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Holly Brand

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After running into Holly for the first time during the taping of the TV show Nashville Spotlight, it only took a few notes to hear that she is someone special. She has a voice that was made for traditional country, and every classic song she sings, she breathes new life into them all. Holly might be a fantastic traditional singer, but that voice of her’s gives more flavor to any new country she sings. One of her favorite artists she likes to cover is, Martina McBride and if Martina ever heard her, she would be so proud to have Holly singing her songs. She loves all the emotion that Martina puts in many of her songs, and believes that Martina’s range fits her very well. All the emotion that Holly puts in her songs may have developed from having such a great interest in Martina, and Holly can really get the emotion in her songs.

Holly started off her journey at six years old singing in talent competitions. It was not long before her wonderful voice took her to bigger and better places. In 2010 Blake Shelton had a concert in Holly’s hometown and she got to open for him. This was exciting for her. She had also opened for another artist prior to Blake, in 2009 James Otto was in concert and she opened for him as well. Holly has also won many awards from local, state and national competitions. These competitions has gained her coverage from her local news channel, with several interviews.

She hopes to one day to be featured on the Grand Ole Opry, and with her talent you can bet she will get there. She continues to expand her artistry and part of this expansion is songwriting. Holly has recently started writing her own songs , and so far has about five written. She said, she was not sure where the ideas come from, they just come to her. Sometimes the songs that  just pop up turn out to be the ones that go to #1 on the charts.  Holly wants people to know her for her music, and she has the abilities for that to happen, and it already is. Everywhere Holly goes to perform she leaves a lasting memory.


Savannah Alday

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Savannah is a beautiful young  artist with a great country/pop tone in her voice.  This is something that is great to have allowing her to swing from country to pop, and fit right in very nicely. Having this quality also gives her an edge to pull in fans from both styles of music, and her fans are growing very well.

Like many young people she started out singing in school and church, but her first real performance outside of that didn’t come until June 2011 at CMA Fest week for the Nashville Spotlight showcase which was held at the Nashville Palace. This past June, also during the CMA Fest, she loved having the chance to perform at the Red Rooster in Nashville. She loved this one because it gave some of her adult friends a chance to see her perform live. She also enjoyed seeing all the other kids performing there as well. Savannah said, it finally gave her a chance to show herself that she could perform in front of more people than just her school.

Savannah’s talent as an artist and that wonderful voice of her’s has landed her several awards. In 2011 she won an award from GCGMA for Most Promising Female Entertainer of the Year in the new country division. This allowed her to move on to the national competition in Pigeon Forge Tennessee for NACMAI. Here she ended up winning the Future Star Female Entertainer of the Year in the new country division. Savannah has also made it to TV, performing on the Nashville Spotlight TV show, and will be going back for a second shoot this summer.

Her inspiration for music comes from her sister, Jessica who is ten years older. It is because of Jessica that country came into their home. When Jessica got into high school she started performing in the talent shows and plays, and from the first time Savannah saw her perform, Sara Evens “Born To Fly” she knew that she wanted to sing too. She has now come to enjoy making people happy with her music and she likes the thought that she could help someone who is at their lowest to get up and find a little joy with the right song.

Savannah has a few exciting things coming up. On June 30, she will be giving her first performance at Six Flags and has been invited to perform on July 4, at Lake Country Freedom Fest in Eatonton Ga. to raise awareness about children with type 1 diabetes. On August 18 and 19 she will be performing in Jacksonville for the Nashville Spotlight Summer Bash. All these great performances coming up, and along with everything that has happened over the past 2 years, shows how much people enjoy listening to her music.

Savannah was born and raised in Macon Ga. where some of the great artist of all time came from, like the Allman Brothers Band, Jason Aldean, Little Richard, and Otis Redding. We now may be looking at another great to come from there with Savannah now on the rise. She will make an awesome addition to these other great legions. Be sure to catch  one of her up coming performances and see this fantastic young lady perform, you will be glad you did.

Jade Evori Master “Nashville Bound”

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Jade finally made it to the place where she was born to be, Nashville! She did not have to be in town long before Jade got the attention of everyone in ear shot once she let go with that amazing big voice of her’s. Jade’s first stop was the Nashville Palace performing for the Nashville Spotlight showcase. Here her first song was, “Cowboy Sweetheart”, and she literally woke the place up when she let lose with some outstanding yodeling, everyone was clapping, and whistling and having an awesome time listening and watching her performance. After seeing Jade live for the first time, there is no doubt that, “she” is one outstanding entertainer. She doesn’t just hop on stage and sing, she puts on a very entertaining show. Off stage she is a bit shy, but on stage that shyness is no where to be found. Jade is great with interacting with the audience, and dancing around, she looks as if she is having the time of her life.

Being Jade’s first trip to Nashville she was asked, how was it? She said, “Awesome, super duper awesome and exciting”! She said, she got to meet some really cool people while there. Elena House, Just Hannah, and Mike Jennings who was super sweet. While there she got to know Dallas Crider who then went down to Florida and performed at a Tunes For Tots event with Jade. She also loved the Grand Old Opry Hotel and she got to see the Disney Ice Sculptures. Jade really liked performing at the Nashville Palace and the Hard Rock and meeting so many nice people. She loved everything about her Nashville adventure.

After turning Nashville upside down with her great performances, she was soon back in Florida bringing great entertainment to everyone there. One of her performances when she got back was for the Florida Crime Victims Services. This was a country themed party and everyone was given a cowboy hat. Jade perform a full hour set, and the people there made her feel like a real star. They had a lot of cool auction items there signed by some of her favorite artists. She had a great time performing here.

Jade had a really cool performance she did  for a competition at Access Broadway, she sang the song, “The Wizard and I”. For this she painted herself green for the part, and although it looked cool, she said, it was no fun being green. She does not like makeup to start with, and then be painted green, she was not a happy girl. She made a awesome video as well, singing “The Climb”, it was brilliant! Jade sang this song wonderfully, and the video told the story very well. She said, it was a lot of fun shooting the video, and they got to be creative with trying to show a mountain, while living in Florida where there is not any. Creativity finds a way of doing things, and they found it in a park with a big fake rock which became the mountain, and it worked perfect.

She has some great things coming up this year. Jade has been chosen as an honorary cast member of  Safety Bratz Live 2012. She also got accepted to an Arts Middle School, which she is excited about attending in the fall. She will have her very first original song coming out in the winter that she wrote. It will be a new Christmas song.

Performing is what Jade was born to do, and she loves it. Performing gives her a chance to be different people and create different characters. For her it is like making the story whether it is a play or a song come to life. Jade is great a bringing a song to life, and also making people happy when she performs. It was great seeing so many people’s faces light up when she was performing in Nashville, and it didn’t matter where it was the reaction was the same. Like many great artists that call Nashville their home, Jade will also do the same one day, this is her destiny. Jade is a remarkable person and performer. On stage or off Jade is like the sun and can brighten the darkest day. Don’t miss a chance to see her live and let the sun shine on you.

Nikki Alva

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Nikki is a fantastic vocalist. She is originally from New York, but moved to Tennessee when she was three years old. This was a great choice, she is now where she belongs, and a perfect fit for Nashville, not only for singing, but she made Nashville a bit more beautiful.

Nikki has always loved to sing, but as time has gone by, she has come to love singing even more doing it as a profession. She made her first singing appearance in 2009 for a Christmas show at her church and continues to sing where ever she can, such as school plays, and musical theater. Nikki has had the great opportunity to take her music to TV for the first time performing on the Nashville Spotlight TV Show, and the Nashville Latin Express TV Show. She was invited by Nick Nitros to sing the National Anthem for the NWA Top Rope wrestling. She felt very honored to be invited. Nikki loved the first time she got on stage at the Nashville Palace this past March. She says, all her shows are special to her, because it makes her feel like a big star. At one show she was even asked for her autograph because they said, they knew she was going to be a big star someday.

Nikki’s dad is the director and percussionist of his own band, and this is where her biggest inspiration comes from for music. She has been subject to music all her life and now it  runs in her blood. Right now her favorite artist is Adele, because she has an amazing voice and writes what she feels. Nikki loves to sing so much because it gives her a chance to express her feelings, and do it singing.  She feels when she performs, she is making other people happy. You can bet when she sings there are many smiling faces in the audience.

Nikki hopes to one day be the biggest star ever and for people to hear her music all around the world. It is a good possibility for her to reach her dreams. Nikki works very hard and learns more and more everyday. She does everything she can to become a better singer. This is the right attitude to have, it is this kind of thinking that makes stars. If you are in the neighborhood you can catch Nikki at the Nashville Palace on June 9th, and you know this will be a great show. Be sure to keep track of all her music at nicolealvarado9

Nashville Spotlight

 Nashville Spotlight at stars2come

  Nashville Spotlight is a wonderful TV show , shown on  Comcast Channel #19 Nashville, TN. to this date there has been 101 shows taped.  The show`s creator and producer Mike Jennings came up with a brilliant idea to help and promote young artists. This is more than just a TV show.  The show does give kids the opportunity to appear on TV , but does more for those who stick with Spotlight. Spotlight is run by kids , for kids.

 Currently the president is Brandi Nicole sixteen years old. She also performs , but she is also learning how a TV show works , learning how to run a business and much more. There are kids that get experience with acting by doing public service announcements. Some kids here are hosts and MC`s that introduce the performers. There is a lot of valuable experience that many gain while being apart of Spotlight. Some of that is self confidence and stage presence. Not all   of this comes from the TV show , but through showcases held by Spotlight. Nashville Spotlight puts on showcases various times through out the year , where the kids get a chance to perform on stage in pubic ( for many , this is their first time in public ). This also helps with their stage presence and just as important learn how to interact with the audience . This all prepares them for the real thing for the ones lucky enough to make it.  On the show,  there are some who has the honor of having their own half hour show and this is a big thrill for those who do. Nashville Spotlight is open to all types of music and kids can come from anywhere. I have seen kids come as far as Canada to be a part of  Spotlight. Some of the kids I talked with at the last showcase , told me that Spotlight has been a great experience for them and they had really learned a lot from being a part of it and that they appreciate all that Mike does for them.

 Mike don`t just help these kids , but he truly cares about them and their future.  He is a great mentor for them and the kids loves him for all he does. From my own experience Mike is not just a producer or a mentor he is a friend to all these people and it shows greatly when they are together. The kids really do look up to Mike.  I am happy to say that Mike is a good friend of mine as well.

 There can be good things happen with some , who stick with Spotlight , I have seen this for my self. Many of these kids that are a part of Spotlight will now be featured here at stars2come bringing you more insight about who they are and where they are heading. For the ones who have not yet been apart of Spotlight , I highly recommend getting involved and sticking with it. Remember if you are a kid and you can sing , well the Spotlight,_ is on you….Nashville Spotlight   Below you will find some videos from one of the showcases held at the Nashville Palace .