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Canadian Superstar Jadyn Rylee Strikes Again!

Canadian superstar Jadyn Rylee strikes again with another smash hit, “Only You”. Only You, is a song that people fell in love with the second it was released. Her new song is one that listeners of all ages can relate to. The story of the song is one of a great friendship telling each other  how they feel. The song is touching people in their hearts. Anyone who has a hard time letting a  friend, spouse or sibling know how they feel, this is the perfect song to share and express one’s true feelings for the other. The tenderness of the song, the lyrics, leaves no doubt the meaning. Whoever you share this song with, that person will understand fully how you feel about them. It’s in the title, Only You. You cannot listen to “Only You” and not be touched.  

Jadyn’s fans have known her as a girl of rock, and fearless. But with the release of her three original songs, everyone has been able to see, there’s more to Jadyn than meets the eye. This is especially true when it comes to, “Only You”. This song allowed Jadyn to showcase her tender side and add a little emotion.  According to her fans posts, they love it. To be a great artist and rise to stardom it”s necessary to be versatile, and Jadyn is good at it. Another important aspect of an artist, is to be able to connect with the audience, and Jadyn has proven herself able to do this time and again. 

“Only You” features Jadyn’s friend Brayden Ryle. Brayden was also seen in Jadyn’s video Beaches of Tofino, but it”s not his first time in front of a camera or mic. When your dad is multi gold record Curt Ryle, music is going to find it’s way into your system And it did just that with Brayden. Brayden has his own song out called, “Eye On You” and has been received well. It’s a catchy upbeat song with fun lyrics. This song shows off Brayden’s artistry and skill. Now singing together, they are a perfect match.

They both have a strong bond with each other, this is where the sincerity in the song comes from. This bond began right away. About a year ago, Jadyn was introduced to Curt Ryle, which of course led her to meet Brayden. The bond of friendship was instant and has grown unbreakable. As wittiness, they are like a modern day, Bonnie and Clyde with the exception, they are not stealing people’s money, they are stealing their hearts.

During the creation of “Only You”, it was Brayden that had the idea to add the rap. What a genius concept, it went together brilliantly. Jadyn sings with a soothing voice and then in comes Brayden with his rap. It was meant to be, like peanut butter and jelly.  Once you listen to the song, you can’t stop listening, you want more. Their individual parts draws you in, and then when they combine, it’s wow! it gives you chills. Excellent song and production, two outstanding artists. Just can’t get any better than that. It would not be surprising to see Brayden and Jadyn together in more upcoming videos. 

Jadyn is rising  to fame fast. She can be found on countless media outlets, radios, as well as hometown papers. Jadyn’s delivery of songs has captivated people right from the start. Her fan base has grown in a big way. Now it is getting ready to grow even larger. It was recently announced Jadyn has been accepted into the Mini Pop Kids. Mini Pop Kids have concerts all around Toronto. People have grown to love her from around the world through the internet, now they will get to see and meet her in person. Her fans will love her even  more, her live performances are incredible. 

One of the things that seems to intrigue people when it comes to Jadyn is; when they think they have seen all she can do, she surprises them with something different. With each new video the viewers get to see a whole new and different side to Jadyn. Day after day people tune into her music and cannot get enough. There’s been brilliant artists come out of Canada, like Justin Bieber and Shania Twain. Jadyn however, has the capabilities and the heart to rise above them in the future. What people are witnessing now, is only the beginning.


“Only You” was written by John Castleberry and Jadyn Rylee. It was produced by Curt Ryle of Big Matador Records. Video by Lance Goodman.

Internet Star And Nashville Recording Artist, Jadyn Rylee

Exceptional things happen, to exceptional people, this happens to be a true fact, when talking about Jadyn. Already at her young age, she has an understanding of songs, that many people unfortunately never get. You wouldn’t think someone of her age would have the delivery, and  perception of songs, that is found and understood in her performances, but they are. The way she sings, is that of a much older and seasoned artist, but yet here she is stunning people with every song at just eleven years old. Jadyn, and the way she performs a song, has become an infection on the internet. She has gained internet stardom.

Jadyn’s fame, and audience grows larger by the day, with her videos reaching into the millions. One of these songs that has gotten a great deal of attention is, The Sound of Silence. This video has soared to well over four million in just barely three months. Her delivery of the song has a dark and haunting vibe to her voice, and people has gone crazy over it. Jadyn really liked this song. “The song was so deep and loud, it was fun trying to learn it” says Jadyn. Jadyn has been doing projects with Sina, and it was Sina’s dad Mike Wilbury and Rick Benbow who chose the song, The Sound of Silence. They felt people would love it, and they did in a big way. 

Jadyn and Sina make a good team. Jadyn says she’s glad they found each other. “She is helpful with ideas and her drumming in our songs” says Jadyn. Currently they have three recordings together, The Sound of Silence, Nothing Else Matters, and Go Your Own Way. Plans to work on more videos together, is in the works. Jadyn hopes they will start working on something soon. 

In June, Jadyn packed up and headed out to Nashville to write and record her very own songs. In Nashville she worked with legendary writer and guitarist Curt Ryle of Big Matador Records. While there they wrote three songs, and she loved the experience. “The experience was amazing because I have never had the chance to work with anyone who helped me write songs before, and I can’t believe we wrote three” Jadyn says. 

Her newest release is one of the songs written and recorded in Nashville called, Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover. This is an anti-bullying song, and it was important to her to write. “I wanted to write a song that touched people and a song that kids could look up to, especially if they had been bullied before” says Jadyn. She has been bullied herself, but not as bad as some of her friends. She wanted to let her friends and everyone to see that bullying wasn’t alright and shouldn’t be allow. “We are all human and supposed to be equal and no one deserves to be hurt like that” says Jadyn.  She hopes to do more songs like that in the future. The song has a lot of meaning that sends out a good message, and her delivery of it is unbelievable. Brilliant!

Another song they wrote is called, Virtual Reality. The song is fun and bouncy and makes you want to dance. It also mentions Arianna Grande and Jadyn hopes one day Arianna will hear it. The song is about being a kid and enjoying life. Everyone will love this song. For now her third song will remain under wraps, but I can tell you, it’s going to blow your mind. 

Writing with Curt was amazing, she says. “He helped me write the lyrics, and then recorded his guitar for all of the songs. It was so much fun” says Jadyn. While in Nashville writing with Curt they stayed at his home, and something clicked with the two of them that created a good bond. Curt was amazed at the things she was able to do in the studio, and one of the things was how high she could sing. He teasingly nicknamed her, Little Freak. “The funniest part about recording in Nashville was when we would get ready to record we would first have breakfast and then go down to the studio, every morning Curt would say “Well good morning little freak” it was so funny” Jadyn says. She can’t wait to go back. On all of her recordings, she sang all of the harmonies, and Curt said he had never met anyone who could do harmonies as well as Jadyn. 

Music means the world to her and loves every aspect of it. Jadyn has met and worked with a lot of amazing people, Curt, Mike, Rick, Sina, and Andre she loves them all. She loves her singing coach as well, Sarah Hyde. “Sarah has taught me so much and has always told me that I can do this and I do it well” says Jadyn. Her coach is correct, she can do and does it well. 

Jadyn is an exceptional person in the way she grasps lyrics, and creativity she puts in her songs. She has become well known, but not just who she is, but the way she sings a song. The people that follow her music are loyal listeners and can’t wait for a new song. With all she has accomplished in just a short time, it is obvious she will become larger than life. The world audience loves her. 

Canada’s Jadyn Rylee

Jadyn Rylee at stars2come

No one ever knows for sure who the next star will be, the world is full of talented people. Every country has contributed to the stars of today. Canada is a country that has contributed many to the star list and continues to be one of the most prominent places for creating  new stars. Ten year old Jadyn Rylee is one of these new artists Canada is honing to become another star.

Jadyn is sharpening her already natural skills she holds inside. Watching Jadyn’s progression, it is easy to see her skills and creativity are coming to light nicely. It takes a lot of hard work to make it in the world of entertainment and Jadyn is not afraid of that. In her video, “Creep” it is evident she is pushing her boundaries, as well as animations, attitude and expressions all are coming out. The people who have become great like Katie Perry, Sia and Taylor Swift got to where they are by hard work, and pushing themselves to the next level in their performances. Emerging artists often ask why some people are excelling while others are not. The answer is simple, just look at Jadyn, she is doing what is needed to be one who excels. Jadyn loves what she is doing and she wants the reward that comes with the hard work. Today when you watch a video of Jadyn at ten years old, you are watching a star evolve, the ingredients are coming together so that one day she will shine brighter than the northern star. She will be who other ten year old’s look up to. Jadyn is so very special.

Jadyn Rylee at stars2come  It was the inspiration of other singers that lit the fire in Jadyn to want to be a singer just like them. She was always found singing around the house. One day when she felt she was old enough Jadyn asked her parents for singing lessons. She began her lessons at six years old at The Modern Conservatory of Music. Jadyn made her first performance at the school where she took lessons. They had a recital in Allison, Ontario. “I am lucky because my singing teacher is a great singer and performer” says Jadyn.

Jadyn has been getting around singing at various places. She sang at the Emerging Toronto Artists Awards last November and at the Canadian Model and Talent Convention at the beginning of the year. “CMTC was definitely my favorite so far” says Jadyn. She was also in Hidden Talent Canada, which she thought was awesome.

There’s no surprise that Jadyn is already taking home awards from her singing. She received at trophy for second place singing at CMTC. Last year she was awarded two golds and one bronze from Simcoe Arts Festival.

Music is a way of expressing a person’s feelings and this is one of the things Jadyn enjoys so much with singing. When she hits the stage, it is a feeling of happiness and excitement.

Jadyn loves to listen to music and sing. Some of her favorite songs are, My Immortal by Evanecense, Rise by Katy Perry, Human by Christina Perri, and Alone by Heart. With such a strong love and passion for music, she has now learned a multitude of songs from those she inspires to be like.

A dream of Jadyn is to be like those she looks up to such as, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. She wants to have a big stage just like them that she is able to walk around on and a huge crowd to sing to. It would also be a great dream to be in a position to be able to give money to charity. Jadyn is a very caring person and cares about what people think. She is already a great inspiration. Not only has she held a big interest in singing, but also in 2014 her interest in theater began to shine. Jadyn has since been in a variety of productions at the Gibson Center.

There’s so much other young people and even older can learn from Jadyn. With each video, there ‘s a difference from the one before. The reason is all the work she puts in, some just don’t put in the work necessary to become a person like Katy, or Taylor. Jadyn knows what she wants and is passionate about getting it. With each song she sings the progression is clear. The tone Jadyn has is growing more and more defined which will help her stand out even more. When it comes to performing a person is either a singer, or an artist. The difference is, just a singer may sound good vocally, but the words they sing are empty, the story within is lost. But, when an artist sings, each word has meaning and feelings behind them. They are able to capture a person vocally and visually. Jadyn is good at this. Watching her eyes while performing it looks as if she is moving deeper into the story of the song with each word she sings. This is something that can’t be taught, people can either do it or not. There’s more than just singing good to be a star so much more. Jadyn is on the right track to be a true star, she has all the extra ingredients that it takes. Soon she will be well known all around the internet and then beyond. Would be perfect for Disney. Jadyn Rylee, superstar, has a good ring to it.