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Life After The Voice, Aliyah Moulden

No one can forget the brilliant performance by fifteen-year-old Aliyah Moulden at the blind audition on The Voice singing, Hound Dog. That performance earned her a three chair turn and becoming part of Team Blake. She held on throughout The Voice journey going up against many amazing artists. Her dedication, drive and stunning voice sent her to the very end. Unfortunately Aliyah didn’t win, but she did learn a great deal from the experience adding to her success after the show.

During her time on The Voice she learned a lot. “I learned to believe that I could keep going in a challenging situation”, says Aliyah. She also learned she could make it to the final and believe in herself.

One of the toughest parts to being on a national competition like that, was not knowing if the performance she was doing would be the last. She says it was a lot of pressure. However, Aliyah did enjoy the experience so much, she did not, want it to stop. Being part of the show did help her to improve as an artist. “I kept pushing myself to do better each week to stay in the competition. Because of my pushing, I became a better vocalist”, says Aliyah. She also says, the show would be great for other artists like her, the experience is so amazing.

One of the biggest advantages there are from being on a show like The Voice outside of winning, is the exposure. The exposure for Aliyah has made a big difference in her life and she has achieved celebrity status. One of the first things that came from it was being recognized by the La Habra City. She has received many awards, and was invited to be the Grand Marshal for one of the city’s main events, The Corn Festival. She was also recognized by the La Habra Boys and Girls Club. The show also opened the door for her opportunity to be in two movies.

So far Aliyah has not signed to any recording deals yet, but not from the lack of being approached, she just has not found a good fit for herself.  However she continues to stay booked with singing, acting, performances, and public appearances.

Aliyah has been busy writing some of her own songs, she says, she writes at least one per day. The songs have been about her personal experiences and feelings. “Sometimes I write about growing up, love, friendship, and family”, says Aliyah. Her life is very busy and when she gets some quite time at home that is when she writes. She has also been working in the studio and at the end of February she will be recording her new single. The single should be ready by March or April.

There’s a lot of exciting things coming up for Aliyah. She completed a movie this past October and it will be coming out in the summer of 2018. She is in the process of filming a second movie and it will be premiering in the spring of 2018. She is also in negotiations about getting her own web series.

For all of her fans out there Aliyah has something to say. “Thank you so much to all who supported me during my The Voice experience. I Love You. Kisses”, says Aliyah.

There are a lot of good things that can come from being on a show like The Voice. Whether you win or not, it can be a life changing experience and launch careers. Some people don’t do anything once they leave The Voice. But if a person works hard taking advantage of the exposure, good things could happened just as it has for Aliyah. What’s going on in Aliyah’s life now, is only the beginning.

Madison Pettis

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The Game PLan

This little lady is a wonderful actress she can do so much. She can have you laughing one minute and crying the next. She is only 11 years old and has done so much in a short time. She has appeared in four tv shows and stared in one series on the Disney Channel _Cory in the House playing Sophie the president`s daughter. Madison was a regular on Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader for one season.  This young lady has seven movies under her belt as well. A couple of my favorites was Mostly Ghostly and The Game Plan. In Mostly Ghostly, she plays one of the ghosts named Katie, in this movie she befriends a boy ( Max ) who`s family does nothing but makes fun of  and picks on him.  With Katie being a ghost doesn`t help Max much at first when Max`s dad and brother start seeing him talking to things that are not there ( Max is the only one that can see the ghosts ) . Later Katie and one of her ghost friends makes his family see the light.  In The Game Plan  she plays Payton along side Dwayne Johnson ( Joe Kingman ). Payton shows up at Joe`s door saying she is his daughter . But of coarse Joe doesn`t believe her until she pulls out a birth certificate. Joe is a selfish stuck on his self kind of guy. This starts a sort of tug of war between them. This is a very funny movie and in places it may make you shed a tear or two. ..Keep a look out for Madison`s new movie Free Style which releases in February I am sure it will be a great one as well…Check out the trailer for The Game Plan..