestly loves to write, sing and perform.  Music has become a very huge part of Catherine’s life and so far she has written a total of fifteen songs while continuing to work very hard at what she loves.  There are two songs that are very special to Catherine because they came from her heart.  The first song is for friends that have moved away and she’s really missing them, and the song expresses exactly what she wanted them to know.  The second song expresses her emotions and frustration with someone that’s really close to her and her friends whose actions are really hurting Catherine and her friends.

 Many of Catherine’s ideas for songs come from the most random places and oddest times.  Just recently she received an idea for a song that just popped into her head at 3:30 am in the morning!  Catherine got up and worked on it for about thirty minutes and then went back to bed.  Many times Catherine’s older sister will work with her on songs and helps her brainstorm ideas while also helping with lyrics.  Being that Catherine is only eleven years old she doesn’t have a lot of her own experiences, but she uses those that she has, things that she observes in life and experiences that others express to her.

 Something that Catherine would like people to know about her is that she absolutely and positively loves to perform live in front of others where she gets instant feedback from her audience.  She is very thankful for all of the many amazing people that have given her the opportunities to do something that she honestly loves doing with all of her heart.  You can also follow Catherine on YouTube and Facebook.

Story by: Perry Malinos a stars2come contributor.

Sarah Moss

Sarah Moss



Sarah Moss is a 14 year old singer, songwriter and actress from Scottsdale, Arizona; she’s been singing and acting on stage since she was 5 years old.  Sarah’s mom says she was memorizing songs on the radio when she was three years old, but it really was her preschool teacher who first told her she had a really good voice and kept telling her she was going to be a star someday.  From that point on all Sarah wanted to do is sing.  She was 4 years old when her parents took her to see “The Sound of Music.”  Sarah remembers being mesmerized by all the beautiful voices; therefore, she tried to copy how they were singing.  When she was five years old Sarah got cast in “Grease;” her very first play at a local community theater.  It was here that she discovered her love for theater.

Young Sarah always loved Disney movies and her favorite movie was, “The Little Mermaid.”  She used to sing the song “Part of Your World” about fifty times a day.  It was her favorite song and remembers people really paying attention to her when she sang it.  When Sarah was 6 years old her mom saw a flyer for singing auditions for a local charity event.  She auditioned with “Part of Your World,” as it was the only song she really knew at the time.  She remembers how amazed people were with her singing.  Needless to say, Sarah got cast and sang that song in front of about 300 people at this charity event called, “Uniting Artists” at the Scottsdale Civic Center in Arizona.  Since then, Little Sarah fell in love with performing and hasn’t stopped since.

Sarah continued with Community Theater and got cast in several shows while each time getting bigger parts.  Some of the shows she’s been in are: “The King and I,” the role of Lottie in “A Little Princess – Sarah Crewe,” “The Princess and The Pea,” Tess in “The Golden Goose,” Glinda in “The Wizard of OZ,” Veruca Salt in“Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory,” Belle in “Beauty and the Beast” and now playing Ariel in “The Little Mermaid.”  Her absolute favorite performance was playing the part of Belle in “Beauty and the Beast” at Desert Foothills Theater last May of 2012.  Her second favorite is now being cast as Ariel in “The Little Mermaid” at Greasepaint Youtheater, in Scottsdale, where she’ll be singing her first song from childhood, “Part of Your World” for an audience once again.  Sarah hopes to someday be on Broadway since this really is her first love.

Besides theater, Sarah has had the opportunity to compete in several local, Scottsdale, competitions.  When she was nine years old Sarah won a Hannah Montana lip-syncing contest for Radio Disney and got to see a filming of the show and have some pictures taken with the cast of Hannah Montana.  Also, at the age of 9 years old, Sarah’s mom signed her up for a summer camp called Camp Rock.  It’s where one gets paired up with other kids to form a rock group.   Each group has one week to write and perform a song with the other members of their group.  Sarah was the vocalist in the rock band called “Freaky Astronauts.”  There were two guitar players, a drummer and piano player.  The winning group would get to perform at the half time show for the Phoenix Mercury at the US Airways Center.  They ended up winning this and it really was Sarah’s first experience being in a group.  She absolutely loved it and hopes to form or join a group again someday soon.

When Sarah was 11 years old she joined a talent agency and started doing singing competitions around town.  At 13 years of age Sarah was cast in a national commercial for a product called Dickinson’s Witch Hazel.  She played a teenage girl that was extremely upset because she had found a pimple on her forehead.  It was really thrilling for Sarah to get because she got to see what it was like to film for TV and not just theater.  She also found out this past year that she was cast in an independent film, called “Actor – a documentary?”  Sarah had gone on an interview when she was eleven years old for this documentary audition.  She was told they were interviewing thousands of applicants, so she probably wouldn’t get cast.  Sarah later found out they used parts of  her interview in the film.  She went to the premier a few months ago and is hoping a film festival picks it up so that others can see it.

People kept asking if she took singing lessons, so eventually her mom enrolled her in lessons.  Sarah had taken singing lessons from about 7 years old to 12 years old.  In addition to Camp Rock, Sarah has been involved in a performing group called, “Acts of Love.”  It’s a group of kids between the ages of 12 and 18.  They perform songs for various charities and recently performed for the local shelters around the holidays.  Sarah will also be performing some of her original songs for a charity event being put on by “Tunes for Tots” at the end of January, 2013.  She’s also planning on singing her original songs at local clubs around town.  Sarah just got an electric piano for the holidays and plans on using it to accompany herself.

Sarah Moss at stars2come  Sarah attends a college prep art school, called Arizona School for the Arts, the school teaches college level academics and Sarah is learning to play the piano, flute and has also learned how to play the guitar.  Learning the drums is next on her list of instruments.  Sarah has also recently started writing songs.  When she was about 11 years old Sarah wrote her very first song while fooling around in her bedroom singing to a camera; that song is called “Crazy” and it’s now finally posted on YouTube.  Sarah never really had any confidence in her writing ability so she kept it under lock and key for a few years.  She has several other songs now that she has written and has slowly started posting them on YouTube.  Sarah has written a total of ten songs, four of which she’s very proud of.  The last four songs Sarah wrote are very special to her; however, the song “I Can’t Take It” is her absolute favorite song because the song was written out of an inspiration she got from the character of “Snow White.”  The above really points out the need to encourage our youth as they need to be nurtured in order to thrive.

Sarah loves writing stories in school which in turn has started to give her more confidence in writing songs.  Sarah would love being a recording artist singing her own songs.  Taylor Swift is a big inspiration to Sarah and a lot of her songs are influenced by her style of writing.  Sarah likes all kinds of music and believes it’s important to listen to a variety of styles of music in order to become a well-rounded singer.  Sarah listens to Broadway, Pop, Country, R&B, Blues, Soul and Jazz.  This is really how she first learned to sing; copying the singers she would hear and then eventually start singing the songs.  One of Sarah’s favorite artists to cover is Christina Aguilera.  She likes the way she sings and all the riffs she does with her songs, especially the songs in the movie, “Burlesque.”  The big powerhouse songs and ballads are Sarah’s favorites.  The ballad, “Bound to You” in the movie is her favorite of all the songs.  Sarah actually sang “Bound to You” for Junior Idol.  This was a local singing competition in which she won first place when she was 12 years old.

Sarah has an incredible voice and is able to wow people with her ability to sing pitch perfectly at very low amplitudes and at the peek of her crescendos.  She has some of the most amazing fluctuations in vocal modulation while shifting through keys so effortlessly.  Emulating the voices of Disney characters is another quality that Sarah has honed and perfected over the years.  The things Sarah is able to do with her voice are quite simple astonishing, and her comedic side can burst out without any prior notice.  This teenager loves life and lives at its fullest while at the same time excelling in academics.

Some of the things Sarah is hoping to start up in the next few months are: Creating a personal website, getting on iTunes and auditioning for Princess Jasmine at a local community theater.  Singing, writing and performing makes Sarah very happy because she feels confident when doing so.  For Sarah, finding out what makes a person happy and the pursuing a life of happiness is important.  As of now, Sarah can be found on 2 You Tube Channels.  One other thing you may not know is in addition to singing, Sarah also loves making people laugh.   She has a “Sarah Moss Music channel” and a “Sarah Moss Comedy channel.”  Sarah is also on Facebook, RaterBug and Twitter. Singing, writing and performing makes Sarah very happy because she feels confident when doing them.  Sarah believes it’s important to find out what makes you truly happy and then to pursue that life of happiness, and that seems to be exactly what she is doing.  If you would like to keep up with Sarah on any of her sites, then here are some links for your use: YouTube music, YouTube comedy, Facebook, RaterBug, and Twitter.

Story By: Perry Malinos a stars2come contributor

Amanda Roit

Amanda Roit at stars2come




Amanda is truly an adorable young lady, that has set out to make her mark on Broadway and the music industry. Amanda works hard trying to be the best she can be, to bring everyone some fantastic music. One of the best things when watching her is, you can see very clearly how much fun she is having, and that means everything. She puts all she has into her songs, and delivers them wonderfully.

Amanda started performing at age eight in the Broadway show “Hairspray” at the Lincoln Center in NY.  One of the performances that she really loved was performing in the Off Off Broadway production of, “Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs”. She enjoyed meeting new people and going to New York City for rehearsals and performances. She has also starred in “Annie”, at the Cultural Arts Playhouse. This was a dream role for her, because of all the acting and singing this character has. Coming up very soon you can catch Amanda live at the Apollo on February 15th. To find out more details visit www.amandaroit.com.

Amanda sang in a competition at the Long Island School Media Association, and took home first place here. She also performed at another competition and was runner up at East Northport Idol, it was presented by 94x radio station. This was the first time she sang her very first original song, “Stayin’ Up All Night” live to a large audience. If you have never heard this  song you are really missing out it is absolutely outstanding! Amanda wrote this song after a sleepover she had with her friends. In the video she truly brought this sleepover back to life. The song and video was brilliantly done. She is currently working on more songs now. If they are anything like her first, we have an absolutely brilliant new star on our hands.

She loves everything about singing, but one of the most special feelings for her is when she gets out on stage and just about to perform, it is so exciting for her. She gets so much inspiration from Taylor Swift. She says, that Taylor teaches her to never give up on her dreams, because one day they really can come true.  With Amanda her dream has a very good chance of coming true, her skills and creativity as a song writer could very easily make her one of the best pop artists out there.  Amanda is a bright and shinny new star on the rise, that others will be looking up to and wishing they could be just like, her!

Amber Barbell “I’m An Angel”


Amber McBubbles Barbell at stars2come
Amber Barbell, behind the scenes of "I'm An Angel" video




Amber Barbell, the new up and coming “pop sensation”! Amber from Hollywood California has done it again with a brand new song coming out December 17, titled “I’m An Angel”. This song is expected to be even more sensational than her song, “Glitter Girl”.

Amber and Jus Me co-wrote this song. I is about goodness and overcoming adversity. This will be a song that you can dance to, but has great meaning. Jus Me and Rakif Waters produced the beat and engineered the song. Soon after the release on December 17, it will be available on itunes, so be sure to get your copy, you do not want to miss out.

“Just”, this great song is not all to look forward to. Long about Christmas time the video for “I’m An Angel” will be out as well. This “is” a must see video! Chris Bennett and Jus Me produced and directed the video.  This video takes place in Jacksonville Florida, at the notorious haunted building called, “School 4”. Also filming was done at the beautiful and historic St. Augustine. They shot for three days rain or shine to bring this fantastic video to fans everywhere. Amber had a lot of fun shooting the video, and everyone was very supportive of the project. This has been a major project taking in months of work, all to bring the best to the fans.

Amber has always produced amazing music, and this new song, “I’m An Angel” will prove to be the best “ever”! She loves music and will continue to bring smiles to her fans for a long time to come.  Write down December 17, you do not! want to miss this release. Keep an eye out on itunes for this great new single, “I’m An Angel”, and get your copy of this great new song.

Emily DeLia


Emily DeLia at stars2come




Emily is a wonderful person with a heart of gold and a voice to match. She is extremely talented with music. She has written and composed many songs, and all created from her heart, some of these for voice and others instrumentals. By the time she was nine years old she had completed her first opus. The world now has a new musical genius rising up before us, and it is ten year old Emily DeLia.

Emily was literally born to sing. When she was still a baby, her mom would take her to church, and when the choir would sing, Emily would cry, and when they stopped so did Emily. The amazing thing about this was that when she cried, she was in key with the choir. When she was one year old she was singing the Twelve Days of Christmas, and by the time she was three, she was driving her mom crazy begging to join the choir. Emily is now studying music at the Westminster Conservatory.

Emily has taken off with music at a very young age, and with extraordinary talent that most can only dream of having. When she was four years old her mom found out about the  Community Christian Children’s Choir, but they only allowed five year olds in. After they heard Emily sing they let her in right away. She sang at a church concert that first Christmas. After she turned six, she became a soloist for the choir`s spring concert tour. She sang at a couple of churches, including her own, and the Millstone Performing Arts Center that season.

Emily DeLia at stars2come  Emily loves to sing at the VOICES Chorale Young Composers Concerts, because here she gets to perform her originals with the choir. She says, they sound like a heavenly choir of a million angels. Emily really enjoys musical theater as well. Last summer she played Molly in Annie, and she got to sing the opening lines of “Maybe”, which is suppose to be Annie`s big solo. This past spring she performed in a musical called “Honk”, which is the story of the Ugly Duckling”. Emily had a blast doing this. In the show she got to be a frog, a goose, and a snowflake, and was the soloist for the blizzard scene. She was very happy to get to do the solo, because the song was very beautiful, and was for a important scene as the Ugly Duckling changes to a beautiful swan. On the 4TH of July she got to perform at a theater that she has been going to for a long time. This was the Open Air Theater at Washington`s Crossing State Park, she sang “Mary is a Grand Old Name”, as a part of the George M. Cohen tribute for a show called “Stars and Strips”. She was very excited to finally get to perform at her favorite theater. She says, that the people there are always nice and makes it so much fun.

Emily with her great talents has not gone unnoticed. She has won many awards for her music. When she was six, she won her very first Silver award in the VOICES Chorale Young Composers Contest. Since then she has won 3 Gold Awards for that contest. She has taken first place in her diocese`s Respect Life Video contest because she wrote and performed a song called “I Love Life”, that was based on Pope John Paul`s “Prayer For Life”.  In 2010 she won an award from the Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music, for Excellence in Music Theory. She got 100% on her exam and when she was done, there was enough time left, that she composed a short piano piece on a scrap of staff paper that was provided.

She gets a lot of her inspiration from, Celtic Women, especially Chloe Agnew who sings in Celtic Women. Her favorite of the famous composers are Mozart and Burgmuller. When Emily was asked what she liked most about singing. She said, “Singing”!!! As it turns out there are three things she likes about it, first is the song that she is singing, second singing for the audience, and third listening to her voice and the voices of the people singing with her. She loves to sing with other people, especially the harmonies. Even when she is not singing she still stays close to music in her down time. She loves to play the piano, flute, harp, composing, dance, theater, art, writing stories, and poems. Emily is a very busy little girl. She hopes to be a recording artist some day, and change the world with her music.

Emily DeLia at stars2comeMusic is rooted deep in Emily`s sole, and the songs she has written are not only amazing, but incredible due to her age and when she began. The amount of songs she has written is uncountable, she says. She was very young when she started writing. At three she tried writing and opera. She almost always has a song in her head. Some of the more special, and meaningful of the songs she has written has been, “Birds of Our Hearts”, “Flower Flower”, and “You Are My Bird”, which she wrote for her pet parakeet Minty while he was still alive. Then came “The Man in Yellow-Green” after he died. She wrote a song for her dad called “Number One”, and “Touch The Sky” for the people of Japan.  Emily mostly writes for the people she loves, but sometimes she will hear about something and that will make her want to write. Other times she will be just messing around on the piano and hear something that sounds cool, or just simply make up songs.

 Emily is an excellent songwriter/singer who wants to do good and add beauty to the world. Emily is doing just that with the beautiful music she is bringing to the world. Emily is not just making music or writing music, Emily is music! Emily is someone the people of the world can look up to and draw inspiration from. Everything she does, she does while battling a dangerous food disorder, but this does not stop her from doing what she loves. Sometimes people when things are not going well in life, often become down on themselves, and even give up. Emily does neither, she continues on with her music and bringing happiness to many people with her creations. A person only needs to look at Emily to see what she is accomplishing, and not allowing these dangerous allergies from  living her life to the fullest. She is a great inspiration, and life is not always fair, but we do not need  to give up on things we love. We can follow in Emily`s footsteps and continue to strive for our dreams, just like Emily. Emily is music, beauty, and a gift to us all.



MacKayla Hunter

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Everyone, meet the next major country music artist, fifteen year old MacKayla Hunter. MacKayla from Idaho, is burning up the country with her music and fantastic show. This girl stays in demand, and once you hear her music you can see why. She has a unique sound, and her writing is the best there is out there. MacKayla brings a great blend with her music, having that country vibe while at the same time having a bit of a pop sound to her. With this blend that she has, it will for sure take her to the top of the country and pop charts.

MacKayla has had an amazing journey for only beginning to to chase her dream just three short years ago. Unlike most people when they begin she didn`t start out singing then guitar, and then writing, oh no, she did all three right out of the gate. MacKayla taught herself to sing right after her dad taught her a few guitar chords when she was twelve. Shortly after all that she wrote her first song. She has been doing very well ever since she started.  Here only recently did she begin to take vocal lessons. She takes her training from Christie Cremer, in Idaho.

MacKayla did have a bit of nerves at her first public performance when she sang for her eight grade graduation. For the graduation she sang “Breath” by Taylor Swift, but it was not long before those nerves were no where to be found. She sang for three hundred people at this event, and when it was over she knew that performing is what she wanted to do.

MacKayla Hunter at stars2come  MacKayla`s popularity has grown fast since her beginning, and it is all coming from the star quality of her stage performances, and the amazing music she brings to the people. In February she had a CD release party at the Knitting Factory. This was her first big full band concert, and 700 people came out to see and hear her. This was a very amazing night for MacKayla, and gave her a taste of what it might be like in the future. Back in June she made a trip to Nashville, and performed at the famous Bluebird Cafe. MacKayla liked it here because there were so many others there wanting the same as her. It was fun for her to listen to all the different styles of writing, singing and playing. She loves intimate shows like that, and she made a lot of new friends at this one.

MacKayla has never been at a loss for words when it comes to her writing. She has written so many that she can not remember them all. She recently wrote a song about one of the boys that her parents adopted. Hudson is nine years old and the song she wrote tells the story of him and his birth mom from the view of the mother. MacKayla is excited about getting in the studio with this song, and she is looking for it to be released in November. November is National Adoption month, and she is hoping to give part of the proceeds to the agency that they used to adopt her new brothers. Some of her ideas for songs comes from people. She loves listening to life stories, and stories from different people and write songs. She says, the most fun thing about writing songs is being able to express your feelings in a way that is so beautiful, through music.

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MacKayla this past July 16 opened for Steve Holy at the Idaho Center in Boise for the Stampede for the Cure concert. She is not  a person that wants to take from anyone she is a giver, and she does her part in any way that she can to help others. How ever if you would like to catch one of her shows, she will be coming to a town close to you very soon. She is apart of the No Bully tour that is sweeping the nation. She will start out in Charlotte NC, on August 12, then moving on to Atlanta Ga., Nashville Tenn., Kansas City Mo., Omaha Ne., Tulsa Ok., and Austin Texas, all this in just seven days. So be sure to stop by and give her and the No Bully tour your support. For more info on the No Bully tour.

Her goal in life is to serve her Lord Jesus Christ in everything she does. She also wants to inspire people through her actions, and music. She wants to be a good role model and do what she loves at the same time. That is her dream and she is living it.

 MacKayla is a normal teenage girl hanging out with friends, and she also likes to collect old vinyl records. She goes out searching for these old records every chance she gets. There has been a lot of great music made on vinyl, but there has been many great artist come out today on CDs, and now we have another great artist out on CD and that is MacKayla Hunter, be sure to pick up your copy of “Bitter and Sweet” at her web site MacKayla hunter.   You can also follow her on facebook MacKayla Hunter.  MacKayla is someone you do not want to miss out on, she is fabulous.