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Florida’s Country Sensation Jasmine McDonald

Photo credit John Matthews

Country music recording artist, Jasmine McDonald has been working hard cranking out original songs and videos over the past year. Jasmine’s singing of cover songs has turned heads for a longtime, but now, it’s time to change. The change Jasmine is making, is easing out some cover songs, for songs of her very own. 

People have been enjoying Jasmine’s singing from Florida to Tennessee and everywhere in between. Now with three songs of her own making, all of her fans will have a new love for her, and her music. Jasmine’s new songs are, Bet Your Heart On Me, Key To A Young Girls Heart, and My Time To Shine. All three songs will keep you smiling and tapping your foot all the way through. Her delivery of these songs makes you believe the story she is telling. Any young person listening will be able to identify with the lyrics, it fits them all. 

Jasmine has created videos with each song and in doing so, there were different aspects of the process she enjoyed for each one. One of the things she enjoyed about, Bet Your Heart On Me was that it was her first, and she played the mandolin. “I loved, Key To A Young Girls Heart too, because my friend Selton Tison and I got to play in the stream”, says Jasmine. Her favorite however was her newest, My Time To Shine. She liked this one so well because it was in Nashville. Jasmine had her family were in it, and it made her feel like a star signing autographs. 

Jasmine’s producer is Jack Molette and videographer is Dustin Jenkins, both are a regular at the Country Tonite Theater in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Jasmine met them both while she was at the theater competing in NACMAI. She won several awards for her performances and in doing so, she caught the attention of Jack and Dustin.  

Along with her producer, Jasmine is also lending a hand when it comes to her writing songs. “I get my ideas for new songs on a whim, they just come in my head”, says Jasmine. She keeps everything she needs close by her bed, guitar, pen and paper just in case she wakes up during the night with an idea. Jasmine has about ten songs already written. “I am always writing” says Jasmine. More videos for the songs are in the planning too, so be on the look out for them.

Having a dream and working hard for it brings success, and this is all true for Jasmine as well. “My dream is just smile! I love to see people smile when I sing” says Jasmine. Someday Jasmine hopes to have a recording contract, and go to a CMT award show. To sing at the Grand Ole Opry is also high on her dream list, as well as opening for a major artist like, George Straight, Loretta Lynn or Dolly Parton. “Someday I will have my own bus and go on tour, but it is all in God’s hands, so wherever he leads me I will go” says Jasmine. Big dreams come with big rewards and some of those rewards have been coming Jasmine’s way. 

Over the past few years many good things have come to be in Jasmine’s favor. She has won awards and produced three amazing original songs. Her song My Time To Shine has truth in it. She is shinning and there’s been doors opening for her. No matter how many no’s she gets, she pushes on. The prize she is gazing at is not far out of reach and she is getting closer to it everyday. It is Jasmine’s time to shine, and she is getting brighter everyday. 



Singer/Songwriter, Marisa McKaye

Singer/songwriter Marisa McKaye will steal the heart of any boy in the crowd, with her infectious smile and voice. She will get the boys attention, along with with everyone else in the audience. Marisa is a person that once you meet her, you will never forget. People will find themselves stuck to her. Her smile, personality and exquisite voice sticks to you, much like glue, once it sticks, it’s there for good. Artists like Marisa, are the ones that become stars, who others look up to. 

At just twelve years old, the maturity can already be heard in her voice. Much of this maturity could be attributed to the fact she has been sing all her life, nearly non-stop. She made her first performance early in life as well. Marisa was only five years old when she sang at the Jackson, Tennessee fair. This got it all started. 

Nashville and the surrounding areas have now become Marisa’s musical playground. Marisa can be found performing in many different places, but she also has her very own shows. On Thursday nights she can be heard at, Sopapillas and every Saturday at Margaritaville. Marisa always enjoys seeing and meeting her fans at her shows. “Most everyone that I meet at my gigs are super nice and supportive and I am so thankful for that” says Marisa. She has made appearances at The Listening Room Cafe, and the iconic Bluebird Cafe.

Marisa has had some great opportunities to sing. One of those opportunities was being part of the Song Suffragettes at The Listening Room.  The Song Suffragettes is a female singer/songwriter showcase. “They support women of country music and I love what they do” says Marisa. For this showcase, it is necessary to audition, but Marisa earned her spot and had a lot of fun.  

Marisa not only loves performing, it has become a way of life that she looks forward to each day. “Performing is so much fun, but I also love seeing people happy, dancing or singing along” says Marisa. Usually at her shows she performs, Don’t Stop Believing to help get the crowd going. She is a fan of Carrie Underwood and Martina McBride and feels they are great role models as well as being powerful singers. 

Colorful Girl is the title of one of her EP’s, and reflects her as an artist. In her songs can be found, boldness, brightness and depth each helping to bring the story to life. The story in every song is brought to life and can be felt inside. The songs were co-written by Marisa and produced by Studio 31 West. One of the songs on the EP is called, Warrior. Warrior was written for a friend of her’s who’s battling cancer to cheer her up. This song is one that people request most often as well. 

Being a singer/songwriter who inspires people is what Marisa dreams of being. This is all being realized already in her career. Her songs help take the listener to places, and makes them feel good about themselves and life around them. Writing meaningful songs to help someone else. Having the ability to lift a person up with words and plucking a guitar string. It is abilities like these that gains an artist respect, and inspires others to be like them, and do the same. 

Creativity, is what highlights her as a songwriter. Marisa is gifted in creating lyrics and the ability to deliver the lyrics in a manner that the listener can relate or dream. Her vocals are unique, people can identify her once she begins to sing. Marisa does have many things going for her vocally. There’s a wonderful character to her voice, subtle breaks, growls and squeaks, all adding to the flavor. On top of all of that, can be found a bit of, RaeLynn, Kelsea and Miranda. All of these things together makes for a beautifully tasteful voice, like a well blended coffee. They both have the ability to bring a smile to your face. Marisa is without doubt, one of the top female country artists coming up in music today. Be sure and catch her live and see for yourself. Catch her at her regular gigs, or on July 28 in Indiana for a cancer benefit called, Care For Kids and The Bluebird for Sunday night writers round on September 17.

Indiana’s Triple Threat, Adia Dant

Introducing Indiana’s triple threat, Adia Dant. Adia is extremely skilled in dance, acting and singing. She has toured the country singing and dancing her way into people’s hearts as the beloved Annie. Here recently Adia released her first original song, Wings On Your Dreams produced in Nashville. She continues to astonish people with her skills and creativity in entertainment. At just twelve years old she has already accomplished a great deal and has proven there’s no limit to what she can do.   

Adia’s recording project, Wings On Your Dreams was her first original song. It is a song that has meaning and letting people know not to give up on their dreams.”My song has so much meaning not only to me but hopefully to other people to keep reaching for the stars and not to give up on your dreams” says Adia. The song was produced by Jonell Polansky at DaCapo music, and written by legendary Kim Williams. Adia delivered the song well, you can feel the passion and heart in its delivery. She is a true credit to music. 

Wings On Your Dreams:

The adventures Adia has had up to this point was started several years ago. She was a dancer first, then began to sing where she could. Adia first performed at the age of six or seven at Footlite Musicals summer camp as Ancestor Meng in Mulan and at Ben Davis Performing Arts Center as Kate in Annie. This all lead her to tour the country playing the iconic role of Annie. 

During the tour, Adia played the role of Pepper and Annie. The tour lasted one year with 310 shows in 32 cities with Martin Charnin directing the production. She loved being part of the tour. “It was an honor playing the title role of Annie 38 years after the first production on Broadway” says Adia. She said, she was blessed to have been picked to play these roles. “When I was on stage playing Annie, I had a real connection with her character and with Daddy Warbucks” says Adia. She loved working with the entire cast and crew. Adia says they became like family and are still very close. 

While touring the country Adia had the opportunity to spend a week performing in her hometown Indianapolis. They also made a stop in New Orleans which she enjoyed very much. They were there two weeks before Mardi Gras. “I remember how much fun it was to throw/receive the beads from all of the people on the roof tops and there were parades everyday” says Adia.  The most fun for Adia was meeting all the fans in all of the cities, signing the autographs and doing talk backs with the fans, everyone loves the story behind Annie. “I also loved being on stage 8 times a week and being involved in what I love to do, it’s like a dream come true” says Adia. 

Along the way she meet some amazing fans, but there was one family who she continues to stay in contact with. In the family were two girls and a baby boy, they were at the show in Ft. Myers Florida. Adia met them on the way out after the show. “They were too scared to talk to me at first until after I hugged them and asked if they liked the show” Adia says. Adia said they were so cute and after the tour, she sent them Annie t-shirts and a hat. No doubt Adia left a lasting impression on that family, but you can bet many others were touched by her along the way. She loves each and everyone of her fans. 

Adia continues to sing anywhere she can. She was honored to have been chosen to sing at the 54th Circle Of Lights in November 2016. “I felt so blessed to have been chosen to perform in my hometown in front of 100,000 plus people” says Adia. She will be performing in Nashville this June during CMA week if you would like to catch one of her performances. She loves to be able to perform at so many places, this lets her be herself, and singing lets her express the emotional side of the song. 

She dreams of pursuing a career in acting, singing and dancing. “I really love being on stage in music theater productions and I am also interested in trying out some TV and film projects” says Adia. She puts a great deal of time in sharpening her crafts to help her realize her dreams. This summer she will be participating in a summer theater camp in July, and then she will be traveling out of town for dance nationals. 

Being versatile in the entertainment business leads to success. It has been Adia’s versatility that has allowed her to live part of her dreams thus far. With her continued efforts more of her dreams will come. Adia works hard and her achievements are testament to what can happen to those who strive. It will be exciting to watch her grow in the entertainment field. The sky is the limit for someone as talented as Adia. 

Pop Artist, Kevin Kolk

Kevin Kolk is a new teen heartthrob taking on the pop scene. Being a Nashville resident, people may assume that he is all country, but they would be wrong. His unique voice and delivery style is all pop. Performances by Kevin are captivating, you become hooked immediately. When he picks up the guitar and starts to sing, you can feel the energy from him fill the room. Without doubt the world of pop is his home.

For all his life, Kevin has been drawn to music. He grew up watching and listening to his mom play guitar, piano and sing. By his mom’s side, Kevin would try and play as well, it was in his blood. Kevin’s debut performance was singing the National Anthem with his sister at the Milwaukee Bucks game when he was five. He picked up the guitar at the age of nine, his mom showed him a few chords and he was hooked. Now at age thirteen he plays the guitar like it was part of him. His fingers working the guitar are smooth and rhythmic, making for an enticing sound.  His heart and passion come through in his playing. 

Recently Kevin had the pleasure of having his first EP party. He was thrilled about the party. “It was my first opportunity to share my music from my EP with friends and family who have all been so supportive” says Kevin. He is excited to begin doing shows featuring music from his EP for everyone to enjoy. 

Kevin is drawn to the pop genre, he likes it because it seems to fit his style, and he likes to have his music centered around the guitar. He said it was much like Ed Sheeran does. “Ed Sheeran is a huge influence for me. His music is also centered around the guitar so it fits my style” Kevin says.

Performing is something Kevin loves, he says there’s nothing compares with the feeling of being on stage. Kevin longs for a successful music career, he loves what he does. He always enjoys hearing from his fans. You can follow Kevin on his Instagram at Kevinkolkmusic he will respond to his fans. 

Kevin is not just a gifted singer and guitar player, he is also a talented songwriter. “I am always writing. I have about 20-25 original songs” says Kevin. Everyone loves their mom and Kevin is no different, so he wrote a song just for her called, Beautiful As You. This is a special song for Kevin, because she is so important to him. 

Pop music has gained a new artist that will set the pop world on end. Kevin is highly gifted with music and lyrics. His voice, with his creativity in delivering songs, will capture and melt the hearts of the audience. If you happen to be in the Nashville area, and Kevin is performing somewhere, make it a point to see his show. He is quickly gaining fans, and he is sure to be climbing the Billboard Charts very soon. 



Sadie McClendon

sadie-mcclendon at stars2come

It is a true pleasure to introduce nine year old, Sadie McClendon. Sadie a native of Alabama is often found on stage somewhere around Tuscaloosa, Nashville and everywhere in between. Country and Bluegrass has gained another distinguished voice, one that will be treasured by many for a longtime to come. She may only be nine, but she has hit the ground running and has become highly sot after. The tone in her voice when she sings will make you melt. One day her name will be found right next to Patsy Cline and others like her.

Sadie has been fortunate to grow up around music giving her the love she has to sing and perform. Her mom is a jazz singer who Sadie has listened to all her life. She loves listening and singing to the music her dad listens to, which is classic Country. Like many young people growing up, she too was apart of musicals in school as a kindergartner, along with some talent shows. “My first real performance was on stage at a talent show in Tuscaloosa when I was eight years old. I played guitar and sang some Bob Dylan” says Sadie.

Being part of the Bluegrass and Country music scene, it helps to play an instrument. Sadie has certainly covered that base, she plays guitar. mandolin, ukulele, and piano. No matter what the occasion Sadie can jump right in and fill the air with enjoyment. She has been studying Bluegrass for the past year now, and loves when she gets the opportunity to play with other musicians and bands. Sadie is already so skilled at nine that she has been playing gigs for the past year. Sadie even has her own three hour gig in Nashville once a month.

Nashville is a favorite place for any Country music lover and that holds true with Sadie. Nashville has taken her in with open arms. She loves performing on the main stage at Tootsie’s with the band and at Honky-tonk Central downtown Nashville. At Rippy’s downtown is her regular gig every month. At Rippy’s Sadie has a three hour acoustic set, she is usually on stage with two adult musicians. “It’s always really neat there, because I never know who I’m going to be playing with” says Sadie. When in Nashville stop by these places and you just might catch Sadie, and you will be glad you did. Because of school she is not able to be in Nashville more at this time. “I play at farmers markets back home, and anywhere that will have me” says Sadie. Soon she will have no worry about whether people will have her, they will be begging for her to come perform.

Sadie looks at music much different than many others, meaning it is not about competitions. An award for her is being asked to sing up on stage with Jamey Johnson in front of 10,000 people in Huntsville. Or to hop on stage with other respected musicians who appreciate all the hard work she puts into her music. A local radio saw one of her videos and played it on air and did an interview with her.

In her travels, Sadie has met a few people along the way. In Mississippi she got to hangout with Jamey Johnson at a show, and he introduced her to Allison Krauss. She sang two songs for them.  Here recently she sang with Jamey at the Von Braun Center in Huntsville Alabama. She has also had the pleasure of meeting Chris and Morgan Stapleton. Sadie hopes to meet John Prine one day.

At such a young age Sadie  has already gained a love for performing. She loves the energy that comes from performing and loves surprising people. “Nobody ever thinks a nine year old could really play their instruments or expect them to sing the type of music that I do” says Sadie. Mainly she is just having fun.

Sadie has been inspired to write songs. Her first song was performed in Nashville on the street. She says this was really scary.

All of her accomplishments are great, but she is still just a kid. She likes to ride horses and play Bluegrass and Country music. She loves John Prine, Bill Monroe, Johnny Cash and Patsy Cline. Sadie listens to Jamey Johnson, Chris Stapleton, Cody Jinks, Jason Isbell, and Sturgill Simpson. Her favorite singer is Morgan Stapleton. She loves what she does and wants to do it for as long as she can.

For someone who is basically just starting out, she has had some great opportunities. It is her skills in music, vocally and instrumentally that continues to open doors to these opportunities. People everywhere are loving her music. It is only necessary to listen for a bit, and then you are hooked. One day Sadie will return the favor that people like Jamey has given her. Sadie will be playing an arena somewhere, and she too will share her stage with a kid just like her. Sadie simply loves music.



Taylor Gayle

Taylor Gayle at stars2come

Taylor is an eleven year old with an old soul working hard to live the dream. People may think at first glance that Taylor is just the typical kid, but when she cuts loose with Steamroller Blues, that all goes away. At the legendary Apollo Theater, Taylor did just that. Taylor walked out on that stage and poured her heart out into James Taylor’s Steamroller Blues. The audience filled the theater with screams and whistles. The theater was left in awe of this eleven year old girl. This is the same excitement Taylor is receiving from venue after venue, she is fastly becoming a star.

Taylor has not been a shy girl. At the age of seven she was at an art show with her family and began walking up to people asking if they would like to hear her sing. “I made up my first original song and sang it for everyone who would listen” says Taylor. A local artist there, Leroy Roper made everyone in his gallery be quiet and listen. After this she began singing every chance that came along. Her shows now, are unforgettable.

Taylor now performs everywhere from New York to Texas, and one of her favorite places to perform is Puckett’s in Leipers Fork, Tennessee. This is a small venue with an open mic, and she loves being able to perform with the house band. Out of all the places Taylor has performed, the Apollo still holds the title for the best experience ever for her. “Everyone treated me like I was a professional performer, never did they treat me like a little kid” says Taylor. She had sung there once when she was ten, but this year she has performed there three times already. Her big powerhouse voice allowed her to win two rounds of Amateur Night and 2nd in the semi-finals. “When I won, I felt so special and happy. It was so cool to get a standing ovation at the world famous Apollo Theater” says Taylor. This all made her feel like people cared and believed in her. The Apollo has invited her back next year.

Taylor Gayle at stars2come There are many great artists that Taylor looks up to and covers in her shows. She chooses well when it comes to these artists, like James Taylor, Nina Simone, and Meghan Trainor. All of these artists have made lasting impressions on people worldwide with their songs. To live up to the greatness of these people it takes heart, soul, passion and a big well tuned voice. Taylor is one of those who fits every necessity to pull off songs from them.

It is an important part of being an artist to be able to touch someone that is listening to your music. This is something that keeps Taylor going, being able make someone feel something during her performance. On stage she loves the way it makes her feel as well, no worries in the world just her and music. Taylor is working hard to make a place among those she looks up to in music. She dreams of being a renowned artist filling stadiums all over and longs to hear the fans singing her songs.

As with any great artist, Taylor too is a songwriter. She now has close to one hundred songs written. Taylor has an EP coming out soon, she has spent a year and a half writing it.  Her most recent song she wrote is called, Sophia’s Song. This song is from the perspective of her Godsister who lost her father when she was an infant.  “I am adding this song to my EP and will be donating part of the proceeds  of the song  to the Wodynski Heart Foundation that was started in honor of her father, that died too soon” says Taylor.

Taylor is from Texas, but now resides in Nashville. For those who are able tune into Nashville’s Channel 5  on June 29th at 6 pm to view her interview. She was at the Country Music Hall of Fame when she was interviewed.

From all that is going on with Taylor and her skills as an artist shows, she is not just a kid who likes to sing. Music has consumed her being, and it’s who she is and what is driving her to greatness. A big part of being an artist and performer is to be able to capture and hold an audience, to entertain them to the point where they never forget you, Taylor does that. When performing, she is not a post, she moves, getting into the song making the eyes of the audience stay glued to her. Taylor is rising to stardom, and with each performance she takes another step closer to filling that stadium. After Taylor performs, there’s no forgetting, and no denying her greatness.

Baylee Sullivan

Baylee Sullivan at stars2come





Baylee is one remarkable artist. She has a very soothing and soft voice, and she uses it very effectively. She is very much like Deana Carter. Baylee is an artist that has star quality in every song she sings. It is her understanding of the song she is singing that gives her this edge. Anyone can get up and sing words, but it is the person who understands those words that becomes the star. Baylee is just such a person, you can hear it in each and every word. This is another trait that Baylee has that is similar to Deana. When they sing, they sing the words like each, is the last they will ever say. Both Deana and Baylee give powerful meaning to the songs they sing, every-time!

It is hard to believe as amazing as Baylee is, she really has not been out singing very much at all until recently. Bernard Porter in Nashville helped get her first public performance singing at the Opry Mills Mall. Baylee says looking back it was not her best performance, but it was a great experience.

Baylee’s most favorite place is New Orleans. She was so very happy when she was able to perform for Apple Barrel in New Orleans. This was an amazing performance and experience for her being able to sing where she loves. “The whole city always gives me a good vibe and makes me want to sing my heart out! ” says Baylee.

One of Baylee’s favorite artists she likes to cover is, Julie Roberts. Baylee feels Julie’s music and her style are much alike.

Baylee has just recently gotten out of her comfort zone to where she can put on a good performance without being so nervous. She is enjoying singing and talking to the people. Baylee says she usually never stops singing or talking, so it is a lot of fun for her.

Most up coming artists have a goal to become a star. Baylee also has this desire, but she would like to explore the simple side of life. “I’ve always wanted to be a teacher”, Baylee says. She believes with both careers she can help and inspire people. For Baylee if she had to pick one goal it would be to help and inspire people to be who they are.

Writing songs is a must for artists, and Baylee is putting her best efforts toward writing herself. She has written four or five songs, and has already begun recording them. She takes inspiration from good times and hard times, or whatever comes to mind she feels would be good to write about. One of the songs Baylee wrote is called, End of Time. This is a love song and it demonstrates the creativity Baylee has for music. This is a song that I can expect to hear when I turn on the radio. Her talent for delivering a song is so great, no one would ever know when listening to End of Time, that she is thirteen years old.

When Baylee is behind the mic she is serious about what she is doing, but she’s really just a silly energetic person having fun. She likes to laugh and be with her friends, but she is happiest when she is singing. Baylee loves when she is able to put a smile on someone’s face when she sings. She is very thankful to her parents for their support and love. Baylee gives all the glory to God for the gift she has received.

Baylee does have a great gift and she will be making people happy for a longtime to come with that gift. She has the talent that can take her to the end of time. A voice like her’s does not come a long everyday. Music was created for a person like Baylee. She is someone who needs to be on your list of people to see. Baylee will be having more performances soon at the Apple Barrel in New Orleans, this would be an excellent time to see this fabulous new star on the rise.

End of Time


Jordyn Pepper

Jordyn Pepper




Jordyn is an artist with a lot of  character and a unique voice that will take her a long way in music. It is always great to be somewhere and hear an artist sing, and the first thing you think is, wow, who is that? That is what you get with Jordyn. There is more to singing and being an artist than just belting out words, there has to be something in the artist to bring the song to life and make the listener be apart of it and that is what Jordyn does with all of that character and wonderful personality. All of these things about Jordyn, the personality the character all helps to add depth to her songs and keeps you listening.

It was  Jordyn’s mom that got her started singing. Whenever Jordyn would be singing around the house her mom would say you are a diamond in the rough. At the time Jordyn’s mom was the praise and worship leader of their church and would encourage her to sing with the praise team and sing solos as much as possible. She was eight years old when she started singing at church and can remember her first time very well. She said she could not believe she volunteered to do a solo because she was the shyest kid ever and did not like drawing attention to herself, so getting on stage was a big deal for her. However after she got up there and sang she fell in love with being behind the mic and up on the stage and she has not looked back since.

Over the years Jordyn says that her inspiration for singing has changed, when she first showed up in Nashville her inspirations were Sugarland and Jennifer Nettles. Once she became part of PCG Nashville they helped her figure out who she was as an artist and now her inspirations are more to the order of Dixie Chicks, Zac Brown Band, Sons of Fathers, The Wild Feathers and Patty Griffin. Some of the songs from these great artists has allowed her to see first hand how the melodies and lyrics have changed her mood and lifted her up in hard times. Jordyn wants to do the same with her music. She hopes to inspire people to go chase their dreams and not be afraid.

Jordyn is someone who is very critical of herself and always feels there is room for improvement. She is always thinking of how she can make her next performance better. She says anytime you perform and you are connecting with the audience you are having a great performance. No matter the performance she always likes the adrenaline rush right before she performs. She hopes to one day to touch the hearts of 50,000 people all in one room in one night. There is no doubt that she will touch those hearts.

In the past Jordyn was part of some  contests with her church denomination in Colorado that were statewide, and won a silver metal which she still has.

Many artists when they are out performing seem to have a particular artist that they prefer to cover, but Jordyn is not like that, if a song speaks to her then she will sing it. One song that she does like to sing is Drops of Jupiter by Train it is one of those songs that speaks to her. When she sings it, it always feels like it is the very first time even though she has sung it many times. This is one song that never gets old and what she calls a classic.

Jordyn is just really getting started with songwriting, but she has written a really awesome song that will be her first single called, “1862”. She got the idea for this song while watching the movie “Lincoln”. While watching the movie she was just strumming around on her guitar and came up with a cute melody. Then all of a sudden the words PA 1862 came up in the subtitles so she started singing “1862 and I hear a boom” to her melody. When Jordyn writes she says she usually writes toward the dark deep haunting songs, but this was more upbeat, so she thought it would make a great campfire song, almost like a haunting Ghost story. Jordyn had a hard time finishing the song and when she went to a songwriters session with Mike Marcum one of the people she co-writes with, and brought it up to them and as soon as they heard the song they said it was awesome and for sure a Bluebird song. So it went being from her little campfire song to her first single.

Jordyn is really an amazing person with so many great interests besides music like, dirt bikes, snowboarding, long boarding, and rock climbing. It is all of these things that help make up who she is as an artist. It is in her nature to take risks, and do things a little different and this is what in the end that makes a true artist and one that will stand the test of time. Jordyn has the right attitude and drive to make her way in music, and make all her dreams come true. She keeps evolving as an artist which many fail to do. Jordyn will someday warm the hearts of those 50,000 people, plus many more. Janis Joplin was a little different with her music and who she was and people everywhere came to love her and they will do the same again with Jordyn Pepper.