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Spain’s Hit New Pop Artist, Charlotte Summers



Spain’s new hit pop artist Charlotte Summer has been mesmerizing people from Spain to American with her magnificent voice. At just twelve years old Charlotte already has a smash hit out called, Unicorn. This song was originally written for a Eurovision entry for Malta by Greek singer/songwriter Gorgi and Swedish composers Ylva and Linda, but was not chosen for the entry. The song was then adapted for Charlotte for a festival in Italy. She has won best original song and best singer in her category. It is now out as her first single.

Unicorn is a fitting song for Charlotte. The song itself is beautiful, but “Unicorn” has always meant much more. A Unicorn is a beautiful, wondrous and magical animal, it has been known to light a girl’s heart and imagination. This also describes Charlotte. Her voice has the beauty that is needed for a song like Unicorn. She has captured the essence of the song perfectly igniting the imagination of those who listen and magically takes the listener into the story.  No other person could have delivered this song the way she has done. The song may not have originally been for her, but destiny knew who needed to sing it. This song does mean a great deal to her. “It is very special to me as it is a beautiful song and a lot of people really like it” says Charlotte. 

A stunning video was made for Unicorn which not only shows her beauty, but the beauty in the location. It was filmed in Marbella Spain by the sea. Charlotte says, it’s where the Unicorns live. The location is shown as a magical place, all one needs to do is believe and you can see the Unicorn. I believe, she “is” the Unicorn. The beauty, the magic, it is her,  she opens a person’s imagination. 

Most of the world didn’t know anything of Charlotte until a video went viral. In the video she was getting her hair done and started singing her song Unicorn. The majority of us didn’t realize that it was her own song at the time. She belted out the song so perfectly that everyone instantly loved her. She then became a worldwide favorite, leaving everyone asking, “who is that girl”? It turns out that her hairdresser asked her to sing, video taped it and put it on their Instagram. Once people began learning who she was, they flocked to her music loving everything she sang. 

For many, it was the viral video that introduced them to Charlotte, but this was not the beginning.  She first started singing at about six or seven years of age. She began performing at her primary school, St. George in San Pedro de Alcantara. At school they would often do shows for their parents. The boys and girls in the class would go on stage and sing, act and dance. From this she has moved on to other great things. Charlotte was in Les Miserables in Malaga, Spain. Then she appeared on La Voz Kids then went on to win a talent contest in Malaga, Spain. After all of this she was on a program called, Fenomeno Fan, this show was shown in Spain and South America. She will be on TV in North America soon. “That was really cool to go and record in LA” says Charlotte. 

Being a singer is about bringing happiness to others as well as yourself. Charlotte is this person, the happiness and passion can be heard in each of her songs. Like most singers, she too has favorites she likes to sing. Aside from Unicorn, she likes, It’s A Man’s World and One Night Only. She likes It’s A Man’s World because, “I feel the song is so true and beautiful” says Charlotte. And One Night Only she says, “It is a very soulful, and it has lots of places where I can let out powerful notes”. 

Charlotte is beginning to take her music to the next level with her new single, Lifting Me Up. She co-wrote the song with a composer from England named Alex. When it comes to songwriting, she doesn’t really know where the ideas come from, she says things just come to her. “I play piano so I create melodies and from that the lyrics” says Charlotte. 

There’s much love for music in Charlotte’s life, but she enjoys many of the other things too. She loves gymnastics and animals. Charlotte also enjoys movies, hanging out with friends and dancing all the normal stuff anyone her age would enjoy doing. To do what Charlotte loves  takes a lot of support, and she gets tons of it from her parents and sister, Renee. 

Anyone can search through Charlotte’s music and listen to her progression, she started off good, now she is “brilliant”. Charlotte has been granted a gift, and she uses that gift to delight others in the songs she sings. The power and precision that she uses is exceptional, no one can help but be drawn into the story she is telling. She is truly magical, just like the Unicorn. 


Pop Artist Caroline Grace Debuts Her Single “Show Me”

Caroline Grace has debuted her new single, “Show Me”, and stealing people’s hearts. Show Me, is a song where she throws her vulnerability out on the table. If her soothing voice doesn’t capture you, her puppy dog eyes in the video will certainly do the trick. She is a true artist to be able to project how vulnerable she can be vocally and then bring it to life on camera.  This song could be interpreted in different ways, but anyone looking for a love song for their significant other, this is it. Who could, resist!

This past July, Caroline and Poo Bear (Jason Boyd) got together to record a few singles, and Show Me is one of those singles. She said, Poo Bear had the initial idea, and they built the song from there. This song means a lot to Caroline. “There have been times in my life I have found myself deviating from my own path. Show Me is sort of intro prospective plea to remind myself of who I am and what I stand for, ” she said. She was also saying, “being such a beautiful song, it can be applied to various other circumstances”. Her thoughts are, it can be listened to as a love song between two people, a song about loving oneself, or even a worship song. “That’s the goal in all of my music, to utilize my own vulnerability to relate to other people in any way that I can and let them know that they aren’t alone,” she said. 

Throughout the process of writing and producing, “Show Me” she had the great pleasure of working with Poo Bear. Poo Bear (Jason Boyd) recently wrote and produced on Justin Bieber’s entire, Purpose, album. Caroline says working with him was incredible. “When you walk into a room to work with a guy like that, you can’t help but be intimidated. However, his kind, goofy and humble persona quickly snapped that away, and I felt like I was in the studio with my best friend,” she said. She says, his work ethic is so inspiring, you can tell how deep is passion for music goes. She hopes to continue to work with him throughout her career. 

Show Me, is a powerful single which she debuted. The song showcases different aspects of her vocals, character, realization, emotion, depth, and of course vulnerability. This gives an insight into what to expect when her first EP is released. Yes that’s right, an EP is being worked on. There will be a variety of songs ranging from acoustic to, very radio pop. She says, the consistency of the EP will be in the lyrics. “The project is a body of work that will very much relate to the place in life I am currently in and experiences I am having,” she said. There will be some great collaborations on the EP, but for now who they are, must remain under wraps. It will be exciting. She says, she wants all of her music to invoke emotion by pouring her heart into every song she records. “I truly believe that if I pour everything I have into my music, the listener will feel something too,” she said.   

Caroline had a desire  for music since she was a little kid and knew that is what she wanted to do. However, when she started at USC is when she decided to immerse herself into her career wholeheartedly. What a great decision she made, it would have been a shame for the music world to miss out on a great creative talent such as Caroline. Now that the decision was made, and her music being realized, her music will touch millions. 


Internet Star And Nashville Recording Artist, Jadyn Rylee

Exceptional things happen, to exceptional people, this happens to be a true fact, when talking about Jadyn. Already at her young age, she has an understanding of songs, that many people unfortunately never get. You wouldn’t think someone of her age would have the delivery, and  perception of songs, that is found and understood in her performances, but they are. The way she sings, is that of a much older and seasoned artist, but yet here she is stunning people with every song at just eleven years old. Jadyn, and the way she performs a song, has become an infection on the internet. She has gained internet stardom.

Jadyn’s fame, and audience grows larger by the day, with her videos reaching into the millions. One of these songs that has gotten a great deal of attention is, The Sound of Silence. This video has soared to well over four million in just barely three months. Her delivery of the song has a dark and haunting vibe to her voice, and people has gone crazy over it. Jadyn really liked this song. “The song was so deep and loud, it was fun trying to learn it” says Jadyn. Jadyn has been doing projects with Sina, and it was Sina’s dad Mike Wilbury and Rick Benbow who chose the song, The Sound of Silence. They felt people would love it, and they did in a big way. 

Jadyn and Sina make a good team. Jadyn says she’s glad they found each other. “She is helpful with ideas and her drumming in our songs” says Jadyn. Currently they have three recordings together, The Sound of Silence, Nothing Else Matters, and Go Your Own Way. Plans to work on more videos together, is in the works. Jadyn hopes they will start working on something soon. 

In June, Jadyn packed up and headed out to Nashville to write and record her very own songs. In Nashville she worked with legendary writer and guitarist Curt Ryle of Big Matador Records. While there they wrote three songs, and she loved the experience. “The experience was amazing because I have never had the chance to work with anyone who helped me write songs before, and I can’t believe we wrote three” Jadyn says. 

Her newest release is one of the songs written and recorded in Nashville called, Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover. This is an anti-bullying song, and it was important to her to write. “I wanted to write a song that touched people and a song that kids could look up to, especially if they had been bullied before” says Jadyn. She has been bullied herself, but not as bad as some of her friends. She wanted to let her friends and everyone to see that bullying wasn’t alright and shouldn’t be allow. “We are all human and supposed to be equal and no one deserves to be hurt like that” says Jadyn.  She hopes to do more songs like that in the future. The song has a lot of meaning that sends out a good message, and her delivery of it is unbelievable. Brilliant!

Another song they wrote is called, Virtual Reality. The song is fun and bouncy and makes you want to dance. It also mentions Arianna Grande and Jadyn hopes one day Arianna will hear it. The song is about being a kid and enjoying life. Everyone will love this song. For now her third song will remain under wraps, but I can tell you, it’s going to blow your mind. 

Writing with Curt was amazing, she says. “He helped me write the lyrics, and then recorded his guitar for all of the songs. It was so much fun” says Jadyn. While in Nashville writing with Curt they stayed at his home, and something clicked with the two of them that created a good bond. Curt was amazed at the things she was able to do in the studio, and one of the things was how high she could sing. He teasingly nicknamed her, Little Freak. “The funniest part about recording in Nashville was when we would get ready to record we would first have breakfast and then go down to the studio, every morning Curt would say “Well good morning little freak” it was so funny” Jadyn says. She can’t wait to go back. On all of her recordings, she sang all of the harmonies, and Curt said he had never met anyone who could do harmonies as well as Jadyn. 

Music means the world to her and loves every aspect of it. Jadyn has met and worked with a lot of amazing people, Curt, Mike, Rick, Sina, and Andre she loves them all. She loves her singing coach as well, Sarah Hyde. “Sarah has taught me so much and has always told me that I can do this and I do it well” says Jadyn. Her coach is correct, she can do and does it well. 

Jadyn is an exceptional person in the way she grasps lyrics, and creativity she puts in her songs. She has become well known, but not just who she is, but the way she sings a song. The people that follow her music are loyal listeners and can’t wait for a new song. With all she has accomplished in just a short time, it is obvious she will become larger than life. The world audience loves her. 

Indiana’s Triple Threat, Adia Dant

Introducing Indiana’s triple threat, Adia Dant. Adia is extremely skilled in dance, acting and singing. She has toured the country singing and dancing her way into people’s hearts as the beloved Annie. Here recently Adia released her first original song, Wings On Your Dreams produced in Nashville. She continues to astonish people with her skills and creativity in entertainment. At just twelve years old she has already accomplished a great deal and has proven there’s no limit to what she can do.   

Adia’s recording project, Wings On Your Dreams was her first original song. It is a song that has meaning and letting people know not to give up on their dreams.”My song has so much meaning not only to me but hopefully to other people to keep reaching for the stars and not to give up on your dreams” says Adia. The song was produced by Jonell Polansky at DaCapo music, and written by legendary Kim Williams. Adia delivered the song well, you can feel the passion and heart in its delivery. She is a true credit to music. 

Wings On Your Dreams:

The adventures Adia has had up to this point was started several years ago. She was a dancer first, then began to sing where she could. Adia first performed at the age of six or seven at Footlite Musicals summer camp as Ancestor Meng in Mulan and at Ben Davis Performing Arts Center as Kate in Annie. This all lead her to tour the country playing the iconic role of Annie. 

During the tour, Adia played the role of Pepper and Annie. The tour lasted one year with 310 shows in 32 cities with Martin Charnin directing the production. She loved being part of the tour. “It was an honor playing the title role of Annie 38 years after the first production on Broadway” says Adia. She said, she was blessed to have been picked to play these roles. “When I was on stage playing Annie, I had a real connection with her character and with Daddy Warbucks” says Adia. She loved working with the entire cast and crew. Adia says they became like family and are still very close. 

While touring the country Adia had the opportunity to spend a week performing in her hometown Indianapolis. They also made a stop in New Orleans which she enjoyed very much. They were there two weeks before Mardi Gras. “I remember how much fun it was to throw/receive the beads from all of the people on the roof tops and there were parades everyday” says Adia.  The most fun for Adia was meeting all the fans in all of the cities, signing the autographs and doing talk backs with the fans, everyone loves the story behind Annie. “I also loved being on stage 8 times a week and being involved in what I love to do, it’s like a dream come true” says Adia. 

Along the way she meet some amazing fans, but there was one family who she continues to stay in contact with. In the family were two girls and a baby boy, they were at the show in Ft. Myers Florida. Adia met them on the way out after the show. “They were too scared to talk to me at first until after I hugged them and asked if they liked the show” Adia says. Adia said they were so cute and after the tour, she sent them Annie t-shirts and a hat. No doubt Adia left a lasting impression on that family, but you can bet many others were touched by her along the way. She loves each and everyone of her fans. 

Adia continues to sing anywhere she can. She was honored to have been chosen to sing at the 54th Circle Of Lights in November 2016. “I felt so blessed to have been chosen to perform in my hometown in front of 100,000 plus people” says Adia. She will be performing in Nashville this June during CMA week if you would like to catch one of her performances. She loves to be able to perform at so many places, this lets her be herself, and singing lets her express the emotional side of the song. 

She dreams of pursuing a career in acting, singing and dancing. “I really love being on stage in music theater productions and I am also interested in trying out some TV and film projects” says Adia. She puts a great deal of time in sharpening her crafts to help her realize her dreams. This summer she will be participating in a summer theater camp in July, and then she will be traveling out of town for dance nationals. 

Being versatile in the entertainment business leads to success. It has been Adia’s versatility that has allowed her to live part of her dreams thus far. With her continued efforts more of her dreams will come. Adia works hard and her achievements are testament to what can happen to those who strive. It will be exciting to watch her grow in the entertainment field. The sky is the limit for someone as talented as Adia. 

Rising Star Of Indonesia “Clarice Cutie”


Social media has played a role in launching musical careers worldwide for years. And now, it has helped bring the world’s attention to another great musical entity. This entity is Clarice Cute, she is Indonesia’s rising star. It has only been approximately two years since Clarice launched her first singing video on YouTube singing, See You Again from Charlie Puth. People immediately began falling in love with her leading her to gain huge numbers of fans and viewers. Clarice is a remarkable singer, but without doubt it is her vibrant personality that shines through drawing people in. No matter what she sings or talks about she radiates a warmth that brings happiness to people. It is like when she begins to sing, the clouds in the sky break, allowing the sun to shine making the day brighter. Clarice is a ray of sunshine, and a brilliant singer.  

Ten year old Clarice is quickly becoming known the world over. Some of the views she is receiving are in the millions. To think, it all started with an upload to YouTube two years ago. After the first was launched, she opened a Instagram account and added a couple more singing videos. These videos soon gained a large number of viewers with a great response from the public. Within a short period of time, she became a trending topic in a couple of the social media outlets.  From this everything began. 

It was these videos that supplied her with an offer to sing publicly for the first time, it was for an insurance company. The insurance company was promoting a new product for children’s insurance. The performance took place at a large stadium called, GBK Senayan. This was the first public performance for Clarice, but not the last. She now performs at many different locations. As long as she sings somewhere, she is happy. 

Television is where many of her performances take place. Mostly she has been a guest on a music show or talk show. Clarice has also been performing at national events. She has sang for the wife of Indonesia’s vice president on Mother’s Day and Indonesia’s National Chinese New Year in 2016.


Performing is a way for Clarice to express herself. She dreams to perform throughout her life, becoming and international artist. “I would like to be known as a proper singer with a decent voice” says Clarice. When it comes to her voice, she is gifted. She has a wonderful tone as well as being a very technical singer. Everything she sings is clear and clean.

Clarice’s music talents were inherited through her dad who is a music producer.  He produces many artists and through time, Clarice has met and heard a lot of these people. All of this lit the flame for her wanting to be a professional singer. “At first my dad had doubts about my singing talent, but after seeing the good response from many people, he asked if I was serious about being a professional singer. When I said yes, then my dad started teaching me singing techniques” says Clarice. Her dad then explained to her that being a professional singer has consequences. He set up her first task, to see if she really was serious. She was to be a guest star on a TV morning show. Clarice had to get up at 3am  to go to the TV station, once there she had rehearsal with the house band, then makeup and hair, and performing at 6am. After this her dad believed in her and began producing her first EP. 

Clarice’s EP has been produced with five original songs, but it has not stopped there. Now Clarice is with Sony Music and has released a single called, Masa Kecilku (My Childhood). This song is about a kid who looks back on her childhood, where she was very happy and full of unforgettable moments. Clarice is now working on her second single with Sony and they are hoping for its release in May or June. 

Singing is a huge part of Clarice’s life, but there’s much more to her than only singing. Modeling is part of her as well. She has been a photo model for the past two years. Most of her modeling projects have been for Rococo which is a distributor of Michael Kors, Oscar De La Renta, Stuart Weitzman and Milly Minis for Indonesia. “I think modeling and photo model is fun” says Clarice. She is perfect for modeling. She is very poised, her skin and hair are perfect. Clarice is much like Taylor Swift, there’s nothing out of place well composed. A beautiful and stunning girl.

On Clarice’s social media fans can find several types of videos, not only singing. According to Istagram her fans range from 13 to 34 year old largely female. She adds different videos to hopefully appeal to her fans. For kids like herself, she has videos about Squishy. Sometimes she will have vlogs when she visits another city for a performance, or going on holiday. Clarice appreciates her fans and does her best to communicate to them. 

The fans of Clarice will get to see her on the big screen very soon. Clarice is getting ready to be in her first movie with MNC group, which is one of the largest corporations in Indonesia. The movie is, Cooking Camp. In this movie she plays one of the contestants. Acting is something that is completely new to her, but she does find it to be fun. She will be a kid chef in the movie, and because of that, for the past month she has been training with professional chefs to cook different dishes. 

So many things are happening for Clarice, being multi talented does have its advantages and rewards. At just tens years old she is just discovering a small part of what she is capable of. Add another tens years to Clarice, she will be sot after worldwide. Everyone will know her name, Clarice Cutie. By the way, it was her dad who gave Clarice her stage name. He says it was because everywhere they would go, people would look at her, smile at her and say “oh you are so cute”. And so, her stage name was born. 

Fifteen Year Old Powerhouse Aliyah Moulden Scores Three Chairs With “Hound Dog”

Aliyah didn’t hold back one second, she came out swinging with that powerhouse voice singing Hound Dog. No sooner than she had the first line of the song out, the audience was up swaying with the beat along with Aliyah. Many people have sang Hound Dog since it was originally recorded in 1952. Elvis made a huge mark on music with this song to the point when people heard Hound Dog, Elvis is who comes to mind. Now Aliyah with a national audience, comes out with her version of Hound Dog. She too will be who people think about now when that song is mentioned. Aliyah not only impressed the audience, but the judges as well, scoring three chairs with her performance. 

Walking out on stage Aliyah was a bit nervous. Once she began singing, the nerves kicked in a little more. Listening to her sing no one would ever suspect any nerves at all, it was a flawless performance. She didn’t let the nerves hold her back even when the chairs were not turning at first. “As I continued singing and the chairs did not turn, I then forgot about the chairs and decided to have fun with the audience with my performance” says Aliyah. About half way through the song the chairs began to turn. Blake turned first, then Alicia, then Gwen and the excitement began to swell inside Aliyah. “I was going crazy in my mind” says Aliyah. After all of the judges gave their encouraging remarks and their sales pitches, Aliyah decides on Blake.”What really stuck with me was that he stood up and clapped for my performance. I felt he really wanted me on his team” Aliyah says. Plus she says, “he is really handsome”. Aliyah is looking forward to working with Blake.

Aliyah’s version of Hound Dog has a bluesy and jazzy vibe to it, and everyone in the audience rocked out to it. Hound Dog is a song she loves. “It is a very strong song with an underlying adult message with a fun twist” says Aliyah. Aliyah made the changes to the song herself. “As I practiced the song I made changes to it to make it more interesting” says Aliyah. It will not be only her huge voice that the other contestants with have to worry about. Aliyah’s proven ability to transform a song like Hound Dog is going to give them something else to look out for.

To be apart of something like The Voice, it is a major thing to have your community behind you, and Aliyah has just that. Aliyah lives in California and goes to La Habra High School. She says she has felt their support through the positive messages and comments. She has done a lot of volunteering in many events at La Habra, so their local media is reaching to her to spread the news. Aliyah has attended the La Habra Boys and Girls Club since she was five years old. They are her biggest supporters. “I absolutely love my community and I am so thankful for all that they do for me” says Aliyah. 

The blinds are all prerecorded, and it can be a long wait before it airs. For Aliyah, it was tough to keep it secret. Everyday she would find it hard to believe that she was on the show. Aliyah is a very social person and it was difficult keeping it all from her friends where she lives and online. “I am very friendly and keep in contact with friends everyday. It was super hard not to tell them as well as just to share it on social media” Aliyah says.

The Voice has been a great experience for Aliyah. The excitement has been so great, that it has been hard for her to do her homework or anything else. “All I think about is this awesome experience” says Aliyah. She is blessed and thankful to have this opportunity. She says, it is totally crazy. “It is super exciting to be on a national television show with the opportunity to land on a celebrity coaching team” says Aliyah.

Aliyah may just be fifteen years old, but she is not someone to turn your back to thinking she is a pushover. She is a double edge sword, she has outrageous vocal skills, as well as the ability to make a song into what she feels. The battle rounds are coming up and she has both sides of that sword, sharp and deadly. Stay tuned into The Voice to see how Aliyah’s journey unfolds.

Capri Everitt, Around The World In 80 Anthems

There’s special people around the world who set out to make a difference in the lives of others. These people who reach out to help in some way range from, movie stars, to your local store owner, to kids. Sometimes people want to help, but don’t really know how or where to start. In Canada lives a young lady who has a heart as big and bright as the sun, she too wanted to help. Capri Everitt, is this young lady. Capri is eleven years old and she has taken a stand to help make the world a better place for orphans.

Worldwide it is estimated to be 140 million orphans according to UNICEF. This is a huge number with many of them having nowhere to go, no shelter, no food, only living on the streets and surviving from hand outs, or worse. No country, no matter how advanced is free from orphans living unsafely, or from hunger. Capri decided she wanted to help some of these orphans; help them have something to eat and a safe place to stay. “I thought the worst thing in the world would be to not have any parents. To be alone to have to get food for yourself, to not know where you will stay or sleep, to not have a sense of security” says Capri. This was the beginning of what would become a great adventure for Capri and possibly, a little better life for a few orphans worldwide. 

Capri has been singing since she was five years old and loves all types of music. She loves how you can express yourself in different ways. Songs are a way of connecting people, it helps them feel something meaningful. An anthem is something special for every country, it helps to unite that country, and the people of that country feels proud when they hear it. Around The World In 80 Anthems was a brilliant way to connect with people, and help unite people for a cause. The adventure Capri was about to set out on was her mom’s idea, but the whole family had their part in it. 

Around The World In 80 Anthems had lots of support from her family and others. Her mom worked to book the places for her to sing. Her dad was in charge of social media and her little brother was the blogger. They asked the charity SOS Children’s Villages to book their stays in many of the SOS villages around the world. Through social media,and interviews around the world they gained a lot of extra support. 

Capri may have sung a big part of her life, but didn’t know how to sing nor speak all of those languages. The only languages she could speak or sing at the time was English and French. To make this work she had to learn all of these songs in the correct language before they left for the journey. “When I was learning all of these anthems, I would try to find people from each country to teach me so that I was confident that I was pronouncing everything correctly” says Capri. She says the Chinese anthem was probably the hardest to learn because it is extremely complicated and hard to pronounce. 

There may have been a few challenges to learning so many songs, but the adventure would be well worth the effort. In most of the countries where she sang was at the SOS Villages with the orphaned and abandoned children. Sometimes there would be other events where Capri would perform as well. In countries that did not have SOS Children’s Villages, she would sing at a famous festival or landmark, whatever her mom was able to organize. Every anthem singing event was special in it’s own way. Along the way singing the anthems, Capri also met some wonderful people. 

Every country had people who Capri would meet and never forget. A few people that stands out for her are, Mr. Clark from South Korea, Eleni from Greece, Alois and Hechtah from South Africa, but this is just a few, the list is far too great to name them all. Capri appreciates the help and kindness Mr Clark, Eleni and Alois showed her and her family in their countries. Capri says she loved South Africa because of Hechtah. “She was a thirteen year old girl who was so amazing and inspiring. She herself  was an orphan and had never met her family. I interviewed her for my school work and I asked her what her one wish would be. She said that it would be to know her family” says Capri. 

All of what Capri has done around the world has made for an incredible journey. “When I was singing my 80th anthem in Washington DC, I felt the strongest feeling of accomplishment I had ever felt” says Capri. She knew all of the hard work that her and her family had done, had definitely paid off. “We knew that we had made a difference to all of those kids that we had met and they had made a difference to us” says Capri.

While out helping the orphans, Capri received another opportunity. About two weeks prior to getting to India, Capri’s mom got an email from Maati Baani asking if she would be part of the Heal The World video. The Heal The World video is made up of kids from all around the world. Of course she accepted, and while in India she met Maati Baani and recorded the song. Capri also got to meet and become friends with one of the other kids in the video, Sparsh Shah. It will be kids like these that will bring everyone together around the world, with peace, love and understanding.

Around The World In 80 Anthems has been a huge undertaking and has consumed much of Capri and her family’s time, and continues to do so. “Right now 80 Anthems has kind of taken over my normal life now” says Capri. Right now they are currently making a documentary about their journey and recording a soundtrack. Capri wants to keep singing and speaking around the world and also keep raising money for SOS and other charities. She dreams of becoming a UN Ambassador. “I want people to know that you have to work hard if you want to make a footprint in history and really make a difference to so many people who have got much harder lives than you. That’s what I want to do” Capri says.

So many people are unable to help themselves for one reason or another. It is people like Capri who gets up and gets out to make that difference for these people. Not everyone is capable of helping like this either. It takes a special person, one that has a passion for people. Because of Around The World In 80 Anthems there are a few more orphan kids who can rest a little easier, and knows they have friend that is looking out for them. It is not necessary to personally know Capri to see she has a heart full of love. She is driven by that love, that inner light, and without doubt every kid she meets and talks to sees that love and light. Capri is hope for them. Little by little Capri is doing her part to heal the world.


A Grand Southern Voice, Haley Warren

There’s a bold and beautiful voice filling the air in southern Mississippi, this voice belongs to, fourteen year old Haley Warren. Being from the south a bit of that southern accent shines through adding a little more  flavor to the songs she sings. Truly a grand voice. Haley has one of those voices that is full of substance and depth that fills the room and surrounds the listener, giving the song,”life”. The voice she has is so full of life, character and maturity she could hold her own against people like, Faith Hill and Cam. Faith and Cam also have great depth and substance to their voices which has helped them gain the great success they have had. Haley could be on the path to do the same.

Haley was not wasting time when it came to performing. At five and six years old, she was already holding her own concerts for her family. “I called the concert Haley’s “Pink Pink World” pink was always my favorite color” says Haley. However, Haley’s older sisters took dance, so her parents enrolled Haley in dance as well. When she was nine or ten they went to a dance convention one weekend, the dance convention was Access Broadway. Their parents dropped them off to return later. This particular workshop included singing and dancing. “When I signed in, they asked if I was there to sing or dance and I said singing” says Haley.  At this convention they have a select number of scholarships, if you receive one, then next year you do not have to pay the entry fee. Once their parents arrived back at the convention, Haley’s sisters told their mom that she signed up for singing instead of dance. Her mom’s response was, Haley doesn’t sing! “I got up on stage and sang Bruno Mars, Locked Out Of Heaven, everyone loved it, and I got a scholarship to everyone’s surprise” says Haley. 

After Haley surprised everyone at the convention, it was then clear she needed to go her own path. A friend of their’s was taking lessons at a local music school called, Rock U  2 Academy of Popular Music. Her mom signed her up right away. Since being signed up, Ms. Barbara and Mr. Tim Alamsha the owners of Rock U 2 have made a lot of great things happen for Haley. Barbara is her vocal coach and Tim produces her videos and recordings. Through them, she has performed regularly at the Shed Barbecue, in Ocean Springs, the Hard Rock Casino in Biloxi, and several other venues and charities. These opportunities she has been given through Rock U 2 has included multiple performances for the Bacot McCarty Foundation, as well as open for Big Daddy Weave singing, Amazing Grace. 

One of Haley’s favorite performances was at the IP Casino. This was a fundraiser for Rock U 2 Foundation which provides scholarships for music lessons and instruments to children who cannot afford them. The event was held in a huge ballroom, giving the feeling as if it was a real concert. “The lights, the sound system, the crowd, just the whole setting was insane” says Haley. There were some well known acts performing as well. Acts like Southern Halo and The Trent Ladner Band. Southern Halo sat down beside Haley prior to their show and gave her a few pointers. “It was awesome getting advice from a group of girls that have such great talent” says Haley. 

With a voice like Haley’s, it fits in with any genre brilliantly. Many of today’s artists gravitate in and out of genres, and Haley does the very same. When she is out performing she loves to cover songs from pop sensation, Ariana Grande. Haley loves all of Ariana’s songs. “I feel like we have similar voices and style, so it’s easy to relate to her” says Haley. When it comes to pop songs Haley’s voice does fit very well with Ariana. Haley’s diversity is a testament to her vocal abilities. 

Performing is something she loves and was born to do. And driven by the people who listens. She loves the look on people’s faces when she is on stage as well as the comments and private messages from her videos she has posted. One message Haley received was from a person that said every time they were missing their spouse that had passed away recently, they would listen to her song. Others are often from girls who say they have been inspired by Haley to do what they love. “Just knowing I make the slightest difference in someone’s life, there’s no greater feeling” says Haley. She is hoping to make a career out of  making people happy and inspiring others and following God’s path. 

Haley’s fans can look forward to more covers from Haley, but she is also working on her first original song. This is a song she has written and she is excited to record it. 

There has been many people to help her get to where she is, and is grateful for them all, and many of those she does not even know. She loves reading all of the comments on her videos. “Two of my videos recently hit over a million views each, and my mind is just blown” says Haley. She also says, she could not have gotten anywhere if it was not for her supporters, close friends and family. Haley thanks them all because she would not be doing this if it were not for them. “Mr. Tim and Ms. Barbara Alamsha, the founders of Rock U 2 in Ocean Springs are the reason that I am improving and growing everyday” says Haley. Have a good support group from friends, family and fans is what drives artists to continue following their dreams.

It is Haley’s bravery to sign in at that convention that day as a singer that everyone got to see what her true destiny really was. Now people everywhere get to experience Haley’s grand southern voice. Sometimes in life it is necessary to take risks and the one Haley took gained music another artist that people will look up to. If Haley’s passion continues to hold true, she will have a wonderful life in music, performing to others just like her.